Your Secretary Is Not Your Event Planner


What? You say? But he/she worked on planning our office party last year? Or perhaps even struggled through organizing your corporate client dinners. But would you ask your accountant to plan or style your events? Most likely not and I imagine if you did they would simply stare at you {a few worried they may lose you as a client, may say “I can give it a try…”} so why do many executives ask their office staff to plan, organize even create the decor for their holiday events?

Your secretary is not an event planner. hire a professional kraylfunch.com #AnAppealingPlan #holidaytip

From years of experience I know how many hours of emails, phone calls, follow-up emails and phone calls, not to mention the actual event styling time most holiday gatherings require – is that what you are paying your assistant to do? Don’t they have work to do that will actually progress your business forward, especially as we near year-end?

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I am here to advise you to seek professional help!

By hiring an experienced event professional you can feel comfortable that every detail of your gathering will be taken care of and that work is still getting done in the office to grow your business.

Other benefits of working with a professional:

  • We have done it before. They know what aspects and details need to be handled when.
  • We work well with others. After working with other vendors they know who is tops and can deliver quality for your gathering.
  • We are dedicate to your gathering. Unlike your secretary, a coordinator will focused on your project not office duties.
  • We make you look good. Stylist understand decor trends but also what works and what doesn’t for your particular gathering.

So set your company secretary, or assistant, free to actually get their job done by talking with an event professional to plan your upcoming gathering today!!

Interested in scheduling a 20 minute consult for an upcoming gathering? Schedule it on my calendar today. , book your virtual event planning project now or email directly for in-person planning ::  info@kraylfunch.com.

Tell me the truth… have you asked your secretary or assistant to plan a gathering for you? Why did you choose this direction over consulting an event professional, let me know in the comments below.



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