How to Start a Small Space Garden

You have little, or perhaps no, outdoor space but yet your green thumb is starting to itch, dying to get in the dirt. Not to fear, there are many ways to bring fresh plants and herbs to your small space or patio. With only a few tips and tools, your small space herb garden can provide you all the benefits of a larger kitchen garden with half the work and time needed. That sounds like a win-win to me!

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Interested in reading all my tips + tricks for starting your own small space garden? Head over to see my recent contributor article on the International Housewares Association Inspired Home website! 

Learn more about how to start a small space garden here!

IHA Small Space Gardening Tips with Herbs from #kraylfunch -1500x 2078

IHA Small Space Gardening Tips with Herbs from #kraylfunch -1500x 2117

I have been selected by the International Housewares Association to be a contributor forThe Inspired Home. While I have been compensated for my time, you know I LOVE finding new ways to celebrate each season in and around my home, therefore you will understand when I tell you all the opinions, recipes, photography, reviews and ideas are my own.

Seasonal Inspirations + My May 2016 Calendar

May has arrived and this month we celebrate the beauty of Spring + the start of the Summer Entertaining season. Just a few of the special days in May are :: Cinco de Mayo, The Kentucky Derby, Mothers Day, Memorial Day and SO many more.

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It’s here! My May 2016 printable monthly calendar just for you. Print it out + mark the reminders in your day planner or digital calendar.

I hope this calendar inspires you to find new ways to celebrate everyday of the month + season!

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The Kentucky Derby 2016 is May 7th :: 

Celebrate by hosting a Kentucky Derby Party complete with Bourbon Bacon Deviled Eggs + Mint Juleps! Get your Kentucky Derby Party planning guide here.

Kentucky Derby Party ideas. Min Julep cocktail recipes. Starting with fresh mint and silver mint julep cups. AnAppealingPlan 1000x

Mother’s Day 2016 is May 8th ::

Celebrate Mom in style with breakfast in bed or a special brunch to honor her special day!

mothers day quotes #AnAppealingplan


Memorial Day 2016 is May 30th ::

Invite a few friends or neighbors over and cook out as we remember those who have given their lives for our country.

Land of the free home of the brave - #MemorialDay #USA

Chive, Leek + Cheese Quiche {#SundaySupper}

Brunch is my favorite meal to serve when hosting a Spring Gathering and it must feature a menu highlighting the best herbs of my Spring garden. Flowering chives and spring leeks are the perfect combination for a Chive, Leek and Cheese Quiche.  

Chive Leek and Cheese Quiche for Spring Brunch or Entertaining on by @KraylFunch

Sure I liked chives, who doesn’t. They added color and flavor to baked potatoes right?

But then it happened…. I fell in love with chives.

At the time, I was working with a caterer in Bucks County, PA and had to stop at one of our local suppliers for micro greens – Blue Moon Acres in Buckingham, PA – on the way to the office. I had passed the farm a zillion times before but never a reason to head to the back to the wholesale area. As I walked back towards the far greenhouse to pick up my crate of micro greens there it was … a garden of chives, really a ring of chives surrounding a smaller garden, all framed by a pea gravel walk way. It was April or May and the chives where in full bloom. There purple globes opening up to the sun. Love at first sight! My inner gardener, inner cook and inner designer all came together there in that very moment. I wanted to stay in that circle forever. I have been in love with Chives ever since.

Allium_schoenoprasum_in_NH_01 1000x

Once you are in love with an herb you find every way possible to blend it into your recipes. Luckily chives are perfect compliment to most savory dishes and work well in salads and as a garnish on platters if you have extra.

Don’t even get me started on the edible chive flowers. Those little beauties are like purple gold! If you see them, buy them and add them to a spring salad. Your guests will never stop talking about it!

Chive Leek and Cheese Quiche for Spring Brunch or Entertaining on by @KraylFunch 25 1000x

Chive Leek and Cheese Quiche for Spring Brunch or Entertaining on by @KraylFunch 46 1000x

Chive, Leek and Cheese Quiche is a fantastic combination of subtle spring flavors perfect for breakfast, brunch or as far as I am concerned really any meal you wish. Share the flavors with friends when they stop over and be sure to accent your table with fun colors of spring like peach, white and turquoise. And yes, BTW I am a silverware convert – Rose Gold flatware will be making many appearances on my table this Spring.

