The Mother’s Day Gift to Inspire Mom to CelebrateEveryday

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 10th, 2015, give the Mother’s Day gift sure to inspire mom to celebrate everyday, give her An Appealing Plan the book.

Your mom is your inspiration, doesn’t she deserve a Mother’s Day gift to inspire her to live everyday to the fullest and in the most beautiful way? Every day is a gift, so let’s celebrate it!

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Each section of An Appealing Plan features season-specific menus and design ideas. Apart from being inspired by the seasons themselves, I also find inspiration for my recipes from my childhood, travels, and favorite restaurants. Some featured recipes are: Baked Brie with Almonds and Rosemary Syrup, Spinach and Gruyere Quiche, Savory Herb Waffles with Smoked Salmon, Cheese Fondue with Assorted Crudite, The Perfect Roast Turkey, Winter Squash Soup, Citrus-Marinated Olives, and Seared Scallops with Sage Brown Butter, as well as some of my favorite cocktails and desserts, including Fresh White Peach Bellini, Fall Fig Harvest Cocktail, Summer Fresh Berries, and Wine-Poached Pears.

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An Appealing Plan is about “feeling so inspired by the beauty of the season that we are compelled to redesign our entranceways with containers overflowing with greens or other elements of the season or rushing home from the market to create a meal using fresh herbs and set a beautiful table with the season’s most bountiful flowers.”

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Passion to Print: The Final Day

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It is has been almost a year since I sat down for a casual lunch simply to catch up with Heather Stalker, of Crave Creative Group, when during our conversation the spark of an idea of partnering to write a book came about. We scheduled another coffee date and we where off! Little did either of us know what the next 10 months would hold.

Today the final edits are taking place to the book, thanks to Nicole Wayland, of Ford Editing in Washington D. C. who has recently become part of the dream team, and tomorrow if all goes as planned the giant file will be uploaded to the printer. I have a black and white copy sitting on my desk with blue, red and black ink edits on most pages, but we are saving the color version for the real deal. It is hard to believe this part of the journey is almost over.

Over the last 10 months we have met almost weekly to either talk through the schedule, set up and shoot content or work on the layout, it has been an incredible journey requiring much time and patience for all parties {including our families}. But now today, the day before all those hours of work will be sent to the printer feels strange. Perhaps because there is still the unknown. Will the image colors look the same in print as they do on the screens? Will the layout translate the same in print? Will the paper and print quality we hope for be accurate in the final printing? Still so many unknowns. Still so much to learn about the next stages of this book’s life.

And yet even with all these unknowns looming out there, there are things that I know for certain on this day. I know with out a doubt that all of this has been worth it. I know more than ever that I love what I do and even more importantly – I have a much clearer vision of why I do it. I also know I could not have made it to this point with out a wonderful partner with me to set deadlines and pull back the reigns when the book needed it.

“Writing a book takes your message from the wide area of a funnel to the narrow. There it is concentrated, packaged + shared with the world.”

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In the next week I will have the first copy of the book in my hands and begin shipping out the pre-orders to all of the amazing supporters, and kickstarter supporters who believed in this vision and then open the sales up to the retail market. I think that is when it will set in, the reality of this dream coming true.

There is much to plan in the coming weeks; a video launch series, live launch parties, and hands-on book workshops, I will still be a busy girl but I couldn’t be happier. Stay tuned!


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