Amy Sedaris Launches Tableware Line With Fishs Eddie

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Like other TV celebrities recently featured on our #TableTopTuesday section, Amy Sedaris, the actress, author and D.I.Y. enthusiast, recently introduced a line of home accessories and entertaining supplies with New York-based Fishs Eddy. Her purposely limited, 10-piece collection for the eccentric housewares emporium includes dish towels, glassware, and serving bowls, with patterns and phrases adapted from her 2013 fabric line as well as a reported outfit worn on Dallas, that’s right, it’s not a typo.

Have you ever been to Fish’s Eddy? If not, it is a must see stop for those passionate about housewares, or really anyone with an hour to spend in NYC. It is an amazing store originally filled floor to ceiling with mix and match pieces of dinnerware from restaurants, country clubs and hotels. Those old pieces can still be found, but you might have to search a little deeper these days between the designers and retro styled collections. I challenge you to leave empty-handed, {last trip I left with a handcrafted wooden salt grinder so tall it won’t even fit under my cabinet!}.

amy-sedarkis-image for fishes eddy tableware collection

Sure Amy is a super star but her style of entertaining is fun, casual and free of restrictions. “I’d like to bring entertainment back to those essentials: lively guests, good food, cocktails, and bubbly conversation. I’m not concerned with proper table settings, seating arrangements, or formal etiquette. Who can have a good time with all those rules?” says Sedaris.

Popcorn bowls and dish towels part of this release are colorfully decorated with a hand written “i like you”, exclaiming the name of the collection in a way as fun as the designer herself.

amy-sedaris-image for fishs eddy tableware collection bowl

Like many of us, Amy’s up bringing has played a large role in her entertaining and design style, “My mom always had nice tablecloths. We always had some kind of a centerpiece that one of us made — it was pretty crafty. We all sat down for dinner together. She was pretty set on that. And she always used restaurant dishes: bowls and stuff like that. Nobody else was doing that.” I wish I was a fly on the wall at that house!!

What saying would you write on your dishes if you were launching a dinnerware line?? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Paula

    I LOVE me some Amy Sedaris! And I have her book, I Like You. So much fun. Haven’t been to Fishs Eddy but I will make a trip there next time. What would I write on my plates? Hmm… Maybe I’d try to one up Amy and say- I love you? Food for thought! Ha- pun intended.

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