How to Start a Small Space Garden

You have little, or perhaps no, outdoor space but yet your green thumb is starting to itch, dying to get in the dirt. Not to fear, there are many ways to bring fresh plants and herbs to your small space or patio. With only a few tips and tools, your small space herb garden can provide you all the benefits of a larger kitchen garden with half the work and time needed. That sounds like a win-win to me!

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Interested in reading all my tips + tricks for starting your own small space garden? Head over to see my recent contributor article on the International Housewares Association Inspired Home website! 

Learn more about how to start a small space garden here!

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IHA Small Space Gardening Tips with Herbs from #kraylfunch -1500x 2117

I have been selected by the International Housewares Association to be a contributor forThe Inspired Home. While I have been compensated for my time, you know I LOVE finding new ways to celebrate each season in and around my home, therefore you will understand when I tell you all the opinions, recipes, photography, reviews and ideas are my own.

Metallic Color Block Coasters DIY

Combine two of the hottest trends in design – metallic gold and rose gold, and color blocking home decor – into one easy DIY project with chic Metallic Color Block Coasters. Adding style to your coffee table with metallic cork coasters is easy and can be accomplished in one day. Get your craft on today and you will be ready for weekend revelers. 

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 60 1000x

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 51 1000x

Watch as I create these Metallic Color Block Coaster on WFLA with Gayle Guyardo, for a segment called Gayle’s Guide to Pinterest. Or watch on my YouTube Channel here.

DIY Metallic Color Block Coasters


Lay your cork board sheet on a protected work surface. Use your ruler to mark your cork board at 4 inch intervals along the top and bottom of the sheet. 

Place the cork board sheet on a cutting mat, or cutting board, to protect the surface below from the sharp edge. Use a ruler as a guide to keep the cuts straight, score the cork along the entire length of the board. You will end up with 3, 4 inch strips of cork.

Repeat this process on the strips, cutting each into 3, 4 inch squares.

Once the 12 x 12 cork board is cut you will have 12 separate 4 inch squares to work with.

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 09 1000x

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 11 1000x

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 12 1000x

Step 2 ::

Create + Paint Your Metallic Color Block Coaster Design

Now it is time for the fun! Get creative and begin to layout your design by taping off sections to paint on the cork squares. You have two options here, create your design all at once or layer your colors with drying time in between.

Using a flat brush or sponge, paint the first unmasked area with one color from your selected paints. Be sure to fill the area in completely and don’t forget to paint the edges for a polished look.

Continue to paint each coaster to achieve the desired look. When done painting, lay coasters flat and allow to dry 30 min minimum. 

Using a new piece of painters tape to tape off a new section to paint with a new color. Repeat this process for each paint color.

Once each paint color is applied and dry, gentle remove the tape from all of the coasters.

Finally, spray coasters outdoors or in a well-ventilated area with an acrylic varnish to seal. 

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 14 1000x

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 18 1000x

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 45 1000x

Step 3 ::

Add Style to Your Coffee Table with Your Metallic Color Block Coasters 

Now comes the easiest step of all! 

Show off your style by placing your new Metallic Color Block Coasters out for everyone to see!

This color blocking technique can be used to create cork boards, large-scale wall decor or even DIY pillow cases, the possibilities are endless! For now take a break, sit back and take a sip of your favorite beverage with the knowledge your coffee table will be protected in style. 

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 58 1000x

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 46V 1000x

Metallic Color Block Coasters on by @KraylFunch Easy DIY for a trending home decor look 60 1000x

Now it’s your turn. What else will you color block? Watch this on my YouTube. channel.

Monogrammed White Pumpkins

Monogrammed white pumpkin entranceway via @AnAppealingPlan #CelebrateEveryday #Fall #Decorating #DIY

Monogrammed pumpkins add a little touch of chic to your entranceway or table for the Fall + Thanksgiving decorating season. Follow along this quick video to create your monogrammed white pumpkins.

Watch this video below or watch it on YouTube by clicking here.


  • 2 to 3 medium white pumpkins
  • adhesive backed letters
  • decorative push-pins
  • additional pumpkins for grouping

Once you place your monograms group your pumpkins at your front door with other gourds of various sizes and shapes for variation. Add indian corn and a few heirloom varieties for additional visual interest.

