Dark And Irish Guinness Cocktail

You have heard of a Dark + Stormy, now try a Dark + Irish!

Guinness, Dark Rum, Cold Brewed Coffee and Simple Syrup come together to create a rich beer cocktail to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or for that matter… any day of the year!


This beer cocktail is surprisingly rich in body and flavor, and drinks more like a cocktail than a beer – sip it slow to enjoy the deep flavor profile.

Serve it as pre-dinner beverage to welcome guests or as a twist on after dinner coffee. I love the look of the Irish Coffee mug and feel it elevates the beverage but this beer cocktail could also be served in a rocks or DOF glass.

For a step-by-step demo of my Dark and Irish Cocktail recipe, you can watch my video tutorial below. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and never miss a recipe or design idea! {It’s free!}





2 parts dark rum, like Kraken
1 part cold brewed coffee
1/2 part simple syrup
Guinness beer


In an Irish Coffee mug add rum, coffee and simple syrup. Top with Guinness to fill your glass.

Enjoy with friends!

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