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Blueberry Waffle Recipe With Fresh Nectarines

This time of year summer farmers markets are filled with all the amazing produce of the season. Nectarines, blueberries and other fresh pick fruits fill little blue containers begging you to bring them home! My Blueberry waffle with Fresh Nectarines recipe is the perfect summer brunch recipe to celebrate the summer season.

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You have just returned from your local summer farmers market, your recycled burlap bags are filled with heirloom tomatoes, bunches of gloriously fragrant herbs, cute blue pints overflowing with fresh picked blueberries and a baker’s dozen of nectarines ripe and ready for eating. You pile them all in bowls on the kitchen island and step back thinking – they make a glorious seasonal display for sure!

And then it hits you…. the reality that you need recipes fast. Recipes that allow you to utilize these farmers markets finds to their fullest, to showcase summers abundance in all it’s glory! To that may I suggest a Blueberry Waffle Recipe topped with fresh nectarines.

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A few years ago I bought my husband a waffle maker for Christmas and I am constantly creating new recipes to use it – you may have noticed in my book An Appealing Plan I have even branched out into savory waffles which are amazing – and what better than to mix in fresh blueberries to a standby Belgian waffle recipe, add a bit of lemon zest to bright it up and viola, a blueberry waffle recipe perfect for weekend brunch but also easy enough for a quick weekday breakfast.

A Blueberry Waffle Recipe with Nectarines by @KraylFunch (50) logo 1000x

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A Blueberry Waffle Recipe with Nectarines by @KraylFunch (37) logo 1000x

We happened to have a bottle of Mama’s Choice Blueberry Syrup on hand which added an amazing layer of flavor to the dish but feel free to skip this, add your own favorite syrup or simply sprinkle a dusting of powder sugar on top.

Looking for other ways to use those blueberries? How about a Summer Solstice Cocktail

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And, if you are looking for even more ways to celebrate everyday check out An Appealing Plan the book.

Call it a trend or a return to the past, but I believe we are bringing back entertaining at home, lingering over a table after a lovingly prepared meal with friends. It has been a way of life and passion of mine my entire adult life, and I am thrilled to be able to invite you on this journey with me through a year of celebrating every day. Filled with recipes, tablescapes, floral inspiration and seasonal entertaining ideas An Appealing Plan :: A Year of Everyday Celebrations, is a dream come true for me a true honor to be able to share it with you. To learn more about An Appealing Plan :: A Year of Everyday Celebrations here. And of course, share how you are celebrating everyday.


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