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How Does Holly Gillen #CelebrateEveryday


COVER-Krayl-An Appealing-Plan- FINAL-page1 For the book launch I wanted to ask a few of my favorite people how they find ways in their busy schedules to celebrate everyday. The #CelebrateEveryday Interview Series is a collection of these interviews. Enjoy!

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Holly started her freelance career in 2008 as a cinematographer, producer, and editor working with big industry names including the Sundance Channel, Sony Music, Nick.com, HBO, Bono, Big Time Rush, Forest Whitaker, Robert Townsend and many others. Her skills and experience run the full gamut from producing and directing to shooting and editing, she has translated those skills into a range of educational courses and services through Holly G Studios  to support entrepreneurs in their quest for video stardom.

In her free time, she is quite the adventurer, having jumped out of a perfectly functioning airplane and sip lined in the rain forest.  Holly spends her days thinking about all things business and video, but she has been known to spend an evening or two playing Texas Hold’em in a New York poker league.

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Now it is your turn! Leave a comment below telling us how you find ways to #CelebrateEveryday! 

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