You want to be that girl.

The hostess floating around the party with a smile on her face looking like she just jumped off the pages of “Vogue Hostess”, stress free and effortlessly enjoying the time with her guests.

You spend 3 months frantically pinning decor inspirations, researching buffet table recipes sure to please and coordinating signature cocktails with the appropriate straw! You then spend the week prior completely stressed about what to serve this fabulous meal on, checking who has and who has not RSVP’d. So why is it when finally the big day arrives, you don’t even have time to finish putting on your coordinated lipstick before the doorbell rings. Sure you have a great time and love every minute of it but it’s all over in a flash and the next day you think “Did I even talk to Sue? What is happening with Bill’s big move? Did I hear someone say they were taking Italian lessons?”

I want you to know it is possible to plan and more importantly, execute a gathering no matter the size, with confidence and ease.

To have all the details you dream of AND spend quality time engaged with your guests.

Let’s create a theme and plan that feels right and has you fretting less and connecting more with your friends, family and perhaps your clients.

What You Can Expect.

Upon payment you will be asked to complete the client event survey which will provide me with information detailing your upcoming gathering. With in 1 week of payment we will schedule your virtual consultation.

During our 45 minute video consultation we will discuss and finalize details such as; Who will be attending this gathering. What is your experience level with cooking? What tableware do you currently have? What pieces do you need to fill in with? What is your budget range for this gathering? Where will this be held? What is the #1 reason you are hosting this gathering? What support systems can we put in place to ensure you feel at your best prior to and during the event?

Within 1 week of your consultation you will receive an event color scheme and theme along with a planning checklist to flawlessly execute your gathering, all based on our discussion. Included in this checklist will be a planning guide to take you from our conversation on up to the time your first guests knocks on the door. Event timeline checklist; Tablescape & event decor ideas, resources and shopping list; Playlist Suggestions; and Menu & Beverage pairings.  All delivered to you as printable downloads.

Then, as a follow-up, we will schedule a 15 min final call with in 1 week to 1 day of your gathering to touch base and tie up any details we may have outstanding.

You will be the shining star at the party.

You will finally have the information and tools in place to not just create a fantastic environment for your guests but also to enjoy every moment with each guest. Think of me as your behind the scenes coach AND biggest cheerleader all in one. Giving you the playbook and cheering you on every step of the way.



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