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Sometime in November I went on a book binge but per usual life, and the holiday’s, took over leaving me with little time to do any real reading – even when I did have time I found myself falling asleep from exhaustion. So now I am back in the groove with a reinforced direction of reading more on a monthly basis – less of the talking box and more using my brain to absorb all the amazing inspiration that is in the written word. This month we have a biography of sorts from one of my favorite foodies, a love relationship we all need to be in, a collection of design inspiration from all across the world and recipes to ensure we all get more veggies in our lives from a talented {and genuinely nice guy} photographer/chef friend of mine.   Here’s what I’m reading this month, leave a comment letting me know what’s on your list!

Money A Love Story by Kate Northrup :: Money, we all need and want it so why do many of us struggle with it? Too much, too little , just the right amount? It’s like a three bears fairy tale in real life. I dream of a loving relationship with my finances and this book provides real world tools to get you there. I am on my second reading of this book and I am sure not my last, it is that powerful {the first reading gave me the tools and mindset to pay of all debt by the end of the year}. Each reading requires me to look directly at my money  challenges and find ways to go beyond them. As they say “new level, new devil.”

My Life In France by Julia Child :: I have watched Julie & Julia at least 4 times so I thought it was about time to dive a little deeper into the life of a woman I grow to respect and admire more and more with each chapter. The writing, brought to life finally by her nephew, is so detailed you can smell the sole al a normande cooking on the stove, feel the warmth of the summer sun on the patio of the stone patio at their French cottage and experience Julia’s energy for life and her passion for cooking.

The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook by Justin Fox Burks :: I had the pleasure of meeting Justin recently at a the Food. Fight. Write. Conference in Las Vegas a few months ago and have been a super fan ever since. He and his wife co-author this cookbook together {a test to any relationship} and they could not be any cutier! The cookbook is filled with recipes and images of veggies prepared in ways to please even the meat and potato lovers in your life.

Kinfolk Magazine Issue 14 by various contributors :: The winter issue of Kinfolk does not disappoint. As usual it is filled with the most gorgeous images of landscapes, communities, homes and gatherings one could ever images. I dream of being placed directly into the pictures each issue. For a daily dose of Kinfolk dreamy-ness, also follow them on instagram.

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