Champagne Selection + Pairing Ideas From My #ChampagneSisters

If you have been around here for any amount of time you know how much I love a glass of bubbly. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – they are all perfect occasions to pop open a bottle and fill up your flute. However, I find that I have been in a rut lately and am simply grabbing a bottle of one of my go to labels rather than branching out and try new vintages, regions and styles. So what is a girl to do when you are stuck in a rut and heading into the holiday entertaining season?? Ask your friends of course!!

So that is exactly what I did! I reached out to 10 of my favorite Champagne Sisters for their take on Champagne selection tips, the best way to pair champagne and what champagne is currently their favorite bottle to open. I LOVED all their answers and I know you will to! So without further delay… let me introduce to you my Champagne Sisters!!

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{NOTE: the list is purely in alphabetical order, no favs here. AND I have provided a live link to their websites in their title, head on over and learn all about these fab ladies. Just be sure to invite me to the next party. I promise to bring a bottle!}

Amanda ReboulAmanda Reboul of Tasting The Stars

Twitter: @thebubblediva
IG: thebubblediva

What is currently your favorite champagne? It’s so hard to pick a favourite – it’s like asking me to pick my favourite child! I find things to love in every champagne I try. However, lately I have really enjoyed a new grower champagne I have discovered from Vincent Brochet. Their 2002 vintage is exceptional. It’s from a small village in the Mountain de Reims, Ecueil, and the Pinots from there are to die for.

What is your favorite way to pair champagne? I would have to say caviar – bubbles happening everywhere in your mouth! Big bubbles, little bubbles, firm bubbles, softer bubbles – it’s the best experience!

What are your champagne selection tips? Choosing the right champagne really depends on the occasion. If it is for a large party, when it is all about getting together with friends, it is better to choose a non-vintage champagne.  If you are having a dinner party with about six to eight close friends, try to be more adventurous with selections. Try a blanc de blanc with a seafood starter, a rosé with a duck breast main, and a low dosage with dessert. Vintage champagnes should be kept for those times when you are with a couple of friends who really appreciate good champagne. It should be savoured and every drop appreciated. 

Davon HatchettDavon Hatchett of The Bubbleista

Twitter: @TheBubbleista

IG: TheBubbleista

What is currently your favorite champagne? For a bubbly obsessed girl like me, this question is akin to being asked to pick a favorite child (ha). Right now I’m loving anything Taittinger (especially Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blanc when I’m lucky enough to get my hands on it); the Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Collection; and Laurent Perrier rosé. Also, about a month ago I stumbled across this incredible grower champagne that I fell in love with: Champagne Guy Larmandier Grand Cru “Signé Francois” Blanc de Blancs–so incredibly delicious! 

What is your favorite way to pair champagne? Champagne is so versatile that I pair it with almost any and everything, but some of my favorite ways include champagne with hot, thin, salty, crispy french fries {salt + bubbles = divine}; with a big bowl of my mother’s Creole Louisiana gumbo filled with crab, shrimp, sausage, and chicken {champers balances the roux’s richness perfectly}; and I definitely believe in champagne with breakfast!

What are your champagne selection tips? Don’t be swayed solely by price alone. You can get really good champagne and all sorts of price points, so don’t presume that a $100 bottle is automatically better than a $40 bottle. Venture into grower champagnes! These artisanal sparklers are often vivacious and charming and can help you expand your palate with their unique flavor profiles.

Bri SeeleyBri Seeley of Bri Seeley

Twitter: @BriSeeley
IG: IAmBriSeeley

What is currently your favorite champagne? I love Chandon. My pallet is usually more tied to experiential memories. I toured the Chandon winery a few years ago, and when I drink it now I can still feel the sun on my skin, the laughter with my friends, and the smile I had on my face all day long.

What is your favorite way to pair champagne? With a gorgeous sunset! I live in Los Angeles and usually drink champagne on my rooftop. Sometimes alone and sometimes with company. But usually it’s watching the sunset and filling my heart with gratitude for the wonderful life I’ve created.

What are your champagne selection tips? Drink what works for you and what makes you happy. Everyone has a different pallet, so don’t necessarily listen to what someone tells you ‘should’ taste good – in the end you have to try a variety and decide what you like best.


Emily Ellyn

Emily Ellyn of Emily Ellyn Productions

Twitter: @Emily_Ellyn
IG: Emily_Ellyn

Current favorite Champagne/sparkling wine? I love Iron Horse Blanc de Blanc as well as their Brut Rose! I have always enjoyed sipping on these sparkling wines, BUT they are really spectacular with food.  The Blanc de Blanc is 100% Chardonnay and it is like a buttery piece of toast that radiates with it’s effervescence.  The Brut Rose on the other hand is bold and vibrant and I like drinking it with food!  Ham and eggs to a juicy steak.

