Creating an Easy Holiday Centerpiece with Flowers + Candles

To me flowers make the table! I like to use unexpected vessels for my arrangements but occasionally they aren’t water tight. Here is my quick fix for that and a how-to for creating an easy holiday centerpiece with flowers and candles using a few of my favorite greens – Seeded Eucalyptus and Boxwood clippings as well as a mixture of colorful flowers – Blue Eryngium Thistle Super Nova, Purple Liatris and Orange Safflower Seed. Please feel free to use whatever flowers you find at the market or garden.

Creating an easy Holiday Centerpiece with flowers and candles with by @KraylFunch flowers on the table from above

Although I mention specific flowers and greens in this article, and in the video, the real take away is that you can create a base for your arrangements using any vessel that inspires you with just a few items you may even have around your home. Use this as an inspiration and let your creativity run wild!

Creating an easy Holiday Centerpiece with flowers and candles with by @KraylFunch supplies


Creating a Holiday Centerpiece with Flowers + Candles


    • oasis, wet floral foam
    • Ziploc style baggies – 1 gallon size or larger
    • 2 taper candles
    • Stick Um 
    • Fiskar garden clippers
    • Assorted Greens + Florals used in this arrangement:
      • Seeded Eucalyptus
      • Ornamental Cabbage or Flowering Kale heads
      • Blue Eryngium Thistle Super Nova
      • Purple Liatris
      • Orange Safflower Seed
      • Boxwood clippings


      1. Cut your oasis foam block in half and soak in water overnight to completely saturate with water.
      2. Push your candle holders into the oasis foam deep enough to hold them straight and secure. If you are not using small candle holders the taper candles may be push directly into the oasis to ensure the stay upright.
      3. Place each block into a water tight bag and roll down the edges so they are just above the top of the block but are below the top of your decorative vessel. Place block and bag  into vessel, add the candles and center in the vessel.
      4. Begin to cut and place Eucalyptus branches along the outside edge, be sure the cut ends are deep into the oasis for hydration and so the are secure. Insert large Ornamental Cabbage heads into oasis to create the main body of your arrangement. Cut and insert Blue Eryngium Thistle Super Nova and Orange Safflower Seeds then fill in with Boxwood Clippings.


Creating an easy Holiday Centerpiece with flowers and candles with by @KraylFunch flowers close up

Creating an easy Holiday Centerpiece with flowers and candles with by @KraylFunch full veiw

 This flower and candle arrangement is perfect for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving or it can easily be updated for any entertaining opportunity that occurs at your home during the winter and Christmas entertaining season. Simply adjust the color pallet coordinate with your seasonal decor or tablescape as needed.
Creating an easy Holiday Centerpiece with flowers and candles with by @KraylFunch flowers on the table

Creating an easy Holiday Centerpiece with flowers and candles with by @KraylFunch with lite candles

My Boxwood + Besties tablescape with my Roasted Butternut Squash + Cauliflower Soup recipe, perfect for entertaining friend during the holiday season has also been featured on The Inspired Home website.

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An-Appealing-Plan-the book by Krayl Funch Cover Image 150xAnd, if you are looking for even more easy holiday entertaining, check out An Appealing Plan the book.

I believe we are bringing back entertaining at home, lingering over a table after a lovingly prepared meal with friends. I am thrilled to be able to invite you on this journey with me through a year of celebrating every day. Filled with recipes, tablescapes, floral inspiration and seasonal entertaining ideas An Appealing Plan :: A Year of Everyday Celebrations. To learn more about An Appealing Plan :: A Year of Everyday Celebrations here. 


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Your Secretary Is Not Your Event Planner


What? You say? But he/she worked on planning our office party last year? Or perhaps even struggled through organizing your corporate client dinners. But would you ask your accountant to plan or style your events? Most likely not and I imagine if you did they would simply stare at you {a few worried they may lose you as a client, may say “I can give it a try…”} so why do many executives ask their office staff to plan, organize even create the decor for their holiday events?

Your secretary is not an event planner. hire a professional #AnAppealingPlan #holidaytip

From years of experience I know how many hours of emails, phone calls, follow-up emails and phone calls, not to mention the actual event styling time most holiday gatherings require – is that what you are paying your assistant to do? Don’t they have work to do that will actually progress your business forward, especially as we near year-end?

