At An Appealing Plan, we know that you want your surroundings to be current with latest trends and look their possible best; that your home, garden & gatherings are all reflections of you. We also know that your free time is limited by obligations such as your career, your family and various other important commitments, however, you still dream of having it all. We are here to help you realize that dream.

Beginning at the doorway to your home our welcoming Entranceway Designs will great all visitors with warmth and style. Do you dream of having a living room or master bedroom straight out of magazine but on a limited budget? Perhaps a Home Re-Merchandising service is ideal for you. And while our Seasonal Decorating, Tablescaping and Container Gardening are our specialties, we have an eye for creating the overall aesthetic for a home and can also plan your special occasions from beginning to end.

We know you work hard and believe that your deserve to enjoy your home and occasions during your free time. So we go out of our way to make your lifestyle dream a reality. Attention to detail matters to us and we’ll go to great lengths to make sure your vision is realized. It is these personal touches that have earned Krayl Funch her reputation and created a sought-after brand.

Whether you are planning a stylish dinner party or redesigning an entranceway An Appealing Plan will help you create something perfect for you and your special guests.

“I am not ready to commit to anything just yet. How can I learn more?”

Perhaps you are simply looking for inspiration for a Sunday Brunch buffet table, suggestions for a new doorway paint color or tips on seasonal decorating; our weekly updates are filled with tips, stories, recipes and projects to put you on the path to your lifestyle dreams. {SIGN UP HERE}

“What if I don’t live near you? Can I still work with you?”

If you wish for more hands on approach, my Virtual Services might be the right fit for you. An Appealing Plan team member combines design experience and current research to provide you with a design plan shipped directly to your door, to be installed by you on your own time.

“I am not good at DIY and honestly just don’t have the time. How can we work together?”

Perhaps you would like full service design and support in person, my Personal Services are for you. During a one-on-one meeting we will discuss projects and services that fit into your lifestyle goals then plan and execute all projects in-person. I know that each home-makers needs will vary, that is why I take the time to get to know you and come up with a project plan that reflects your individual personality and lifestyle goals.

The choice of which to utilize may be based on geographic and budgetary considerations. The decision is yours, either path will result in a fantastic experience and result.

We look forward to working making your dream a reality.



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