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Grilled Chicken Bread Salad with Peas + Romaine

A Grilled Chicken Bread Salad With Romaine hearts and Peas for a summertime gathering AnAppealingPlan.com by @KraylFunch

Do you know how many times I buy or receive a magazine in the mail, thumb through it dreaming of making at least one of the recipes, then put it on down never to be looked at again. A missed chance to recreate one of the many no-doubt fabulous recipes that the magazines editors and kitchen team have slaved over and tested for months. 

What percentage of all recipes in magazines, do you think ever get made? 10%? 50%? I have no idea either but I bet the number is pretty low if the majority of the world is like me – but then maybe they aren’t… perhaps you are all out there fully utilizing the periodicals you subscribe to…

Blue Hydrangea with A Grilled Chicken Bread Salad With Romaine hearts and Peas Recipe for a summertime gathering AnAppealingPlan.com by @KraylFunch

Well this time was going to be different. On the cover of the May 2015 Martha Stewart Living magazine is a gorgeous chicken dish featuring grilled chicken bread salad with beautifully fresh peas and pea shoots. I knew I had to make this one, it looked straight forward, clean and perfect for a summer gathering. I put the issue on my coffee table where I was sure to continue to see, and dream of, the recipe in question. Luckily for me, we already had a date on the calendar to get together with friends so I committed to  the recipe – plus, I had the perfect flag platter to showcase my work.
outdoor Summer Table - blue and red gingham napkins - blue hydrangea -  Grilled Chicken With Romaine hearts and Peas  AnAppealingPlan.com by @KraylFunch

Oh and did I mention, a few months prior I found these adorably patriotic gingham napkins that were just screaming to be set out for a summer dinner under the sky! Aren’t they perfect!!

Add in stoneware plates and a tall Ball jar filled with wildflowers and Hydrangea and my summer table was set!

SO how did the Grilled Chicken Bread Salad recipe turn out you might be asking… well the original version called for roasted chicken, the swap out there was minimal, I also wanted to add a few more greens and the market had the cutest Romaine Jewels on sale which, I feel added not only another element but also an amazing variety of colors in their little leaves. Overall it was an incredibly easy recipe to prepare, especially for entertaining when you want to spend time with guests rather than in the kitchen I would absolutely recommend trying this out for your next summer entertaining opportunity.

Blue Hydrangea with A Grilled Chicken Bread Salad With Romaine hearts and Peas Recipe for a summertime gathering AnAppealingPlan.com by @KraylFunch

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