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Peach Simple Syrup Iced Tea with Mint

Sweet Tea is a truly Southern tradition, not only during the summer but year round, you will find people sipping it on the porch or serving to friends gathered around the kitchen table. A wonderful alternative to serving pre-sweetened tea is to create a simple syrup and allow guest to add to their taste preference.

Simple syrup is just as the name says, a simple syrup. It is equal parts water and sugar gently heated until the sugar dissolves – and perfect for using in cold beverage as the sugar is already in liquid form it quickly mixes into the existing liquid. I love to create new flavors of simple syrup to be used in iced tea, cocktails or to be poured over berries for dessert.

For a recent event at the West Elm in Hyde Park Village with Tabitha Blue, of Fresh Mommy Blog, – here we are before everyone arrived – I made up a double batch of Georgia Peach Simple Syrup to serve alongside iced Earl Grey tea, fresh mint sprigs and additional peach slices. The attendees enjoyed it along with a Fresh Herb White Bean Dip while they made Personalized Rosemary Napkin Rings {DIY feature coming soon} – both perfect for Summer Entertaining!


2 cups sugar

1 cup water

1-2 peaches, sliced


In a medium sauce pan bring water and sugar to a boil.

Add peaches and stir slowly.

Reduce to simmer after sugar is completely dissolved in the liquid.

Crush peaches when soft to release more flavor into the syrup.

Reduce to simmer, cover and cook for 20 minutes. Be sure to monitor temperature to avoid browning or burning the sugar.

Syrup will be very hot. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Using a fine mesh metal strainer, strain peaches from syrup.

Bottle. Gift or Enjoy!

Peach Simple Syrup is wonderful in iced tea but also try it to add a touch of sweetness to any favorite beverage – I know I will be testing a few new recipes with weekend with the pretty pink syrup – stay tuned for more!

Thank you Tabitha for sharing your pictures with me!!

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