Monogrammed white pumpkin entranceway via @AnAppealingPlan #CelebrateEveryday #Fall #Decorating


Do you decorate your entranceway for Fall or for Halloween?? Let me know your secrets in the comments below and be sure to sign up for updates and follow me on Pinterest for more seasonal decorating ideas.


How To Make Your Own Nautical Centerpiece.

Did you know that the glass floats we love to use in our summer decor were originally used in the 1930’s by fishermen in many parts of the world to keep their fishing nets, as well as longlines or droplines afloat.  In fact they were so abundant you can still find them floating in the seas today. Original Japanese glass fishing floats, as they are also called, are now popular collectors’ items and can be found in vintage stores or as reproductions in design stores.

Nautical themed centerpiece #Video via @AnAppealingPlan #SummerEntertaining #Beach #Tablescape cover

Collect a few glass floats in different colors from your local vintage store and pair them with a handmade rope wrapped vase filled with flowers and use them to create your own nautical centerpiece.

Mixing in vintage nautical pieces with some items that you may find in your local stores is the perfect way to create a nautical centerpiece. For this particular tablescape, we are going to start with a singular clear vase. I like to use square or straight side vases, as this ensures the ribbon will go up smoothly. If your vase has a slight tilt to it, it may change the way the ribbon lies.

We’re going to begin by placing the rope ribbon around the edge and measuring for length. Once you have the ribbon wound around, about twice, then apply the glue. Apply the glue, just to the edges, as you won’t need very much. Press down the edges and ensure that they are secure.

Fill with water and place blue and white flowers in the vase.

Nautical themed centerpiece #Video via @AnAppealingPlan #SummerEntertaining #Beach #Tablescape

To complete your centerpiece, top your table with either a large a fishing net or bunch it in the center for a more casual feel. Group the nautical glass balls around the floral and finish it off with coordinating nautical style votives.

This centerpiece is ideal for summer parties, beach weddings or simply to decorate the table for the summer season.

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How To Make Centerpieces for a Beach Themed Gathering

beach themed centerpiece @AnAppealingPlan @KraylFunch video #DIY 1280x720

Beach themed events are always in style and centerpieces that bring the allure of the beach right to your table are perfect, whether you’re in the city or actually on the beach. In this video for eHow I show you how to make a centerpiece that can be used for an elegant gathering or placed on your hallway table as a seasonal display.

To start the video click the image below or click here.

Centerpieces that bring the allure of the beach right to your table are perfect, whether you’re in the city or actually on the beach.

beach themed centerpiece @AnAppealingPlan @KraylFunch #entertaining #tablescapes 700x


  • Round Glass Vase
  • Sand or Crushed Oyster Shells
  • Miniature Adirondack Chair
  • Seashells in Various Sizes
  • Dried Coral

Begin by putting the crushed shells in the base of your vase. You can also use sand, if that’s more readily available to you. Place the Adirondack chair inside of the vase, settling it just as you would on the beach. Next, place the shells in, grouping them naturally as you would see them on the beach.

Add any other items that you have found at the beach, such as this dried coral and place it right inside.

This Beach Themed Centerpiece is are perfect for weddings and gatherings that are fun and casual, or elegant and romantic. Use your theme as a guide when you create your centerpiece.


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Easy Spring Jelly Bean + Birds Nest Centerpiece

Is it me, or are jelly beans a sure sign of spring and that Easter is on it’s way! Create these fun jelly bean bird nest centerpieces using green moss, and other hints of spring, such as bunnies and butterflies.  In this short video for I show you how to easily make a jelly bean centerpiece for your spring tablescape.




For this centerpiece you will need:

  • Tall Cake Plate
  • Moss
  • Moss Runner
  • Jelly Beans
  • Small Birds Nests – two sizes
  • Faux Butterflies

Begin with two different size bird’s nests. I like to use different sizes because they add a little bit of variety and also are great cups for the jelly beans. You’re then going to have two different types of moss, one is a flat moss and is actually a live moss, and the second is a table runner that you can cut into two different sizes. You’re going to spread out the table runner, the length of your table or just right in the center. Place the cake plate right on top. We’re going to next put the singular moss piece right on the top of the cake plate to start to create a moss bed.