Watch today’s video by clicking on the image below or clicking here.


I am here to advise you to seek professional help!

By hiring an experienced event professional you can feel comfortable that every detail of your gathering will be taken care of and that work is still getting done in the office to grow your business.

Other benefits of working with a professional:

  • We have done it before. They know what aspects and details need to be handled when.
  • We work well with others. After working with other vendors they know who is tops and can deliver quality for your gathering.
  • We are dedicate to your gathering. Unlike your secretary, a coordinator will focused on your project not office duties.
  • We make you look good. Stylist understand decor trends but also what works and what doesn’t for your particular gathering.

So set your company secretary, or assistant, free to actually get their job done by talking with an event professional to plan your upcoming gathering today!!

Interested in scheduling a 20 minute consult for an upcoming gathering? Schedule it on my calendar today. , book your virtual event planning project now or email directly for in-person planning ::

Tell me the truth… have you asked your secretary or assistant to plan a gathering for you? Why did you choose this direction over consulting an event professional, let me know in the comments below.



Monogrammed White Pumpkins

Monogrammed white pumpkin entranceway via @AnAppealingPlan #CelebrateEveryday #Fall #Decorating #DIY

Monogrammed pumpkins add a little touch of chic to your entranceway or table for the Fall + Thanksgiving decorating season. Follow along this quick video to create your monogrammed white pumpkins.

Watch this video below or watch it on YouTube by clicking here.


  • 2 to 3 medium white pumpkins
  • adhesive backed letters
  • decorative push-pins
  • additional pumpkins for grouping

Once you place your monograms group your pumpkins at your front door with other gourds of various sizes and shapes for variation. Add indian corn and a few heirloom varieties for additional visual interest.

Monogrammed white pumpkin entranceway via @AnAppealingPlan #CelebrateEveryday #Fall #Decorating


Do you decorate your entranceway for Fall or for Halloween?? Let me know your secrets in the comments below and be sure to sign up for updates and follow me on Pinterest for more seasonal decorating ideas.


How To Make Your Own Nautical Centerpiece.

Did you know that the glass floats we love to use in our summer decor were originally used in the 1930’s by fishermen in many parts of the world to keep their fishing nets, as well as longlines or droplines afloat.  In fact they were so abundant you can still find them floating in the seas today. Original Japanese glass fishing floats, as they are also called, are now popular collectors’ items and can be found in vintage stores or as reproductions in design stores.

Nautical themed centerpiece #Video via @AnAppealingPlan #SummerEntertaining #Beach #Tablescape cover

Collect a few glass floats in different colors from your local vintage store and pair them with a handmade rope wrapped vase filled with flowers and use them to create your own nautical centerpiece.

Mixing in vintage nautical pieces with some items that you may find in your local stores is the perfect way to create a nautical centerpiece. For this particular tablescape, we are going to start with a singular clear vase. I like to use square or straight side vases, as this ensures the ribbon will go up smoothly. If your vase has a slight tilt to it, it may change the way the ribbon lies.

We’re going to begin by placing the rope ribbon around the edge and measuring for length. Once you have the ribbon wound around, about twice, then apply the glue. Apply the glue, just to the edges, as you won’t need very much. Press down the edges and ensure that they are secure.

Fill with water and place blue and white flowers in the vase.

Nautical themed centerpiece #Video via @AnAppealingPlan #SummerEntertaining #Beach #Tablescape

To complete your centerpiece, top your table with either a large a fishing net or bunch it in the center for a more casual feel. Group the nautical glass balls around the floral and finish it off with coordinating nautical style votives.

This centerpiece is ideal for summer parties, beach weddings or simply to decorate the table for the summer season.

kickstarter - AnAppealingPlan Book LeaderBoard passion to print large #CelebrateEveryday 728 x 90

See more of my projects on

How To Decorate A Dining Hutch.

If you love dishes and glasses as much as I do, you will quickly find you run out of spaces to hide them, but you can also incorporate them into your decor by using open and glass front hutches.

