Krayl’s Brussels Sprouts + Pancetta Ceasar Salad

As a kid Brussels Sprouts are a weird looking vegetable that my parents served for Thanksgiving or Christmas. They tasted bitter, looked funny and even smelled strange. Where did they even come from??


Fast forward just a few years – hold on Mc Fly – and they are one of my favorite vegetables to serve. And it may have something to do with how they grow. Have you ever seen a Brussels Sprout stalk? They are an incredible example of Mother Nature’s ability to inspire and nurture us. You can usually find them in the fall and winter for sale in your local market – I ALWAYS buy them when I see them available to place on our kitchen island. Visitors are just as amazed to see them as I was my first time. But more on that later…



I have always made and served Brussels Sprouts warm, usually roasted or some similar style of preparation – however I recently saw a recipe from Nathan Lyon for a cold preparation and ran with it to create my Brussels Sprout and Pancetta Caesar Salad for a Friendsgiving styled photo shoot.


[yumprint-recipe id=’17’]I would like to thank our gracious host Nicole Crews, of Casa de Crews, who put this Friendsgiving event together. She did an incredible job of pulling an amazing team together for the menu, decor, rentals and MORE … Dying to see the entire styled photo shoot, check out my post on the 5 Tips for Hosting Your Own Friendsgiving Gathering! 

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An-Appealing-Plan-the book by Krayl Funch Cover Image 150xAnd, if you are looking for even more easy holiday entertaining, check out An Appealing Plan the book.

I believe we are bringing back entertaining at home, lingering over a table after a lovingly prepared meal with friends. I am thrilled to be able to invite you on this journey with me through a year of celebrating every day. Filled with recipes, tablescapes, floral inspiration and seasonal entertaining ideas An Appealing Plan :: A Year of Everyday Celebrations.To learn more about An Appealing Plan :: A Year of Everyday Celebrations here. 

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