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Krayl’s Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

“I have been dying to make this recipe for Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls.” 

Krayl's Raspberry Swirl Rolls on

Those were the words from my cousins girlfriend when ask – “What would you make first if you had a brand new Kitchen Aid stand mixer?” Little did I know that I would actually be doing the making…

It started off innocently enough at my Aunt’s house last month while we were visiting, when her sister, another Aunt, brought her a brand new mixer as a hostess gift for staying at her house {yes I have absolutely invited her to my house anytime she wants}. 

Krayl's Raspberry Swirl Rolls

It was my turn to head to the supermarket for groceries so I pulled up the recipe by Grace Parisi, originally published in Food & Wine in January 2011, and made a list of all the additional ingredients I would need to pick up for her to whip up a batch of these raspberry swirl rolls. Brought all the ingredients back tot he house,proudly laid them out on the counter for her to begin. 

The butter softened… for almost a full day when I realized that “dying to make” actually meant “dying for someone else to make and me to eat”. I put the butter back in the fridge – it would have to wait until tomorrow when I was up for a full day of baking.

Krayl's Raspberry Swirl Rolls on

I have to admit I was a little excited to use the brand new mixer and try a new recipe. It seemed straight forward enough however the active vs inactive aspects of baking rolls or any bread for that matter had me questioning if I really had the commitment necessary to bake while on vacation… maybe Erin was on to something here. Could I convince anyone else in the house to make them for me too?? 

I was alone in the kitchen so it looked like if I didn’t want the raspberries to go to waste I better roll up my sleeves, put on my apron and get to mixing. 

The dough mixing was super easy. I placed in a bowl to let rise. Wait.

Krayl's Raspberry Swirl Rolls on

The puffy dough was gorgeous and smooth. Roll out the dough. Roll in the raspberries. Cut into sections. Wait some more.

During this second term of waiting, reading my book {The Gold Finch have you read it yet? I was obsessed during this trip} and lounging in the sunshine was tough work. Don’t try it unattended. A few times I gave the recipe selector a hint or two that at anytime she could feel free to take over…. No response… Back to the kitchen.

Krayl's Raspberry Swirl Rolls on

By dinner time the rolls were actually ready to go in the oven so in they went in their puffy glory.

There are a few things I would do differently next time {see my notes in the recipe below} but over all I would say if you have a day to spend at home, DO try this at home.

Krayl's Raspberry Swirl Rolls on

Krayl's Raspberry Swirl Rolls

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