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The Perfect Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Recipe

Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up, put on a gorgeous spring hat and drink out of a chilled silver cup? I know this girl does! This quick and easy Mint Julep cocktail recipe is perfect for a Kentucky Derby party or for a lazy summer day on the front porch.

Kentucky Derby Party ideas. Min Julep cocktail recipes. Starting with fresh mint and silver mint julep cups. AnAppealingPlan 1000x

Whether you live in Kentucky, the South or the Northeast, Derby parties are sure to be popping up all around you the first week in May – perhaps even at your house. If you are considering hosting – you do not want to miss my Kentucky Derby Party planning check list – sure to reduce hostess stress and increase enjoyment!

This cocktail has the special touch of a mint simple syrup to really create a refreshingly cool beverage all delivered to you in an amazing silver julep cup! So gather a few girlfriends in hats and guys in bow ties and enjoy sipping this Derby ready Mint Julep cocktail!

Kentucky Derby Party planning ideas. Min Julep cocktail recipe. Starting with fresh mint and silver mint julep cups. AnAppealingPlan  thumb




3 ounces Kentucky bourbon
1 ounce mint simple syrup
2-3 cups chipped ice
mint sprig, for garnish


Fill silver mint julep cup with chipped ice, top with bourbon and mint simple syrup. Add mint sprig for garnish and serve immediately.

Makes one serving, based on cup volume.

{be sure to serve with food as it is a strong beverage. We suggest Zesty Pimento Cheese or Bourbon Bacon Deviled Eggs. Let us know what you plan on pairing it with in the comments below!}

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