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Fresh Eats Radio Guest Feature

I love twitter. I can’t help it. I know it may not be the best use of my time and in fact I frequently can’t believe how fast an hour can pass by when I simply log on to answer a question, or retweet something I like. However, in those lost hours are moments of solid gold. Real personal connections happening in the fast as lighting 140 character world – just recently this happened to me.

Through a friends {yes a real life friend} twitter stream I shared or commented on a person’s post and we started a dialog there on twitter. To learn more about her, I clicked on her website link in her profile and after searching around a bit I find out the she lives only 30 minutes from me! This mysterious person was/is Heather Rampolla, Host of Fresh Eats Radio and a Wellness Coach.

Listen in on our conversation here.




Fast forward and guess who is a featured guest on Heather’s Fresh Eats Radio show this month? You guessed it ME! During our conversation we talked about intentional living, getting family help in the kitchen when they don’t want to, seasonal ways to dress up your counter top and you guessed it, my favorite topic – how to celebrate everyday. Listen in on our conversation here.

Kray_lFunch-300x300 Fresh Eats Radio

And yes – after the Fresh Eats interview we did actually meet in real life! Shared fruit water and are already planning several video shoots for future episodes on my YouTube channel.

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Dying to know who our fabulous connector was? Jessica Kupferman of Lady Business Radio! Check out our interview here!

Now it is your turn. What was your favorite part of our interview?? Let me know in the comments and be sure to sign up for our inspirational updates!


  • Sarah

    As an event designer and blogger, I have to say the relationships that I form through social media that turn into face to face interaction are so wonderful and beneficial! How cool is it that you were able to connect via Twitter thru a mutual friend/connection, collaborate, and become real life friends! You’re tablescape and drink recipes are some of my favorite inspiration!

  • Alli

    How fun that you made a new for-real friend from Twitter. I listened to your radio broadcast and I love to collect white plates, too! Mix and matching is so much fun! Such a great broadcast! Loved it.

  • Heather

    OMG! Love meeting fab people only to discover they’re practically next door. LOVED connecting with you on this interview AND in person. Can’t wait for our next chapter of playing together in the kitchen… Hmm and maybe even carry over our play into the dinning room and garden. So many passions we have in common that compliment each other.

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