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Thank you 2014! Happy New Year 2015!

Thank you 2014! What a Year You Have Been!

thanyk you 2014 #AnAppealingPlan

WOW! That is really the best expression I have to express everything that has transpired in 2014. What an amazing year it has been – I actually can not believe it is already December 31st – filled with challenges, too many learning experiences to count and a few incredible wins!

This year started with a dream of writing and publishing my first book, and with the help of an amazing team and YOUR support it became reality in the final months of the year – An Appealing Plan : A Year of Everyday Celebrations is now on shelves and available on-line!

I won’t go into the thank you’s here as I have in several posts in the Passion to Print category which you can read here, as well as on the acknowledgment page of the book {are you there?… you might just have to buy the book to see!}, I do however wish to say to you all that I hope you see this achievement as a sign that anything is possible, that those dreams of yours that you think are silly, or perhaps too big, are achievable – and not only that, but to stress the importance of reaching them, of knowing you have completed them. If not I promise you, you will always wonder what if. And I can not have that, not after you have been here to support me in achieving mine.

SO – what are we going to do about it? First, I want you to leave a note in the comments below and tell me a goal or dream of yours you feel is silly, too big, not important enough,… that you have always wanted to achieve. Second, write down on paper – right now – the three big steps you need to achieve this goal. Third, write down the date of when you will achieve this goal. {if you are really daring, write them all in the comments and really commit to it!

Next up – my new top three goals for 2015… stay tuned, it only gets better.

Welcome 2015! I can not wait to see what you hold!

Happy New Year 2015!

Champagne For New Year's


  • Beth Blacker

    Congratulations Krayl on accomplishing this amazing goal that you set for yourself. I still need to get my hands on the book!!! I know you will continue to soar through 2015. So what’s my biggest goal or dream? To have the ability to travel whenever and wherever I want. I know, that’s a whopper but a girl does have to dream…might as well dream really really big!!!! Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing you soon.

  • Run DMT

    I plan to achieve BALANCE this year. Somehow I want to successfully figure out how to juggle being a WAHM with my business goals and still keep my kids happy. Last year was a disaster. This year, I think it’s doable by planning/organizing how I will make it all happen. Every Sunday, will plan out each component of my life (marathon training, preschool activities, blogging jobs, housework, etc) and attempt my best to stick to the week’s plan. I have to create my own planner style because nothing I’ve seen online works for my life. Wish me luck!

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