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The Crazy Marketing Ladies Guest Interview Feature

Ever have a crazy marketing idea? Well then you are going to love this feature because I have the honor of introducing you to a new podcast called The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show, and it is all about business, website, social media and ways business various owners are using marketing to grow and expand their businesses.

For my interview I sat with Lynn Van Meter to discuss my process of creating, launching, marketing, fully funding and executing my Kickstarter to publish my first book An Appealing Plan – A Year Of Everyday Celebrations.

Listen into The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show podcast here.

crazy marketing ladies show podcast interview with krayl funch discussing kickstarter to self publish An Appealing Plan the book

In this interview we talked about fears that can hold you back, knowing your message is important, how the Kickstarter crowd funding program worked for me and my obsession passion for dishes. I hope you enjoy the show!

Listen into the Crazy Marketing Ladies Podcast here.

Links mentioned in the interview ::

The Book :: An Appealing Plan – A Year of Everyday Celebrations
My Kickstarter Campaign Page

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What is your favorite podcast to listen to? Or do you host a podcast? Let me know in the comments below so we can all listen in.

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