Thank you 2014! Happy New Year 2015!

Thank you 2014! What a Year You Have Been!

thanyk you 2014 #AnAppealingPlan

WOW! That is really the best expression I have to express everything that has transpired in 2014. What an amazing year it has been – I actually can not believe it is already December 31st – filled with challenges, too many learning experiences to count and a few incredible wins!

This year started with a dream of writing and publishing my first book, and with the help of an amazing team and YOUR support it became reality in the final months of the year – An Appealing Plan : A Year of Everyday Celebrations is now on shelves and available on-line!

I won’t go into the thank you’s here as I have in several posts in the Passion to Print category which you can read here, as well as on the acknowledgment page of the book {are you there?… you might just have to buy the book to see!}, I do however wish to say to you all that I hope you see this achievement as a sign that anything is possible, that those dreams of yours that you think are silly, or perhaps too big, are achievable – and not only that, but to stress the importance of reaching them, of knowing you have completed them. If not I promise you, you will always wonder what if. And I can not have that, not after you have been here to support me in achieving mine.

SO – what are we going to do about it? First, I want you to leave a note in the comments below and tell me a goal or dream of yours you feel is silly, too big, not important enough,… that you have always wanted to achieve. Second, write down on paper – right now – the three big steps you need to achieve this goal. Third, write down the date of when you will achieve this goal. {if you are really daring, write them all in the comments and really commit to it!

Next up – my new top three goals for 2015… stay tuned, it only gets better.

Welcome 2015! I can not wait to see what you hold!

Happy New Year 2015!

Champagne For New Year's

Fools + Memories Rush In

Have you ever seen the movie “Fools Rush In”? I have, about 10+ times, but probably only once with an actual plan to watch it. The other 9+ times are due to channel surfing and landing on it, unable to click away. It’s not the best love story ever created for the big screen but still there is something so compelling about it. Endearing, romantic, new love, family issues and the occasional comedic scene, what’s not to love.

Failure is unimportant It takes courage to make a fool of yourself - Charlie Chaplin

I recently caught about 30 minutes the other day during one of my favorite scenes when Salma Hayek {the female lead} surprises Mathew Perry {the male lead} by taking him to the Grand Canyon and brings out a picnic basket of Gray’s Papaya hot dogs for his birthday. Tomas {M.Perry} has previously mentioned that is one of the things he misses most about living in Las Vegas and Isabel {S.Hayek} remembers this and has them sent overnight by his Mother.

it's time to live #quotesaboutliving #time #AnAppealingPlan

{image care of  don’t white sugar coat it}

I love this scene for many reasons. First, the idea of having a picnic on the edge of the Grand Canyon seems amazing all on its own. But secondly, for the fact that we all have some similar memory that so strongly connects us to a place and time, to a smell or sound that remind us of people and places we love.

food and music have the ability to bring back memories I have long forgotten I will take a double order of both @kraylfunch #anappealingplan

They sit and he takes his firs bite. His expression is of genuine appreciation for the food but also you can see that this flavor is linked to many memories that are all flooding back to him at that moment. And now he will add this picnic on the edge of the Grand Canyon with his love to the memory bank.

stay hungry stay foolish #stevejobs #quote #AnAppealingPlan

As you may know, I am writing my first book and as I am working on each of the chapters I feel like I am reliving my youth through the tableware, linens, tablescapes, floral arrangements and the many recipes for food and beverage both served by my family while I was growing up, and through my own recipes I have made over the years for friends and family during my own celebrations.

People who love to eat are always the best people #juliachild @AnAppealingPlan

My daily hope is that through this blog and my upcoming book I can inspire others to create environments that become memories. And to let you know that when you set a pretty table, it is noticed even if only by the subconscious mind. That when you cook a special meal for friends traveling to visit with you overnight filling the house with it’s smell, your friends will recall that exact gathering when they catch a whiff of a similar scent when walking in their neighborhood.

People may never tell you about these times of recall but please, never take for granted the power of food, flowers, beauty and gatherings, big or small, I promise they mean more than you know. Keep cooking, creating  and connecting, our future memories need you.

And now I want to hear from you. What is your favorite memory of growing up based on food or a special gathering? Please share them with me in the comments below.

The Power Of Positive

Who you spend time with can make a huge difference in your mindset.

Today, take a moment to appreciate those that lift you up and begin to separate from those who are pulling you down.


It’s not always easy to see this but you know it in your heart. When everyone around you is cheering you on, sky is the limit.


Who is your biggest cheerleader? Let me know in the comments and then let them know just how much you appreciate them.

