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Thank You for signing up for the 21-Day Challenge!

It’s time to put your rose colored glasses on and make time for more in your day to celebrate the everyday. Are you ready?! Or maybe you are a little worried about what it is all about?

If you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into when I say an challenge, please read on!


How it works: The 21-Day Challenge

Most challenges have a set of rules to follow or checklists to keep track of. Not this one. Although you know I LOVE a good checklist, we will get to that later, for this challenge we will use guidelines and inspiration. By guidelines we mean, each week of the 21 day challenge you will receive an email containing a reminder of your participation, a list of inspirations or suggestions, that we hope you will put into action during the next 7 days.

If you’re ready to make celebrating everyday a habit in your life, let’s begin with the overall challenge information to get you started! #1, #2 & #3 are THE most important…

#1: Open + Read the weekly challenge emails. There you will find the inspiration for each day of the challenge. Interpret the word of phrase as you wish. No wrong answers here.

#2: Take a PICTURE using the daily inspiration guide. Use the weekly email as inspiration for your daily picture. It is super easy on Instagram but feel free to share on Pinterest also or use both! Be creative. Look around, go outside or post a self-ie. You decide. 

#3: POST your picture on Instagram or Pinterest. We don’t play favorites around here, whichever platform you like best post or pin away. {follow Founder, Krayl Funch on Instagram & Pinterest so we can follow you too!}

#4: TAG your picture using #CelebrateEveryday21. Not sure what a hashtag {#} is or how to tag. No problem: in your comments below your image put the phrase #CelebrateEvery21, including all symbols and numbers. This way we can follow you and you can find and follow others in the challenge.

#5: SHARE the Fun with Friends.  We love a good party. Spread the word and invite your friends.

#6: CONNECT on Instagram + Pinterest and make new friends. When you use + follow #CelebrateEveryday21 everyone in the challenge can find you. The word spreads, the community grows and the party gets more interesting. Use it as a chance to meet new people celebrating life as well.

#7: Have fun! This is a guilt-free zone. If you miss a day, no problem, simply post it on another day. Remember, our goal here is to have fun, make new friends and celebrate everyday, no guilt, no stress.

Are you still with me?

Have more questions about the 21-Day Challenge? Contact me directly via email

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