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Self Care Sunday :: learning to Appreciate Where You Right Now

Last weekend I was in the kitchen of a friend discussing the never ending question of “what’s next?”. I having published my first book and she literally just coming off an epic win on Cutthroat Kitchen over three male chefs. Both on a course, completely different paths to a somewhat similar goal of  one day having a TV show.

From the outside we have both achieved goals that others only dream of, major bucket list items for most. I frequently have this “What’s next?” conversation in my head and within business groups I belong to but it was at that moment, hearing it from a friend, that I knew I needed to be able to step back and look at how far I have come. To take the time to pause and find ways to appreciate where I am now – as someone once said  “it’s the climb”. But how?

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” via @AnAppealingPlan #KraylFunch
Sure there are MANY more items on my list of to dos, lots more to achieve in this journey to some end goal – however in honor of my 2015 word/phrase of the year “Be. Trust.” I am challenging myself to find ways to pause and reflect, BE in the moment, BE happy, BE grateful for all I have, TRUST I am exactly where I should be, TRUST I am on the right path, TRUST I have everything I need right now.

I would love to hear how you finds ways to appreciate how far you have come. Let me know what you do on a regular basis to reflect and feel gratitude.


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