Chive Leek and Cheese Quiche for Spring Brunch or Entertaining on by @KraylFunch 44 1000x

[yumprint-recipe id=’31’] 

Melting snow, blooming flowers and trees, and greening grass means spring is here and everything is coming to life! There is nothing so wonderful as grilling on the deck, enjoying a drink on the patio, and soaking in all the new life that is surrounding you! Let’s bring some of that life to the Sunday Supper table this week and share recipes to welcome spring in 2016!

Thank you Renee from Renee’s Kitchen Adventures for hosting this week’s Sunday Supper event features all the best Spring has to offer!




Main Dish:

Side Dish:


Plus Spring Vegetable Minestrone and more Spring Recipes from Sunday Supper Movement

Sunday Supper MovementJoin the #SundaySupper conversation on twitter on Sunday! We tweet throughout the day and share recipes from all over the world. Our weekly chat starts at 7:00 pm ET. Follow the #SundaySupper hashtag and remember to include it in your tweets to join in the chat. To get more great Sunday Supper Recipes, visit our website or check out our Pinterest board.

Would you like to join the Sunday Supper Movement? It’s easy. You can sign up by clicking here: Sunday Supper Movement

Seasonal Inspirations + April 2016 Printable Calendar

April is upon us and this month we celebrate all the best of Spring :: a Fresh Colorful Entranceway Must Have’s, Small Space Gardening, Derby Party Planning, Earth Day, Arbor Day and a Mothers Day Gift Guide.

spring quote - its a beautiful day #AnAppealingPlan #KraylFunch

It’s here! My April 2016 printable monthly calendar just for you. Print it out + mark the reminders in your day planner or digital calendar.

I hope this calender inspires you to find new ways to celebrate everyday of the month + season!

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APRIL 2016 - An Appealing Plan by Krayl Funch Printable Calendar cover


Spring Quote - my favorite weather is bird chriping weather #AnAppealingPlan

Arbor Day 2016 is April 29, 2016 ::

Grab a shovel, a few friends and plant a tree in your yard, open space in your neighborhood or community in need of more plant life. Trees add beauty to our surroundings and clean our air, plant a tree this year to celebrate Arbor Day 2016.

arbor day quotes - keep calm and plant a tree #AnAppealingPlan by #KraylFunch

Earth Day 2016 is April 22, 2016 ::

You know that kitchen garden you have been thinking of planting? Or what about that coastal cleanup project that keeps emailing you to volunteer? Make Earth Day 2016 stick for more than one day this year and take on a project that truly impacts our Mother Earth into the future.

Spring-Time-Quote-earth laughs with flowers #AnAppealingPlan

How are you celebrating April and all it’s glory? Let me know in the comments below and share your favorite image to bring beauty to your social community!

Spring Flowers. The Perfect Way to Celebrate the Season In Your Home.

Spring days scream for spring flower arrangements placed on every surface of your home. Don’t save these gorgeous spring blooms for Easter dinner or Mothers Day brunch, brighten your living room, entranceway table and Spring tablescape with a combination of Snapdragons, Pussy Willow branches and fragrant stock everyday!

Spring Flower Arragement with Pussywillows By @KraylFunch on 1027 1000x

I have a collection of vases for everyday flowers that sits on top of a sideboard in my dining room that I grab on a regular a basis, and then I have an amazing collection of art glass pieces I have purchased and acquired over the years that I bring out when I want to create something special. Now that doesn’t have to mean I am throwing a party, it can simply mean I picked up an extra bunch of flowers at the market or that I need a little pick me up on a Thursday.

Spring Flower Arragement with Pussywillows 979 1000x

Of course I start with my favorite flower arrangement filler, Eucalyptus leaves, in the base of my large glass container, cutting them to lay just on the edge of the vessel and then begin to add a layer of white fragrant white stock. On top of the line of white stock, add a large bunch of purple snapdragons for that pop of color.

Spring Flower Arragement with Pussywillows 992 1000x

Spring Flower Arragement with Pussywillows By @KraylFunch on 1018 1000x

Finish off this spectacular spring flower arrangement with a few Pussy Willow branches in the center. Spread them out so they arch over the top of the entire arrangement adding texture and height to the arrangement and your spring dinner or coffee table.

