Books On My Bedside Table

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This month the books on my bedside table are a motley group for sure. A fresh-faced lifestyle icon, an american culinary journey, a creative journey and solutions from a creative badass. An unusual mix yes, but all with a message all their own – which one will you pick up first?

Martha Stewart’s Hors D’oeuvres: The Creation and Presentation of Fabulous Finger Food by Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart comes to us from the land of the puffy sleeve and feathered hair, circa 1984 to be exact, to show us all how to present the fabulous finger food known as hors d’oeuvres. Truth time – this book has been on my radar for years and has only just this month made it to my nightstand thanks to a friend finding it and gifting it to me! I love turning the pages and wondering what the Martha in this sunny yellow dress might say to the modern Martha we now know. I will treasure this book as I continue on my own publishing journey.
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Fed, White, and Blue: Finding America with My Fork by Simon Majumdar Just last week I had the pleasure of being at a charity event for the Florida Hospital with Simon Majumdar and he seems nothing less than a true gentleman. I can’t wait to dive into this journey of his across the food history of America.
“Simon stops in Plymouth, Massachusetts, to learn about what the pilgrims ate (and that playing Wampanoag football with large men is to be avoided); a Shabbat dinner in Kansas; Wisconsin to make cheese (and get sprayed with hot whey); and LA to cook at a Filipino restaurant in the hope of making his in-laws proud. Simon attacks with gusto the food cultures that make up America—brewing beer, farming, working at a food bank, and even finding himself at a tailgate. Full of heart, humor, history, and of course, food, Fed, White, and Blue is a warm, funny, and inspiring portrait of becoming American.”
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Art Nurture: The Simple Guide to Cultivating your Creativity by Court McCracken One conversation with Court MacCracken and I was hooked! She has an amazing way of putting life in a new perspective and allowing you to see another side of the situation – frequently from the point of view of her mustang, but that is a story for another day. In her first book she tells us about a time when her creative energy had hit bottom, how she pulled herself up and the importance of cultivating your own creativity.
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Life After Christmas: Build a Business That Thrives Beyond Your Post-Seasonal Slump by Dave Conrey  Dave is a total Badass. Period. In Life After Christmas, his second book, he dives deep into the importance of creating a brand and business that can withstand the ebbs and flows of a seasonal selling space that often effects creative makers. 

“This is not about the hot new sites or the best tactics of the year. Instead, it’s about sticking to tried and true methods that work no matter what platform you are working on. Yes, there are unspoken rules to each, which should be heeded, but as long as you know those rules out, you will never miss the capability to share and promote your work with style, grace, consistency, and ultimate sales success.”
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On My Bedside Table

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This month the collection of books on my bedside table ranges from serious to seriously funny; a MUST read for all women, a must have for cooks at all levels and a year in the life of one of my all time favorite TV personalities. Here’s what I’m reading this month, leave a comment letting me know what’s on your list!

Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message by Tara Mohr. I first came across this book when I saw an interview with Kate Northrup {author of Money A Love Story} and after hearing Mohr’s talk passionately  about her dreams for all women to find their mission, their voice and truly play bigger I ran right out and bought this game changing book. In fact I just ordered another copy, as I gave mine away today to a woman I knew would value the message as much as I do. I have a feeling this will be happening many times in the next few years.

“Playing Big provides real, practical tools to help women quiet self-doubt, identify their callings, “unhook” from praise and criticism, unlearn counterproductive good girl habits, and begin taking bold action.”

Mastering the Art of French Cooking (2 Volume Set) by Julia Child. Simone Beck. Anyone remotely interested in learning the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, techniques used in cooking will find this an invaluable tool in their kitchen. Mine just happens to live on my nightstand. And that is no joke. I frequently quickly grab it before I get up and decide upon a recipe for the day.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking is for both seasoned cooks and beginners who love good food and long to reproduce at home the savory delights of the classic cuisine.” Bon appétit!

Create the Style You Crave on a Budget You Can Afford: The Sweet Spot Guide to Home Decor by Desha Peacock. In this unique and hip home décor style guide, you will find the inspiration to explore your own sense of style, discover the essence of what makes your home feel good to you, and learn how to mix vintage, modern, and thrift store finds to create the eclectic look you crave on a budget you can afford.

No matter your budget or style, you’ll be inspired by stories of everyday women with busy lives and limited budgets who have infused personal values, meaning, and style into making their own “sweet spot” homes.” See more Desha in my interview with her here.

The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year by Andy Cohen. If you follow me on social media at all you know I am a huge BRAVO fan. Sure I watch the Housewives, Top Chef and a few other shows but my main adiction is to Whatch What Happens Live! If it is 11:00pm you know where to find me. Laughing out loud and smiling ear to ear as I watch Andy’s unmistakable boyish passion about the world of pop culture. His first book Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture kept me reading straight through till the end, barely putting it down. I look forward to having the same experience with this book.

On My Bedside Table


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Sometime in November I went on a book binge but per usual life, and the holiday’s, took over leaving me with little time to do any real reading – even when I did have time I found myself falling asleep from exhaustion. So now I am back in the groove with a reinforced direction of reading more on a monthly basis – less of the talking box and more using my brain to absorb all the amazing inspiration that is in the written word. This month we have a biography of sorts from one of my favorite foodies, a love relationship we all need to be in, a collection of design inspiration from all across the world and recipes to ensure we all get more veggies in our lives from a talented {and genuinely nice guy} photographer/chef friend of mine.   Here’s what I’m reading this month, leave a comment letting me know what’s on your list!

Money A Love Story by Kate Northrup :: Money, we all need and want it so why do many of us struggle with it? Too much, too little , just the right amount? It’s like a three bears fairy tale in real life. I dream of a loving relationship with my finances and this book provides real world tools to get you there. I am on my second reading of this book and I am sure not my last, it is that powerful {the first reading gave me the tools and mindset to pay of all debt by the end of the year}. Each reading requires me to look directly at my money  challenges and find ways to go beyond them. As they say “new level, new devil.”

My Life In France by Julia Child :: I have watched Julie & Julia at least 4 times so I thought it was about time to dive a little deeper into the life of a woman I grow to respect and admire more and more with each chapter. The writing, brought to life finally by her nephew, is so detailed you can smell the sole al a normande cooking on the stove, feel the warmth of the summer sun on the patio of the stone patio at their French cottage and experience Julia’s energy for life and her passion for cooking.

The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook by Justin Fox Burks :: I had the pleasure of meeting Justin recently at a the Food. Fight. Write. Conference in Las Vegas a few months ago and have been a super fan ever since. He and his wife co-author this cookbook together {a test to any relationship} and they could not be any cutier! The cookbook is filled with recipes and images of veggies prepared in ways to please even the meat and potato lovers in your life.

Kinfolk Magazine Issue 14 by various contributors :: The winter issue of Kinfolk does not disappoint. As usual it is filled with the most gorgeous images of landscapes, communities, homes and gatherings one could ever images. I dream of being placed directly into the pictures each issue. For a daily dose of Kinfolk dreamy-ness, also follow them on instagram.