Provence Lavender Cocktails At the Museum

The Theme: An Evening in Paris

The Venue: The new space of the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in downtown Tampa. “The Cube” as it is called is magnificent. I huge change from their previous location and will make an impact on you each time you are able to enter the space.

The reason to be there? An Appealing Plan was the VIP Cocktail sponsor, giving me the chance to test out the latest flavor of my recent endeavor into Herb Infused Simple Syrups: Lavender. {Previous versions have included Thyme Simple Syrup used in a Tangerine Cocktail}

I was slightly concerned about going “Totally Herbal” on this one as I was using handcrafted Lavender Simple Syrup AND Bombay Sapphire Gin. For some folks out there when it comes to drinks, the sweeter the better. But standing firm to my garden/foodie side I had to bring in the herbal qualities that I love and simply hope to educate and change some minds, bringing them to other side of cocktails.

I would say the cocktail was a hit! Guests comments: “I have never had an herbal cocktail before.” “It smells wonderful.” “You should sell this!” ‘It is so pretty.” “Can I have another??” “I don’t usually drink Gin but I love this.” ” Give me anything lavender and I will try it.”

After VIP was over, the bar turned over to a water station providing “FRESH CITRUS WATER” & “CHILLED CUCUMBER WATER” Which by the volume I went through was very well received as well. Try them both on your friends and let me know what you think.

Enjoy ~ krayl

Provence Lavender Cocktail

1 ounce of good gin

3/4 ounce dry vermouth

1 ounce Sparkling Lemonade {or to taste}

¾ ounce lavender simple syrup

3-4 drops of bitters

ice, to chill

fresh lemon twist, for garnish

fresh lavender for garnish


1 Combine all ingredients (except garnish), into a mixing glass.

2 Add ice and stir.

3 Strain into a chilled tall glass.

4 garnish with an edible flower and fresh lavender. Enjoy!

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Happy Gardening and Entertaining ~ krayl