How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Christmas

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving

Every season I change out the bedding in our master bedroom to suit the changing temperatures and colors to suit the months ahead. I have bedding for summer, spring and fall, but until this year Christmas has eluded me… Yes, I would put a red pillow on the bed, tie a ribbon around the papier mache deer head above the bed and then spend all season wishing I had real Christmas bedding. Last year I got really close to buying it and was talked out of it by a friend – “no one will see it”.

This year I went ALL in. New evergreen accented sheets, red shams and a mixture of wintery throws to decorate my bedroom for Christmas. My advice, if it makes you happy DO IT! It is easier than you think and if you are anything like me, you will soon be obsessed with your bedroom and not want to leave all season.

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 10

Ideas for Christmas Bedding place a wreath at the end of your bed on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 1956

How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Christmas

Add A Little Green ~ Wrap live or faux evergreen garland around your footboard. Wrap lights and place them on a timer set to go on and off automatically. I have mine set to wake me up and also shut off when I am sleep – it is as close to Santa waking me up as an adult can get, the excitement gets me up at ready for the day.

Texture ~ Cool weather months call for heavier fabrics and woven textures. Mix cotton, linen and wool on your bed with blankets, duvet covers and various pillows. I love this red wool pillow from HomeGoods and am now on the hunt for its twin! 

Layers ~ It is true in clothing fashion and it is true in home decor – winter if for layering. Add a colorful throw blanket on top of your comforter for added warmth and coziness. If you get too hot at night simply pull it off and put it back on in the morning when you make your bed for the day.

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red sweater euro pillows Evergreen linens on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 1942

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows Evergreen linens on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 26

Pillows ~ Don’t listen to the haters. Add as many pillows to your bed as you like. I found red sweater covers for my euro shams which are just the right amount of Christmas color then added a warming tan standard sham in front of it for depth. Finally I added a red wool pillow to lead the pack and pull all the colors together.

Sheets ~ Underestimating the power of thread count is a huge mistake I made in my younger days. Learn from me and make the change to quality sheets asap. You will enjoy getting in bed 100% more – no really you will. For the holidays look for sheets with accent features on white linens so they don’t distract from the other colors on the bed. I found these evergreen accented sheets from Perfect Linens and they are… well… perfect. 

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 1966

The goal when decorating you bedroom for Christmas is to create a warm and festive space for you and your partner not to overdo it or get stressed out about creating the perfect look. I am so in love with the small changes I made – and Pete says he is sleeping better under the cable knit blanket – that I am honestly wondering what took me so long! So do not delay. Take these tips and decorate your bedroom today!

{ Love the evergreen linens as much as I do – use code Appealing35  at check out and save $35. No catch. Just my way of spreading the Christmas cheer.}

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