Spring Flower Arragement with Pussywillows 1001 1000x

Promise me you add more flowers to your home this spring. Don’t wait for a holiday to add beauty to your table ~ try it today, just because. Celebrate everyday ~ Krayl 

5 Things To Grow Now For Your Tastiest Summer Ever

1-5 things to grow right now for the tastest summer ever @KraylFunch (41)1280x720 TITLE

Spring is here and that means it is time for us all to get back into the garden, discover what has made it through the winter, what has not and begin planting for a new season of growth. Ever dream of that perfect kitchen garden, full of all the ingredients you need right outside your door – fresh and ready to be picked and combined at a moment’s notice? We, may not all be able to have this dream garden however with just a little planning and planting these five easy to find favorites – you can make this your tastiest summer ever!


1-5 things to grow right now for the tastest summer ever @KraylFunch (74)1280x720

1-5 things to grow right now for the tastest summer ever @KraylFunch (41)1200x720

1-5 things to grow right now for the tastest summer ever @KraylFunch (54) 1280x720





Growing An Herb Container Garden By Seed

The Tastiest Cilantro Margarita

Spring Bulb Centerpiece 


I am excited to announce that I am now a contributor to The Daily Basics website :: “the stuff from which good living is made of”. Please head over for a visit and be sure to let them know Krayl sent you! Enjoy!

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And, if you are looking for even more ways to celebrate everyday check out An Appealing Plan the book.

Call it a trend or a return to the past, but I believe we are bringing back entertaining at home, lingering over a table after a lovingly prepared meal with friends. It has been a way of life and passion of mine my entire adult life, and I am thrilled to be able to invite you on this journey with me through a year of celebrating every day. Filled with recipes, tablescapes, floral inspiration and seasonal entertaining ideas An Appealing Plan :: A Year of Everyday Celebrations, is a dream come true for me a true honor to be able to share it with you. To learn more about An Appealing Plan :: A Year of Everyday Celebrations here. And of course, share how you are celebrating everyday.

Gardening: What Is A Tulip?

Gardening Tips what is a tulip from @AnAppealingPlan

tu·lip noun \ˈtü-ləp, ˈtyü-\

: a large, bright flower that is shaped like a cup and that grows in the spring

:  any of a genus (Tulipa) of Eurasian bulbous herbs of the lily family that have linear or broadly lanceolate leaves and are widely grown for their showy flowers; also :  the flower or bulb of a tulip

“Any of almost 4,000 varieties of about 100 species of cultivated bulbous herbaceous plants making up the genus Tulipa in the lily family, native to Eurasia. Among the most popular of all garden flowers, the tulip produces two or three thick, bluish-green leaves clustered at the base of the plant. The usually solitary inverted bell-shaped flowers have three petals and three sepals. Colors range from white through yellows and reds to brown and deep purple to almost black. Streaked blossoms get their streaks from a harmless virus infection that causes the color to disappear in patterns, letting white or yellow show through.”

What is your favorite spring flower? Tell me about why it is your favorite flower in the comments below. 

Mother’s Day history and a gift for mom!

The idea for a “Mother’s Day” is credited by some to Julia Ward Howe (1872) and by others to Anna Jarvis (1907), who both suggested a holiday dedicated to a day of peace. Many individual states celebrated Mother’s Day by 1911, but it was not until Wilson lobbied Congress in 1914 that Mother’s Day was officially set on the second Sunday of every May. In his first Mother’s Day proclamation, Wilson stated that the holiday offered a chance to “[publicly express] our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.”

Krayl Funch Entranceway Containers Lavendar Chartruse #AnAppealingPlan


How are you planning on expressing your love for the mothers in your universe?


How about… The gift of design support. The gift of stress free entertaining.

The gift of beautiful surroundings and environments ready to greet guests at any time.


That’s right, I will be giving away 5 {FIVE!!!} consultations this week to 5 lucky winners.

And you could be one of them!




Step #1

Sign Up to receive our FREE weekly updates.


Step #2

In the comments section below telling us one reason why your “mom” should win.

{Note: the prize can go to any mom in your life. Sister, Neighbor, Friend, etc..}


Step #3

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It is just that easy and your mom-of-choice will win an in-person or virtual consultation with me on the topic of her choice: Gardens, Gatherings or Everyday Living.

