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Snowed In. Staying Cozy On A Snow Day.

This weekend as Jonas hit the Northeast and thousands of people where snowed in and homebound beneath 20 + inches of snow, we too grabbed our blankets, cuddled up on the couch, turned on the weather channel and imagined were snowed in. Perhaps its growing up in the Northeast, with the long grey winters broken up by the excitement of  a magical snow day, it is one of those few childhood thrills you never really lose – thank god there are a handful left.

New Hope Lambertville Bridge during jonas
Bucks County Home in the Snow

We received pictures from friends “back home” of their towns, backyards, and talked about storms from the past. In the midst of the weekend it was finally time to take down the Christmas tree so we brought up the numerous plastic bins, stoked our fireplace, opened a bottle of bubbly and agreed that we would both volunteer for the shoveling program if we were just a few hundred miles closer to the snowfall.

snowy firepit from happylittlemesses

Or maybe we would create a backyard fire pit on the sledging hill like Happy Little Messes did a few storms back… that actually sounds like the best idea so far,

All this winter talk got me thinking… what are my favorite things about winter and snow days. What little touches around the house and home make them special to me…

Getting Cozy On A Snow Day

Cable Knit sweater on bed for a cozy winter look. AnAppealingPlan.com

This year I bought a cozy cable knit blanket for our bed and although I knew I would love it, I was surprised to hear how much we both love it! Goes to show you, everyone loves to get cozy. Grab your own blanket from Crane and Canopy and add it to your bed for the winter.

Urban Outfitters Grey Cable Knit throw pillow for a cozy snow day feel around your house all winter long #AnAppealingPlan

I like to continue a theme through a room or through the house. Choose a cable knit throw pillow for the bed or couch for laying your head on while watching a movie marathon. Urban Outfitters has them in two snowy colors to pick from.

Cozy In The Kitchen On A Snow Day


Why is it snow days bring out the cook and baker in us all. It is either the fact that you know you can’t go anywhere so you better start creating in order to eat, or perhaps it is a hidden memory of mom’s cooking ready  to warm and sooth you when  you came in from a day on the sledding hill. My Copper Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is always ready to do the job rain, snow or shine.  

jasper conran casual china group shot for a cozy winter day brunch #AnAppealingPlan

Of course you know I am going to have an opinion on what bowls, plates and mugs should be used on a snow day at home! One of our favorites around the house is our Jasper Conran mugs. We have them in white china but for a wintery day… love the casual collection in Blue + Biscuit. Actually it is perfect for all seasons but we are talking cozy on the couch with a warm Navy Bean + Kale Soup kind of bowls, and these do not disappoint. 

Cozy In The “Home Spa” On A Snow Day

Over the weekend I took several baths using a few of my favorite essential oils, soaps and products. Is it me or does it seem extra special to take a bath in the middle of the day? 


Lavender is my go to essential oil for my baths and luckily I have a resource that I know is farmed by two gentlemen who care about their products, the earth and running a quality small farm. Carousel Garden Lavender Farm in Bucks County is a very special place that grows it’s own lavender, has it’s own honey bees – and honey – and could be one of my favorite places to stroll on a spring or summer day. Since I can’t always make it to the farm when I am in the area, the lavender oil and culinary lavender take me there in spirit. 

cozy-fur-robe-chinchilla- from pottery barn for a cozy winter day #AnAppealingPlan

Is there anything more cozy than a warm robe… I think not. I realized this weekend that mine needs to be replaced and I am eyeing up this cozy Faux Fur Robe from Pottery Barn as my new version. Which color do you think goes best with my couch?

What To Read On A Cozy Snow Day

Two of my favorite books to re-read on a winter day are 

julia_child my life in france book cover - the perfect book to get cozy and read on a snow day

Julia Child, My Life In France – I have read it several time and can assure you it is a true pleasure to read about Julia’s time spent in France. It will have you back at the kitchen mixer in no time!

The-Paris-Wife cover - books to get cozy reading on a winter day

My second suggestion is The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. Truth be told I just opened this one up however, it comes to me from a friend who says it is a good easy read – just want I am looking for this time of year when I have little time to read but still looking for an occasional escape.  

And there you are, just of my favorite ways to stay cozy in doors during your next snow day.

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