You Amaze Me


you are amazing and dont forget it. #AnAppealingPlan #amazingquotes #love #life


Most kids, when they are little, are told they are amazing. We clap when babies do pretty much anything, smile, laugh, point, etc.. We praise toddlers for putting a square block inside a square hole. These activities show progress and are important markers of development but really, are just the exact same activities that most  humans go through as they develop. {* side note: I know this is not always true, and I appreciate the struggles all the parents for whom this is not the case must deal with.}


do not under estimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. Its our differences that make us unique and beautiful. #anappealingplan #amazingquotes #life #love

So why is it somewhere along the way we stop this. We stop praising each other for the little things. We take for granted that everyone should do X. That of course you can do Y. Everyone can, what makes you so special.

But imagine a different world, where as we grew up those around us still clapped when we came home from a long day at the office, or when we made dinner people oooo’d and ahhhh’d. Smiling, telling us how amazing and inspiring we are.

Today I am going to be amazing. Along with every day here after. #quotes #AnAppealingPlan #life


It’s true most of us do not have our own fan clubs {although some of you lucky ones may…} but today, I am here to clap for you. I am here to tell you that YOU amaze me. By just showing up and being here you amaze me. Add your special skills on top of that and “forgeta abou’ it”

just by showing up and being here you amaze me #AnAppealingPlan @kraylfunch #quotes


That’s right. I said it, and it is true. All of your stories, your day-to-day journey’s, every comment on this blog, every post on the Facebook page, every repost on Instagram . YOU inspire me to be here. To take pictures, to write posts, to share.

today you inspired me. #anappealingplan #life #love #beamazing


So don’t listen to the haters. Listen to those voices from long ago “ooooo”, “ahhhh”, “you are the best”, “you are so smart, and funny”, “you look so cute!”, “I can’t believe you can ______ {fill in the blank with your special skill}.” And stay on your path or take on that new challenge because I KNOW you can do. I KNOW you will rock it no matter what and make a difference in your life and those around you.

dont be afraid of failure. be afraid of not trying in the first place. #mfbschool #marketing #smallbusiness

You can do this. Plan a party, take a new class, dig that garden, start a new business, start that bathroom remodel… what ever it is big or small… You have got it! Make it happen.

life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance you must keep moving. #anappealingplan #live #love #beamazing

Okay – so now its your turn! Tell me in the comments below one person you will call this week and tell them they amaze you.  OOOO and Ahhh over their accomplishment and see their confidence grow. OR share your latest accomplishment so we can all clap for you.

~ Krayl

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What I Learned On the Mountain Top.

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to spend time skiing in Tahoe with my husband and family. It was only my second time ever, which is amazing considering I grew up in the Northeast, so I decided to take lessons on the first day while the rest of the group went off to the black diamond runs with their snowboards.

As always, having a good plan in place is important. Turns out that day, we did not have a good plan in place. I went off to class, and when I was done at 1PM attempted to call or text the group but quickly learned not only is there very spotty cell reception on the mountain top, but also that my phone does not like being on the mountain, it apparently shuts down after attempting to connect to a signal for any longer than 45 seconds.

occasionally we all need  to take a break  to listen  to what our hearts  and passions are telling us.  Be Still. Be Yourself. #anappealingplan


So long story short, I spent a few hours on my own eating lunch, trying my new skills then finally sitting in an Adirondack chair, among about 100 other skiers coming and going at the lodge waiting, with no outside electronic source for distraction or entertainment. Simply there. Looking. Thinking.  Seems easy right. Try it and let me know what you think.

let yourself be yourself via @kraylfunch #AnAppealingPlan #TheCreativHive

After giving into the fact that I was most likely going to be there for sometime by myself, I relaxed and tried to enjoy being in the moment, knowing that I did have the ability to head down the gondola and walk home if needed, and use it as a time to contemplate life. And my current goals.

Now one of my “goals” during this trip was to make a decision on a possible new venture. Something that has been swirling around in my head for a few months but with details not clear enough to pull the trigger, I wanted to spend some time thinking it over and talk through the details with my family. Flush out the good bits and get clarity on the fuzzy ones.

be-yourself-quote via @anappealingplan #believe

It’s a new path for me. Not completely new but new to the version the world sees. That YOU see. But is it…. that’s what I started thinking about once I accepted my phone was done for the day and all I could do was sit and stare at the gorgeous view of the mountain and the people coming and going.

life isnt about finding yourself. Life is about Creating yourself. via @kraylfunch #AnAppealingPlan #TheCreativHive

Who am I really? Who are you really? Isn’t your view of me, or anyone else for that matter, simply a combination of all the information we put out there.  Minus the pieces we are holding back…

you know that thing  you keep saying  you want to do  do it. #anappealingplan #quotes #inspiration

