The Gift She is Sure to Love …

I am Hunter Boot deep in my busy home + event decorating season and it hit me just this morning that Christmas is only two weeks away. OK … as of today we have 16 days left to be exact, but take away today, any traveling days you need to reach Grandmother’s house, plus that day you need to spend getting yourself ready for the upcoming neighborhood / corporate / client holiday party and we are down to 2 weeks.

And yes, I had that moment of panic + anxiety.

With nothing under our tree, except a tree skirt and the pine needles that have already fallen, I sat down to create my holiday list.

Please tell me I am not the only one…

As I created my list of loved ones, I realized I have several newly weds and/or new-ish homeowners on my list this year. It occurred to me that you may have a few as well. Perhaps a good friend, a daughter, a niece or a daughter-in-law who is still trying to pull her home together, still collecting + searching for the perfect pieces.

A lightbulb went off above my head – my Seasonal Home Box would be PERFECT for these lovelies on your list!

What could be better? Let me spend my time shopping for the perfect items for their homes and let YOU look like the hero {insert best aunt, mother-in-law, boss, mentor, etc.. as it pertains to you}!

So let me do the work for you? I am pretty sure you have other things to cross off your holiday checklist – most likely things you are better at handling than running from busy parking lot to busy parking lot.

Let me search for new home decor trends, shop for the best brands and spend the time waiting in line while you simply press a button to send a box filled with speciality seasonal items ready to be unwrapped.

My seasonal home subscription box is an effortless home styling service to make sure every home looks it’s best every season without you having to deal with spending hours searching + shopping for those perfect pieces.

Click HERE to send either a Holiday Home Box or a take advantage of the specially priced Annual Seasonal Home Box Membership, or keep reading to learn more…



Each limited release box is unique, hand-picked with you in mind and delivered to your {or your recipients} door – available quarterly for the season or for the entire year, a new box shipping each of the four seasons. While the products inside vary, I promise to select quality items I have brought into my own home for the season.

Examples of items included are seasonal candles, kitchen accents, accent pillow covers, tablescape decor, a favorite book, seasonal entertaining must have’s or gifting trends. Many will be items I find my self replacing or swapping out each season now. Don’t let Christmas sneak up on you too!



Send either a one Season Gift {you pick Winter 2016 or Spring 2017} OR select to send a Full Year Membership including 4 shipments. Buy yours HERE.

After purchase you will receive an email requesting further details on shipping + welcome card wording. Find out more HERE.

P.S. ~ or perhaps… press “forward” and let someone make YOUR holiday dreams come true when they purchase my Seasonal Home Box for YOU. A little hint never hurt… right?

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