Refreshing Poolside Cocktail Recipe

There are few things I enjoy as much as sipping a refreshing cocktail poolside in the summertime. You can just imagine the pool boy serving them up and passing out chilled towels.

Pavan Poolside Sipper with Pavan blackberries and fresh lime perfect for a day at the pool or on the patio _ #CelebrateEveryday Limes

This refreshing poolside cocktail recipe came about last weekend when my husband and I were at the pool and found ourselves out of champagne! See Sunday’s at our house is reserved for Mimosas by the pool.

So what’s a girl to do but raid the cabinet and fridge to see what’s available. Luckily I was able to pull a few ingredients together, pop on a paper straw and what do you know, a new refreshing poolside cocktail is born!Pavan Poolside Sipper Cocktail #KraylFunch for #AnAppealingPlan Blue and Red Paper Straws add a touch of fun to any cocktail (5)

I pick up colorful paper straws whenever I see them on sale – they add just the right amount of festive color with out being over the top. I have a stash of them in a rainbow of colors, patterns and various seasonal feel. They come out whenever I am creating a cocktail buffet, hosting a neighborhood gathering or when serving a refreshing poolside cocktail at the pool.

Pavan Poolside Sipper with Pavan blackberries and fresh lime perfect for a day at the pool or on the patio _ #CelebrateEveryday



2 parts Pavan Liquer
1 part lime juice
2-3 parts club soda
Blackberries, for garnish
Ice, plenty of it


In a tall glass or cocktail shaker filled with ice mix Pavan, lime juice. shake to chill completely.

Pour into a poolside cup filled with ice. Top with club soda, blackberry and straw.

Serve immediately. Dip your toes in the water and relax.

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