What is your favorite way to pair champagne? Champagne pairs with all food and puts all in a celebratory mood! Like I mentioned above a buttery toasty champagne pairs with all foods and looks so festive sipped in a coupe or flute. Cheers!

What are your champagne selection tipsHow to buy Champagne, you ask? Remember the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald who said “…too much champagne is just right!” I’m toasting myself for being the hostess with the mostess and never having a dry party 😉


Eve WalkeyEve Walkey of Glass of Bubbly

Twitter: @GlassOfBubbly
IG: glassofbubbly

What is currently your favorite champagne? That’s a very difficult question as I have so many favourites, though I did recently really enjoy a glass of Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 1988.

What is your favorite way to pair champagne? I do enjoy Champagne with a selection of vegetarian sushi.

What are your champagne selection tips? I would advise speaking to your local wine merchant and not always thinking Grand Marques unless you are prepared to pay that little bit more for their vintages, sometimes a local wine merchant can have a very nice Grower Champagne which I do advise people to try.


Diana Hasenbalg

Diana Hasenbalg of Wearing Memories

Twitter: @FrenchyBubbles
IG: FrenchyBubbles

What’s currently your favorite champagne? My favorite champagne is Any ….true brut from Reims

What’s your favorite way to pair champagne? Straight up ….nothing else. Bien frappeé {well chilled}

What are your top champagne selection tips? Champagne is always the answer !


Kiron BaruiKiron Barui of Wearing Memories

Twitter: @ChampagneMemori
IG: ChampagneMemories

What’s currently your favorite champagne? I love all champagnes the Belle Epoque 06 would have to be the best tasting prestige cuvee at the moment for a bottle that you can pull off the shelf and just drink — it is fresh and light and perfect for a hot Christmas in Australia.

What’s your favorite way to pair champagne? I have just invented this new game where by you pop some caviar on the back of your hand and lick it, then sip on your champagne and then finally you suck down an oyster. It is like the lick, sip and suck we used to play with tequila but this is the lovely adult version with caviar, champagne and oysters.

What are your top champagne selection tips? Always choose what you like to drink. Rose is perfect with donuts, blanc de blanc is perfect with seafood and vintages should always be drunk in a more open glass and allowed to breathe. But most of all enjoy what you like, for there is a magic memory in every bottle popped.


Laurie DelkLaurie Delk of Promiscuous Palate

Twitter: @100Beers30Days
IG: @CaliWineGal

What’s currently your favorite champagne? anything from Egly-Ouriet. They just blow me away.

What’s your favorite way to pair champagne? oysters and sushi

What’s your favorite way to pair champagne? talk to your Sommelier and wine shop about what style you like for the perfect pick! Do you like dry and lean? Yeasty, biscuity, and full bodied? Citrus driven? There is that yes bottle for every style and price point.


Mela NoirMella Noir of Clink And Chat

Twitter: @ChampagneChat
IG: clinkandchat

What’s currently your favorite champagne? My current fave is Tendil et Lombardi Hyménée as it pairs perfectly with virtually everything yet is delicious alone as well…

What’s your favorite way to pair champagne? What ISN’T?! I love it mixed with liqueurs, fresh juices as well as just crisp and cold all by its’ beautiful effervescent bubbly self! To pair with nibbles — I adore fruit, nuts, any kind of seafood, cheese (side note: MMMMMMM… Cheese!) As well as salty chips and caviar.

What are your top champagne selection tips? Try new kinds and ask your friends what their faves are! I find social media to be a great source of new brands to find, taste and then pass onto others!


Ro DavisRo Davis of Traveling Flute

Twitter @TravelingFlute

What’s currently your favorite champagne? Perrier Jouet

What’s your favorite way to pair champagne? I love to pair my champagne in a decadent beautiful flute, of course along with something sweet and something savory. My favorite Perrier Jouet, pairs well with beautiful cheeses and marcona almonds.  For something savory, I like smoked salmon with a pairing of roasted root vegetables.

What are your top champagne selection tips?I would recommend that you always serve champagne in its proper flute.  Never serve champagne in a wine glass, water goblet or paper cup.  It takes away the flavor and effervescence of the bubbles.


** Thank you Mella of Clink And Chat for providing the featured image for this post as well as creating a fabulous Champagne community! Be sure to head over to Bubbly Talk Radio to listen in to our chat! CHEERS!!


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