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Grilled Mexican Corn Recipe with Blue Cheese

In the farm world of yester-year there is a saying “knee-high by Fourth of July”. It means all is well with your corn crop and the growth is on schedule. Well these days you can get fresh corn as early as Memorial Day – or year round in some parts – but the I still believe the sweetest corn is late season corn grown in New Jersey {sorry… it’s the Jersey girl in me that I just can’t shake!}. Late season Jersey corn hardly needs butter, just a touch of salt and pepper and it is perfect!

A Grilled Mexican Corn Recipe for Summer Entertaining from by @KraylFunch (4) 1000x

Early season corn, however, frequently needs a little more dressing up to bring out the flavor and an easy grilled Mexican corn recipe does the trick for me. Also known as Mexican street corn, or Elotes, is a basic traditional recipe using mayonnaise, sour cream, queso fresco or cotija, chili powder, fresh lime and of course a charcoal grill.

You know I always like to add a special touch to the look of the table and for this Mexican corn recipe I stripped back the husks, removed the silk and tied them back with bakers twine. The effect is super chic and it also creates a natural handle for serving and eating the corn. If you or your guests prefer they can easily snap off the top once the corn is grilled.

A Grilled Mexican Corn Recipe for Summer Entertaining from by @KraylFunch (49)

A Grilled Mexican Corn Recipe for Summer Entertaining from by @KraylFunch (50) 1000x

This subtle twist on the original grilled Mexican corn recipe offers the tangy bite of blue cheese and thyme – and the benefit of using ingredients easily found in most stores around the country. The thyme came straight from the herb garden at my mother’s house so it included extra love – but you can use traditional thyme as well, or really any herb growing in your garden this season.

A Grilled Mexican Corn Recipe for Summer Entertaining from by @KraylFunch (41) 1000x

This recipe is great for summer entertaining because you par-cook the ears before placing them on the grill which will save cooking time when your guests are arriving as well as space on the grill for the other items on your menu. Be sure your grill is hot before placing the ears on, you are mainly using it for grill marks and the smokey charcoal flavor, a low heat may cook the corn more than you wish – you may also adjust the boiling portion if your prefer to cook them completely on the grill.

A Grilled Mexican Corn Recipe for Summer Entertaining from by @KraylFunch (93) 1000x

Grilled Mexican Corn with Blue Cheese

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