@kraylfunch for ehow Decorating a Dining Hutch #design #AnAppealingPlan copy

In this short video for I discuss incorporating your collections in to you home decor and decorating.

Many dining hutches have a glass front area as well as an enclosed area. When displaying items in the glass front area, it’s nice to group them into categories. Even though I have a collection of mismatched champagne glasses, organizing them together in one area creates a very nice display. Use the second shelf for other items that have a little bit more colorful design or are pitchers and stoneware. Use cake plates to add height for your smaller items.

Adding taller items to the top of this hutch, creates height as well as allows for space for those numerous glass vases that we have all acquired.

On the center shelf area, add personalized items such as ceramic bowls or fondue pots from your childhood.

In the enclosed area, you can hide votives, napkins and other accessories that don’t need to be as organized quite as well. There’s really no wrong way to display these items but by grouping them into collections, you will find it really creates a more appealing look.

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How To Make Centerpieces for a Beach Themed Gathering

beach themed centerpiece @AnAppealingPlan @KraylFunch video #DIY 1280x720

Beach themed events are always in style and centerpieces that bring the allure of the beach right to your table are perfect, whether you’re in the city or actually on the beach. In this video for eHow I show you how to make a centerpiece that can be used for an elegant gathering or placed on your hallway table as a seasonal display.

To start the video click the image below or click here.

Centerpieces that bring the allure of the beach right to your table are perfect, whether you’re in the city or actually on the beach.

beach themed centerpiece @AnAppealingPlan @KraylFunch #entertaining #tablescapes 700x


  • Round Glass Vase
  • Sand or Crushed Oyster Shells
  • Miniature Adirondack Chair
  • Seashells in Various Sizes
  • Dried Coral

Begin by putting the crushed shells in the base of your vase. You can also use sand, if that’s more readily available to you. Place the Adirondack chair inside of the vase, settling it just as you would on the beach. Next, place the shells in, grouping them naturally as you would see them on the beach.

Add any other items that you have found at the beach, such as this dried coral and place it right inside.

This Beach Themed Centerpiece is are perfect for weddings and gatherings that are fun and casual, or elegant and romantic. Use your theme as a guide when you create your centerpiece.


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DIY Garden Themed Centerpieces

Garden themed centerpiece @AnAppealingPlan #garden #floral #entertaining 403

Garden theme centerpieces are perfect any time of the year as they can reflect what’s going on in your own garden so they can be used summer, spring, winter or fall.

To view the video click on the image or click here.



  • floral oasis
  • fishing line
  • water
  • sheet moss
  • floral sticks
  • garden sheers
  • dried craft mushrooms
  • decorative butterflies
  • 3-4 flowers stems

To cut the oasis, use the fishing line to draw a straight line down the center. Once you have this cut it will fit nicely into your container. If you need to take additional off the sides, just use your fishing line to make it the size that works for your container. Place the moss on top.

Once you have your moss in place use your floral sticks to place the mushrooms. Your floral sticks come in varying lengths. Cut them to size depending upon the height of your container. Place them in the oasis, leaving a little bit on top sticking out. Start to place the mushrooms on top of the sticks. The mushrooms should have a hollow center which allows them to sit right on top of the sticks.

Fluff up the moss as needed then continue to place the different colored mushrooms on top of the sticks. Push them down a little bit further if needed.

Once the mushrooms are in, use the floral sticks to create a hole to push your flowers into. The sharp end works really well. I also recommend using flowers that have a stronger stem. They will push easily into the oasis as opposed to a loose stem which will not. Start to place your flowers into the wet oasis and then move the box around filling in.

Create a natural look by grouping the flowers together. Once that is done you can start to bring in other woodland or garden items.

This garden inspired centerpiece will bring the garden into your home and table.


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Is it Possible to Be a “Healthy Social Butterfly”? with Abigail Dougherty

Can you be a Healthy Social Butterfly interview @thesoulofhealth via @kraylfunch

The first few months of the year are hard for us social butterflies. We made it through the holiday entertaining season, have our 2014 goals {word of the year, core desired feelings, which ever phrase you prefer…} in place but the invites keep coming in. Dinner parties, networking events and family gatherings bring the opportunity to connect with friends and family but don’t always keep us on the straight path to healthy eating. So what is a girl to do?