Complete with follow up instructions to implement the design plan.

{FYI: 1 hour consultations are available for $150,

so you know your mom will feel super loved and super special! Winners will be announced on and contacted on Friday May 10th}



Wish you didn’t have to wait to win? You don’t!

Consultations are available 365 days a year.

Contact me today to set yours up before the rush:



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Entranceway Design: Bamboo As a Structural Element in Vero

On a recent trip to Vero Beach, FL we stopped into Gloria Estefan’s hotel and restaurant, Costa de Este on the beach.

Although the day was cool and overcast the staff at the pool bar was welcoming and gracious, the drinks and view were delicious.

The restaurant was not yet open for dinner but the architecture of the entranceway caught my eye and I had to take a few pictures.


I love how the circles in the concrete wall provide just enough light through but still offer guests protection from the parking area. The bamboo clusters are perfectly placed and thinned to again let the light through but still create a barrier. The bamboo was at least 15 feet tall and grew through circles in the roof area up to the sky.

Large beach pebbles create a clean covering for the base of the bamboo and near by walkway.

Well done Gloria. Cheers to An Appealing Plan! Enjoy this post? What did it inspire you to do? Let a comment below and share the love with your friends using the social share button. Complete the form below to receive weekly updates to your inbox.

ABC Action News Segment to Support Eco Fest 2013



Krayl Funch of An Appealing Plan and Brian Potts of Porchside Coffee, were in the ABC Action News Studio to help support the upcoming Eco Fest 2013 on the Learning Gate Community School campus.   As mentioned in the short video there will be family activities and workshops throughout the day. For the second year An Appealing Plan founder, Krayl Funch, we be hosting a workshop in the garden area. This year’s workshop titled, “Creating Gifts that Grow & Sustainable Crafting”, will discuss the idea creating and growing your spring gifts and teaching families that not all gifts need to come from a box.


EcoFest 2013 is a community event organized by Learning Gate Community School to celebrate the many businesses, organizations, and individuals in the Tampa Bay area dedicated to the principles of sustainability – Ecology, Equity and Economy. EcoFest 2013 will be held on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 on the school grounds inLutz, Florida. The event will be open to the public from 9:30A.M. until 3:00P.M.  Admission to the event is free.

This is our 4th Annual event. Last year we had over 120 vendors & 2500… attendees. A few of our current sponsors are Lowes, Going Green Tampa , Parenting Magazine & MidFlorida Credit Union. Below, please find a link for more information about sponsorships and vendor opportunities. Please feel free to call the school if you have any questions: 813-948-4190.

Visit the EcoFest 2013 website for more Information:

Have an Eco-Friendly Day~ Krayl

{PS: Is your group or organization looking for workshops or speakers? Krayl is currently booking dates for 2013. For more information:}

Garden Inspired Reading


Grow Cook Eat will inspire people who already buy fresh, seasonal, local, organic food to grow the food they love to eat. For those who already have experience getting their hands dirty in the garden, this handbook will help them refine their gardening skills and cultivate gourmet quality food. The book also gives readers easy-to-follow planting and growing information, specific instructions for harvesting all the edible parts of the plant, advice on storing food in a way that maximizes flavor, basic preparation techniques, and recipes. The recipes at the end of each guide help readers explore the foods they grow and demonstrate how to use unusual foods, like radish greens, garlic scapes, and green coriander seeds.

Available from Random House

Landscaping for Privacy: Innovative Ways to Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Peaceful Retreat

Landscaping for Privacy brims with creative ideas for minimizing or even eliminating the nuisances that intrude on your personal outdoor space. Real-world examples show you how to keep the outside world at bay by strategically placing buffers, barriers, and screens around your property. And the helpful plant lists tell you precisely which varieties to choose in order to enhance your sense of seclusion.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by the lack of privacy whenever you step outside your home, this inspiring book will steer you toward an achievable solution.

Available from Timber Press

Edible Cocktails

A unique cocktail guide encourages readers to use fresh, local, seasonal ingredients in their beverage recipes, in a book that offers advice on creating one’s own “cocktail garden;” infusing spirits and making homemade liqueurs; creating homemade syrups, purees and jams; and even using eggs, dairy and meat in their cocktails. Original.

Available from Strand NYC

Happy Gardening and Entertaining ~ krayl