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Krayl’s Cast Iron Cornbread + Poblano Sticks

There are few things in life that can represent comfort of the past in the way food can… hopefully my Cornbread + Poblano Corn Sticks will soon be added to your short list of comfort foods.

IHA Potluck Dinner Staub_ LeCreuset_ HamptonForge_ LodgeCastIron_ Architec_ (8) 750x

A familiar smell coming from your childhood kitchen, the aroma of soup brought to you, home from school sick in bed on rainy fall day. Food evokes memories we have long forgotten with just a whif coming from a doorway passing by on the street, or the first bite of a buttered roll at a new restaurant – at once unexpected and familiar.

A lodge cast iron pan with corn sticks #AnAppealingPlan by #KraylFunch (1) 750x

A lodge cast iron pan with corn sticks #AnAppealingPlan by #KraylFunch (2) 750x

My Cornbread Comfort :: swinging opening the garage door at my Grandparents home after a long drive down from Connecticut, stepping up into the kitchen, warm air filled with the sounds of family laughter coming from the living room hitting you as you enter. A big pot of chili, still steaming hot, placed on a worn out potholder to protect the counter top. Bowls of rice, grated cheese and bottle of hot sauce to add as you like. And there in a side basket, most likely lined with a cloth napkin, bright yellow, just slightly brown on the edges, the corn muffins would sit, waiting to be topped with cold butter then dunked into the chili. Welcome home.

A lodge cast iron pan with corn sticks #AnAppealingPlan by #KraylFunch (13) 750x

A lodge cast iron pan with corn sticks #AnAppealingPlan by #KraylFunch (17) 750x

I am not sure if they were homemade, as the chili was, or from a box mix but no matter, each bite was a combination of sweet and salty. Warm and crumbly. Each bite filling with memories that feel real as I write this moment in my office as if I am right there back in the kitchen 20 + years ago listening to the adults talk and share stories.

And still to this day, I can not eat chili without corn muffins. Admititly, I frequently quickly make them from a box mix, however given my husbands love for poblano peppers I thought I would mix it up a bit and add a little color and a touch of heat to a classic. And don’t get me started on this cute as a button corn stick pan from Lodge Cast Iron – perfect for a side to chili or as an addition to a potluck gathering. Enjoy!

A lodge cast iron pan with corn sticks #AnAppealingPlan by #KraylFunch (33) 750x



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