Marie Forleo’s B-School Review

Marie Forleo B- School is NOW open for enrollment!

You have heard the name – perhaps you even feel like she is everywhere right now… but keep reading and you will learn there is good reason for it – My most recommended online business training program, Marie Forleo’s Bschool, has officially opened for enrollment to the 2015 class. Ready to enroll now? Click here.

Need more information? Keep reading my Bschool review – or contact me directly for answers to all your B-school questions – krayl {at} kraylfunch {.} com – I will be checking in regularly during the open enrollment period.

Because I feel so strongly about the impact B-School has made on me, and I understand the size of the investment, both financially and of your time, I am offering a Bonus Bundle to help you through the course and into the future, but first let me tell you a little more about the program.
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Marie Forleo’s B-school is a Business School for the new generation of learners and thinkers. For those who know they can create a business that changes their lives as well as those around them – but just need the tools.

Unlike traditional business schools, you don’t come out with a printed degree and still no idea what to do with your knowledge or what the next steps are… you actually come out with a business that not only works better and but also fits your lifestyle.

WHO IS MARIE FORLEO’S B-SCHOOL FOR?what-is-b-school - marie forleo white top #Bschool

Before we dive into the kind of results you can expect from Marie Forleo’s B-School, we need to look at who will get the most out of the program – who is B-school for.

Think of B-school as a college campus where Marie Forleo is the creative fast thinking headmaster. She creates the curriculum,  teaches class and leads the discussion but who has also managed to bring together top experts to teach classes in their respective fields. These classes, otherwise known as modules are expertly developed in such a way that they can be applied to an existing business, to a start-up online or to a brick and mortar business looking to expand their reach.

Concerned that you are sure what business to apply your B-school learning too – not to worry – Marie starts the program with a substantial bonus module called “Start The Right Business” This is the perfect tool for those unsure about what the best direction is for your success.

Maybe you have been in business for years but see the economy shifting and know you need to catch up to stay current and keep growing the business you love. B-school is filled, I mean FILLED with content, to ensure you keep up with the marketing and technological needs of the new world of business.

So no matter if  you are a stay at home mother who wants to start a business online, or you are an established business that could benefit from fresh perspectives about doing business in today’s day and age, you will benefit from the B-school program.

WHO IS B-SCHOOL NOT FOR?marie-forleo-b-school-curriculum

I have been in the B-school community for 2 years now and the over-riding characteristics of those I see succeeding are those running their business from an honest serving manner. If you are into hard sales or doing business just to bring in a pay check B-school is most likely NOT for you.


The core B-School curriculum is focused on the six pillars of growing an online business. The program is eight weeks long and includes two full implementation weeks.


How Bschool Works Image with laptop via @KraylFunch

The Curriculum

8-Week Video-Based Training Program.
The training is released in weekly modules and includes two full weeks of implementation and weekly live-group coaching.

Each week’s module is filled with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists and worksheets. Members have 24/7 access to the private B-School member site to view the training videos, leave comments, ask questions and compare notes with classmates.

B-School has weekly live group coaching calls where they walk members through the program, answer questions, and offer strategic advice.The community is extraordinarily active and robust, which helps ensure B-School students take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

How Bschool Works Image Weekly Training via @KraylFunch

Weekly Modules Include the Eight Pillars of Building Your Online Business

The six core learning modules are released individually.

Two implementation weeks help you catch up and take action.

No matter your preferred learning style, they have got you covered. With multimedia training, you’ll have access to PDFs, audio files, and all-in-one download files of every slide presentation so you can learn your way, on your time.

24 / 7 Community 

Post questions & comments in the member only site.

Connect with B-Schoolers around the world in our private Facebook group.

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Advanced Training

You also get advanced bonus training modules on everything from Metrics & Analytics, PR, Tech Training, System Building, Productivity, How to Get Outstanding Testimonials, Behind The Scenes of the B-School Launch and more…

Still have questions? Let Marie Forleo tell you more about it here.


marie-forleo-b-school-via @kraylfunch

I can talk for pages and pages about my love for the Bschool program and Marie Forleo but just because it’s a great program, it doesn’t nessecarilly mean that it’s the right choice for you right now depending on where you are in your life and business.

If you’re on the fence or not sure if it’s the right investment for your business right now… take a step back, feel whether you’re anxious-excited or anxious-fearful. If you’re feeling fearful, then it might not be the right fit for you. That’s okay, there are times when it’s right and times when it’s not the right move.

If you feel excited, and you are in the financial situation to make this investment in your business… then it’s time to sign up for Marie Forleo B-School. I will personally send out the welcoming committee! If you’re not sure about the investment or if you can’t swing it right now, I can relate. It was a big investment for me, and I did not make it lightly – in fact I felt sick the days before I made the final push of the enroll button!

But I am here to tell you, it has paid for itself back many times over, and my business would not be where it is today without the training, support, and  B-school community.

I am a proud affiliate and looking forward to heading into my third round through and I would love to see what you can build with your experience. Yes – there is a ton of content over the 8 week session but I will be there with you to navigate it all and talk through which aspects you need to implement right away and which you may be able to hold off on until you are ready.


If you sign up for B-school through my affiliate link you will receive access to this B-School Bundle. This bundle is only available to those who enter through my link {otherwise I can not track them…} so be sure to come back and here to receive them.
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Please note that the price of B-School does not change when you sign up through my link, but I do earn a commission which allows me to offer all of the following bonuses:

Access to the Private Facebook Group

The B-School Facebook Group is a huge asset but can occasionally be over whelming and time-consuming if not well-managed. This group will be about connecting with a smaller group of creatives to walk through it together. Like an accountability partner just for you, I will be there everyday, answering questions and giving daily support as you need it.

Private Mastermind Group

Bschool can be overwhelming when you first enter. We will meet virtually {or in person if local} each week and discuss how you can apply the module information, what resources helped me during my work and set achievable goals so you can get the most out of the program without losing focus.

B-School Book library

Each module in Bschool is jammed packed with content for you to grow your business, the videos and fun sheets keep you busy for sure, but Marie recommends 2-4 books as resources each week and I know you have already invested your hard-earned money – that’s why I will personally order and ship you your own copy of the books to add to your library and to read when you are ready to dive in a little deeper.

Fund Your Dream Workshop

Ever have a dream but not the budget to get it done? I dreamed of publishing a book, but lacked the funds to move forward with the project in the high-end manner I wished to execute it in – until I discovered crowdfunding. I launched and fully funded my Kickstarter campaign to publish my book and have gone on to teach 100’s of business owners how to successfully create a Kickstarter project to fund their dreams. This workshop is yours in either video or MP3 format and will be sent to you after the refund period has passed.

Extra Value Total

All those bonuses are worth $250, $1000,.. Priceless!. What an incredible opportunity. And did I mention, I will be there with you, supporting you through the journey.

So what will your choice be? Continue to fall for the same excuses that are killing your success, or make the jump to your future. I know you will do the right thing. I can not wait to support your journey.

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These bonuses are available to you only if you enter through my link {otherwise I can not track them…} so be sure to  click here to receive them.

Once B-school begins I will be in touch and you will immediate access to the mastermind group as well as the private facebook page. The full B-school book library will arrive as each module is released and books are announced. Please note – if you decide Bschool is not for you, prior to the refund period, the books you have are yours to keep but you will not longer have access to the remainder of the bonuses.

If you are ready to dive in and join B-school simply click here to learn the final details from Marie and her team!

Still need more….

Have more questions about B-School?

If after you have watched the 3 Training Videos and read my B-School Post as well as the B-School details page you still have questions, I am happy to answer all your questions. Please email me directly


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