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Nectarine Galette with Thyme + Gruyere Cheese #FWCon #WisconsinCheese

A Nectarine Galette with Thyme Grueye cheese #FWCon #WisconsinCheese by @KraylFunch (20)

I was recently introduced to galettes – a free form rustic tart common in France available in sweet or savory but usually containing fruit of some type – and let me tell you, it has completely opened my eyes to the world of baking! I love the idea of creating fresh desserts however my tendency to drift away from a set recipe frequently leaves my baking trials ending in rock hard cookies or runny crumbles. But now with galettes in my world, I as long as I can stay on task long enough to make a basic pie crust, I have free reign at what I choose to put inside! Plus their entire rustic appearance is much more my style than a perfectly baked pie anyway…

A Nectarine Galette with Thyme Grueye cheese #FWCon #WisconsinCheese by @KraylFunch (35)

Inspired by a recipe contest sponsored by Wisconsin Cheese and the upcoming Orlando Food and Wine Conference I, not so surprisingly, opted to make my first attempt a nectarine galette with thyme and Gruyère cheese, a slightly savory version with the main sweetness coming from the fresh nectarines and the cheese and thyme providing the salty savory goodness I love. By the way I bought way too many nectarines and will be creating additional recipes this weekend no doubt so be on the look out for nectarine cocktails, nectarine crumbles, etc…

A Nectarine Galette with Thyme Grueye cheese #FWCon #WisconsinCheese by @KraylFunch (145)





** NOTE :: Although Gruyère is traditionally produced in Switzerland, I found a lovely version in Trader Joes marked as “domestic” and when I asked the incredibly helpful staff member called the main office to find out where it was made. To my delight the answer was Wisconsin!! Moral… be sure to ask where your cheese comes from!

A Nectarine Galette with Thyme Grueye cheese #FWCon #WisconsinCheese by @KraylFunch (176)

A Nectarine Galette with Thyme Grueye cheese #FWCon #WisconsinCheese by @KraylFunch (180)

This will be my third year attending the Food and Wine Conference and second year as a speaker. It is a 3-day conference hosted by the Sunday Supper movement filled with amazing speakers and sessions and as you can guess fabulous food + wine! If you are a new food blogger or looking to take your business to the next level, I urge you to consider attending this conference! For the third year in a row it is being held at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida Friday July 17th through Sunday July 19th. For more information on the conference, click here and be sure to use promo code “KRAYL” to save $50 on your conference pass.

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