Meet Abigail Dougherty,  a friend and advocate for healthy living all year long.

Abby and I sat down to discuss ways to eat better when hosting events as well as attend them and it doesn’t mean only eating one carrot stick while everyone else is eating the baked brie! So keep those invites flowing just make a few of the tweaks suggested in our chat. Cheers!

A Few Of My  Favorite Quotes From Abigail:

On Getting Healthy: “Focusing on getting more good stuff”;  “I don’t know how I did it before I started moving.”

On Healthy Entertaining:  “make veggies the star!”, “Make the focus about the people not just the food.”, “have a snack before you head out. This way you will not be making poor food choices based on hunger.”

We also get a little Woo Woo at the end talking about ways to be social and give back. Here’s a tweetable from the last 5 minutes.

“As you move through life live with one hand up and one hand down. Reach up to learn as well as down to pull someone along.”new_twitter_bird_flattened



To put it very simply, I’m a devoted wifey, registered dietitian, foodie, baker, wannabe chef, runner and all around lover of life:)  I want my website to be a place you can come for all things health, wellness and inspiration! I love to help people meet their nutrition goals and inspire them to be the person they always knew they could be – I’ve struggled with my own personal issues with food and know from experience that usually food is not just food.

Abigail Dougherty is a registered and licensed dietitian and owner of The Soul of Health where she focuses on helping people become their best selves through realistic lifestyle nutrition. The Soul of Health encompasses her nutrition philosophy – that we are each unique individuals and there is no one size fits all nutrition plan. Abigail feels her purpose is to spread the joy of living well and adapting a healthy lifestyle, the same way she changed her life – one simple step at a time. Abigail knows first hand what it feels like to be overweight and to live an unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle.  With the help of her loving husband and finding the passion and inspiration from – she decided to make simple  healthy lifestyle changes. …Read More.


What are your favorite solution for being a healthy social being? Share your tips in the comments below. SHARE + SIGN UP for free updates.

Go Ahead Play With Your Food. Super Bowl Dip Centerpiece

 Super Bowl Party Dip Ideas - Guacamole football field dip with veggies

“Go ahead… Play with your food! Super Bowl Dip ideas.” Tweet this.

What do we love more than the actual Super Bowl? Super Bowl food of course. Show your spirit on your table creating centerpieces made with food. This spin on the traditional guacamole dish pairs well with the always popular Blood Mary Bar! Mix in your team color to show your spirit!
To see this video on visit this link: CLICK HERE


  • Rectangular Dish
  • Large Serving Platter
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa
  • Sliced Olives
  • Sour Cream
  • Tomatoes
  • Tortilla Chips

Begin with a clean rectangular glass Pyrex dish. Place guacamole in dish, spreading it out in the center,  leaving the edges and sides empty so you can place the salsa in there. Place salsa on one side or “end zone”, spreading it out. Do not to push it over the edge into the guacamole. In the other end-zone place the sliced olives.

Use the sour cream to make the lines on the field. To create straight lines put the sour cream into a pastry bag, or a Ziploc bag. Push it to one end and simply cut the corner off, and that creates your own piping bag. Now, take your piping bag and put it down right down the center.  Place several lines on the field, and then put in your players. In this case we’re using cherry tomatoes, but you can really use any item.

Once you have your players in place, put dish on top of a larger platter. This will allow space to add your chips.

Keep in mind that you can always add your teams colors to the end zones by using different vegetables in your team colors. Most importantly – Have fun!

Looking for more Super Bowl Entertaining Solutions? How about 10 tips for a Super Bowl buffet! or Highend Tailgating Ideas.

What’s the Deal with Self Publishing? My Interview with Tara Richter

HOA INterview Banner Krayl Funch with Tara Richter 1200x357

I, perhaps like may of you reading this article,  have had a dream of writing my own book. {A goal of mine which is currently underway, you can even check out my cover drafts here.} But struggled with where to start.

How long will it take? Self Publish vs Publisher? Agent, No Agent? What’s the difference and most importantly, what is right for me? So when I recently had coffee with a contact through a mutual friend and she told me not only had she already written 4 books, but was now coaching others through the process I just had to get her on my interview series.