So why hold back? Why not try ALL the things you want to do and be? Really put yourself, your dreams, your goals out there. Try all those things you have been thinking about. {And, yes this includes flying down a mountain on two sticks. My goal at the end of the trip was not to be on the black diamond but to be confident on a few of the blues trails. By the way, I DID it!}

dont follow your dreams chase them #anappealingplan #TheCreativHive #inspiration #quotes

And so during those few hours of being on the mountain “alone” as well as the next few days of conversation I have decided to jump and chase all my passions, to not hold back a portion of who I am just because it may change what some people think of me. I hope that you will join me and I will be able to help a few of you chase your own dreams.

be-who you were created ot be and you will set the world on fire #stCatherineof Sienna #AnAppealingPlan #TheCreativHive

And so now I ask you, what are you holding back. What is a passion of yours that you KNOW you can help others with but may be a slightly different path than you are on now? Let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait for you to surprise me!

Are you wondering what this passion of mine is??? Come check it out, see if it speaks to you : {a place for creative makers to grow and give back}


What if you could Love Everyday?


love. love. love. That is what February is all about right? But what should we love… someone, something, someday?? Or is it possible to LOVE everyday? If we love the everyday then don’t we by default begin to love everything and everyone around us?


And imagine really loving everything everyday. Doing away with the complaints. Instead replacing them with love for that very thing. It’s not going to be easy but I can promise it will be worth it.

Try it for this week with me. One week of waking up loving today. Wake up, look around, breathe it all in and love it ALL. Set an alarm on your phone or write in your calendar: 2PM “LOVE EVERYTHING”

Love your work {even if you secretly aren’t crazy about it, try it}. Put love into your daily tasks. Love walking the dog at 5:30AM by sharing a picture of the sunrise to look at later. Love the person who is sitting just a little too close on the subway by telling them to have a great day when its your stop. Love your office more by adding your favorite flowers. Love making dinner at the end of a long day by trying a new recipe you printed out months ago.

Share your love with everyone and everything you come into contact with.

 This week I commit to asking everyone and everything {just in my head of course… except my husband} Will you be mine? But not just asking. Embracing that phrase. Embracing that feeling. And just maybe a little bit of that love will spread.

So….. will you come along with me on this Everyday Love Fest? Will you help me spread the love? Starting right this minute pick two things one big and one small to loving more that you have in the past. Think or look at that thing and ask them….Will You Be Mine?

Share with me what 2 items you have picked and share them in the comments. That makes it real. ~ Krayl

And if you are feeling really daring send me a message on twitter telling me about your #CelebrateEveryday journey this week.


Taking Time for Peace, Justice + Gratitude.


Lifes most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others

This weekend we watched Daniel Lewis, The Butler. Have you seen it? If not here is a blurb: ” The film tells the story of a White House butler who served eight American presidents over three decades. It traces the dramatic changes that swept American society during this time, from the civil rights movement to Vietnam and beyond, and how those changes affected this man’s life and family.”

At some point when were watching it my husband fell asleep, it is not unusual for one of us to miss at least 1/2 the movie. As I was waking him up to go to bed I was telling him how much I loved him and appreciated our life together. He asked me, “Did Oprah die?”.  Spoiler alert: Yes. She does die. But not after living a long life. And this was not the part that hit me.

I will be grateful for this day - quote via @anappealingplan #celebrateeveryday #gratitude

Yes. Their relationship was a part of the movie but not the aspect that really affected me. What really impacted me was watching this movie sitting in my living room surrounded by beautiful things, all the things I love to be surrounded by and things I share here. A loving husband, beautiful decor, fragrant flowers, tasty snacks on the table and a chilled glass of white wine in my hand, the means and ability to move freely around this wonderful country of ours….. you get the picture. I do not take anything in my life for granted by any stretch, but at that moment I was overwhelmed by gratitude for all I have.

I asked at that moment for the ability to be able to show my love and gratitude more openly to those around me, not just right then but everyday. To tell people how much I love and appreciate them as if that might be my last opportunity.

True Peace Is not Merely the Absence of Tension It is the Presence Of Justice. ML King Jr.

Many of you may have a day off from work or school, a day free from study and pressure, please be sure to sit for just a moment and consider what this day truly represents to our country. We have come a long, long way but we all know there is still work to be done. Consider what in your life, conversations or thoughts you can change to continue to move our country towards true peace, equality, justice and a grateful existence.

Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase. MLK-Jr-FAITH

I leave you with the question posed by Martin Luther King Jr himself. “What are you doing for others?”  This can mean MANY different things to everyone. It does not have to be about creating major change or working at a shelter, it maybe and I applaud you if this is part of your giving, but it doesn’t have to be. It can simply mean showing someone how much you appreciate them, letting them know you are glad they are in your life. Imagine the change that could come if everyday we ALL appreciated, loved and valued everyone and everything around us, and they all knew it.

Please leave your response in the comments and share any ways that others can support you, your program or group. LIKE + SHARE the love.


Happy New Year 2014! Lets Make it THE BEST Ever!

From my home to yours, Happy 2014.


Today I am spending some time relaxing at home, writing in my planner and watching a home show marathon as I organize my home office. In the planner… the goals for the upcoming year. My goals for 2014 are lofty ones indeed. So lofty I honestly feel nervous to write them here. You see, last year was a year to refocus, I invested in my business in a significant way for the first time and it has changed how I feel about goals, both business and personal.

Today is a new Day. via @AnAppealingPlan #quotes #inspirationquotes

I have never been one for resolutions and don’t believe I have ever written them down when I have made them. But this year is different, I have learned from more than one mentor, that having and writing down quantifiable goals is a must if you wish to grow your business. Knowing where you are going is the key to getting there. Seems so simple doesn’t it.

So this year will be different. A year for big goals, in writing with a real plan to achieve them. I look forward to reading this 1 year from now and knowing the difference it has made. Let’s make this the best year ever!

Are you writing down your goals this year? How will you track your progress? Share your tips in the comments.

New Year’s Eve. A New Begining.

Today forget your past, forgive yourself and begin again. via @AnAppealingPlan #NewYear2014

“Today forget your past, forgive yourself and begin again.”

New Year’s Eve is a special day. There are no gifts to give. No shopping to do. For most it is a day to reflect on the past year and plan for the year to come.

This year I am looking forward to spending the day organizing the office and writing goals and plans in my new day planner. My goals for 2014 are much loftier than in past years and although I am ready for them all to come to life, I feel I am at a turning point. Excited to move forward but apprehensive at the same time. Today I will reflect on my past and tomorrow I will begin again!

What are your plans for 2014? Goals. Dreams. Let me know in the comments.

I look forward to all 2014 will bring for us all. See you next year! Krayl


Fall is For Gathering #AnAppealingPlan


The days are cooler. Daylight is limited.

“Fall is for Gathering.”

Are you answering the call? Have you put your next gathering on the calendar yet?

Before you know it we will be in full holiday entertaining mode, your friends calendars will be full and the sentence “We will catch up in January” will become their standard response. But it’s not to late to change that.

Your Homework: Pick up the phone, write out personal invitations, or send out an e-invite; do it tonight. No more waiting. Pick the date, guest list and do it today!

Do you have friends you haven’t seen in months? Share this with them and let me know in the comments below how you plan to connect with them with in the next few weeks. Like this: sharing on social + sign up to receive updates below.


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4 Years and You Are Invited to Celebrate!

Entertaining Solutions #AnAppealingPlan

In one month I will celebrate my 4 year anniversary of my move to Tampa, Florida. FOUR YEARS. F-O-U-R YEARS!

I honestly feel as though it was only a few months ago that I starting packing up my home, choosing which set of dishes would stay {ironically leaving my favorite white ones in New Hope…} and which would come along for the ride, hosting a farewell gathering, hugging everyone goodbye with teary eyes and pulling the overloaded Uhaul onto the road.

Over the last four years I have been lucky enough to build my business, and friendships, in Tampa Bay as well as maintain a strong presence with clients in the Northeast. However, each market’s growth is limited by my time and my geographic limitations. Certain projects warrant, and budgets allow, for my personal one-on-one services while others understandably do not. SO, the technological-age-old-question rears its head. How do you take a business solely based on personal one-on-one services and make it accessible to those clients that are looking for solutions on a regular basis, who are also not in my geographic market at that particular time? While I am pretty sure Sir Richard Branson is soon to announce the “Virgin Time Machine”, you need an answer in the meantime. As I wait for his invention to arrive at a price point under $1,000,000,  I am looking to provide you with other choices and invite you to help me develop them.

Of course my personal services will always available for you, but I want to also offer you another option when it comes to entertaining. A perfectly presented plan that arrives at your door. A real solution, not just another project, or addition to your too long to-do list.

This week’s video  provides more details, I hope you will consider watching and provide your input. I truly want to develop products and services that work for you, that create environments you feel inspired in and that allow you to enjoy the life you are working so hard for. Click here or the image to learn more.

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Thank you for your support & feedback during this develop stage. Click here to learn more.