Bring in the small and large bird’s nests. Layer them slightly and put them on an angle to add a little variety. You can also add one to the base right on top of your table. Begin placing the jelly beans inside of the nests. Each nest will hold a variety of colors and amount. Once you have the jelly beans in place in their nests, you can start to add in the different elements. Here we’re going to add in a little butterfly. You can then bring in other items that are spring themed, such as a larger bunny or any other items found around your house.

This centerpiece will be perfect for a baby shower, Mother’s Day or Easter brunch tablescape.

Just for you! My Spring Entertaining Checklist. Download, print out and make your next gathering as enjoyable as a spring breeze.

Read more about creating jelly bean centerpieces and search my other videos on my YouTube Channel.


DIY Garden Themed Centerpieces

Garden themed centerpiece @AnAppealingPlan #garden #floral #entertaining 403

Garden theme centerpieces are perfect any time of the year as they can reflect what’s going on in your own garden so they can be used summer, spring, winter or fall.

To view the video click on the image or click here.



  • floral oasis
  • fishing line
  • water
  • sheet moss
  • floral sticks
  • garden sheers
  • dried craft mushrooms
  • decorative butterflies
  • 3-4 flowers stems

To cut the oasis, use the fishing line to draw a straight line down the center. Once you have this cut it will fit nicely into your container. If you need to take additional off the sides, just use your fishing line to make it the size that works for your container. Place the moss on top.

Once you have your moss in place use your floral sticks to place the mushrooms. Your floral sticks come in varying lengths. Cut them to size depending upon the height of your container. Place them in the oasis, leaving a little bit on top sticking out. Start to place the mushrooms on top of the sticks. The mushrooms should have a hollow center which allows them to sit right on top of the sticks.

Fluff up the moss as needed then continue to place the different colored mushrooms on top of the sticks. Push them down a little bit further if needed.

Once the mushrooms are in, use the floral sticks to create a hole to push your flowers into. The sharp end works really well. I also recommend using flowers that have a stronger stem. They will push easily into the oasis as opposed to a loose stem which will not. Start to place your flowers into the wet oasis and then move the box around filling in.

Create a natural look by grouping the flowers together. Once that is done you can start to bring in other woodland or garden items.

This garden inspired centerpiece will bring the garden into your home and table.


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Connecting Over Coffee. Stress Free How To.

How to Throw a Coffee Party via @AnAppealingPlan #coffee #entertaining #CelebrateEveryday

A coffee party is a great way to get friends together that maybe you haven’t seen in a long time, or at the office, or perhaps for a girl’s get together.In this video for, I discuss what items you will need to set up for your next coffee talk session.

Watch the video below or click here to view.



  • Regular and Decaf Coffee
  • Creamers, soy milk, half and half
  • Sugar
  • Sugar Alternatives
  • Baked Goods – Muffins, Bagels, Interesting Donuts Varieties
  • Coffee pots {one for each variety}
  • Small Pitchers for each creamer variety
  • Tags or labels for pitchers {optional}
  • Vessel for Packets or Loose Sugar
  • Mugs for Coffee or Espresso
  • Paper Cups for To-Go
  • Small spoons
  • Cake Plates
  • Small Service Plates
  • Forks, Knives as needed
  • Napkins

How to Throw a Coffee Party via @AnAppealingPlan #coffee #entertaining #CelebrateEveryday #donuts #datz4foodies 403

Be sure to provide a variety of coffees as well as baked goods to your guests. You may also provide bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruit, and any special items that you know your guests will like.

You know I love china plates so stay clear of the paper version there but…napkins are a different story. This is where you really can have a little bit more fun, and bring in the theme of your party. Perhaps it is for a bride and groom, maybe you’re having a post-wedding coffee party, you can have little napkins that have their name on them, as well as maybe it’s a spring gathering, a little flower napkins, or great summer coral napkins. Or you can go with a solid coordinating color to your theme or decor.

What is your favorite coffee time? Early morning. Mid Day. After Dinner? Let me know in the comments below. And of course, be sure to share the love… TWEET, PIN + LIKE.


{This video series was filmed at Datz Dough in Tampa, FL. For more information on the restaurant and private rooms visit:}