We have all heard of the Richter scale, but have you heard of Tara Richter? If you haven’t before you will shortly. Tara Richter is the Self Publishing Expert and can fast track you from zero written words to a fully published book in 4 weeks. Or perhaps you are looking for a slower ride, maybe you already have your book written but aren’t sure what to do next. Tara is still your girl to. Watch and learn how starting before you are ready can make all the difference and that with a little support you can soon be well on your way to being a published author.

{And for all you cat lovers… watch for her feline friend to make an appearance.}

A Few Of My Favorite Quotes:

Regarding Publishing a Book: “I never said it was easy. If it was everyone would have a book.”;  “if you want someone to kick your butt and get it done, I will do it.”;  “If you organize your blog you can write a book in 6  months.”; “Just start writing. It will take on a life of its’ own.”

Regarding Business:  “My goal is to franchise Richter Publishing and have everyone write a book.”; “Most people build a business then publish a book. I published a book then made a business out of it.”

Buy The Books: The Dating Jungle



“Tara Richter is an Author of 4 books & Self-Publishing Expert. She specializes in coaching business owners how to write their non-fiction story & publish a book in 4 weeks. She has been featured on CNN, ABC, Daytime TV, FOX, SSN, Channel 10 News, USA TODAY & Beverly Hills Times with her Dating Jungle Book Series.”

“I started composing my first book in May 2011. Back then I had no idea how to publish a book, I didn’t even know anyone who was a published author. I just knew my entire life I wanted to be a writer.  What I did have was my creativity, resourcefulness and determination. I discovered the secret recipe of how to write, publish and market a book myself without breaking the bank. Why? Because I had to. There was no other way around it. I either gave up on my dreams of being a published author or I pushed through and found a path that worked for me.

Two years later I have 4 books. I have been featured on TV and radio stations all over the world. I was a finalist for Tampa Bay’s Business Woman of the Year in 2013 & a nominee for Tampa Bay’s Up & Coming Businesses for 2013. I am now personally coaching Kevin Harrington from the “Shark Tank” & Anthony Amos, Multi Founding Franchisor & Partnership Expert, on their joint book coming out in early 2014.

Being a published author was my ticket to success. Now I want to share my secret recipe with everyone! If I  (a woman from a small town in Nebraska with no connections 3 years ago) can write, publish and market a book myself, so can you!  Subscribe to my blog to be notified of corresponding seminars & contact me for personal coaching sessions to get your book in print!”


Buy the book banner 250x150 png

LIVE Interview Series Schedule – January / February 2014

Join me for this weekly Hang Out on Air Interview featuring my favorite professional women who are out there spreading their message in a big way and still finding time to balance it all.

During our 30 minute conversation we will talk about subjects like:

* What twists and turns in life brought her to this place.
* What tips and solutions can she offer you to help you work towards your personal or business goals.
* How does she balance work and personal life?
* How their professional lives impact family time and the systems they have in place to support them.
* Whats next on the horizon?

Join us every Tuesday at 8PM on Air! Sign Up for a weekly reminder:

Below is the schedule for January & February 2014. {interested in seeing previous videos: October, – December 2013 CLICK HERE}

HOA INterview Banner Krayl Funch with Tara Richter 1200x357

January 28th: Tara Richter ~ Your Book, Your Way, Right Away



HOA INterview Banner Krayl Funch with Abigail Dougherty 1200x357

February 4th: Abigail Dougherty, RD, LD/N


Abigail Dougherty owner of The Soul of Health is a registered dietitian that wants to show people that nutrition can be fun, simple and delicious! She inspires her clients through simple nutrition tips, healthy recipes and inspiration! Abigail contracts with larger organizations doing Corporate Wellness and Presentations with an emphasis on empowering individuals for success and showing them that living healthy truly can be simple.


HOA INterview Banner Krayl Funch with Amy Wright 1200x357

February 11th: Amy Wright ~ Inspiring the Mom CEO to find her Awesome Sauce



February 18th: No Scheduled Interview {I will be finding my own balance…}
February 25th: Interview Guest TBD. Please check back shortly or sign up for a reminder email here.