How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Christmas

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving

Every season I change out the bedding in our master bedroom to suit the changing temperatures and colors to suit the months ahead. I have bedding for summer, spring and fall, but until this year Christmas has eluded me… Yes, I would put a red pillow on the bed, tie a ribbon around the papier mache deer head above the bed and then spend all season wishing I had real Christmas bedding. Last year I got really close to buying it and was talked out of it by a friend – “no one will see it”.

This year I went ALL in. New evergreen accented sheets, red shams and a mixture of wintery throws to decorate my bedroom for Christmas. My advice, if it makes you happy DO IT! It is easier than you think and if you are anything like me, you will soon be obsessed with your bedroom and not want to leave all season.

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 10

Ideas for Christmas Bedding place a wreath at the end of your bed on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 1956

How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Christmas

Add A Little Green ~ Wrap live or faux evergreen garland around your footboard. Wrap lights and place them on a timer set to go on and off automatically. I have mine set to wake me up and also shut off when I am sleep – it is as close to Santa waking me up as an adult can get, the excitement gets me up at ready for the day.

Texture ~ Cool weather months call for heavier fabrics and woven textures. Mix cotton, linen and wool on your bed with blankets, duvet covers and various pillows. I love this red wool pillow from HomeGoods and am now on the hunt for its twin! 

Layers ~ It is true in clothing fashion and it is true in home decor – winter if for layering. Add a colorful throw blanket on top of your comforter for added warmth and coziness. If you get too hot at night simply pull it off and put it back on in the morning when you make your bed for the day.

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red sweater euro pillows Evergreen linens on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 1942

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows Evergreen linens on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 26

Pillows ~ Don’t listen to the haters. Add as many pillows to your bed as you like. I found red sweater covers for my euro shams which are just the right amount of Christmas color then added a warming tan standard sham in front of it for depth. Finally I added a red wool pillow to lead the pack and pull all the colors together.

Sheets ~ Underestimating the power of thread count is a huge mistake I made in my younger days. Learn from me and make the change to quality sheets asap. You will enjoy getting in bed 100% more – no really you will. For the holidays look for sheets with accent features on white linens so they don’t distract from the other colors on the bed. I found these evergreen accented sheets from Perfect Linens and they are… well… perfect. 

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows on by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 1966

The goal when decorating you bedroom for Christmas is to create a warm and festive space for you and your partner not to overdo it or get stressed out about creating the perfect look. I am so in love with the small changes I made – and Pete says he is sleeping better under the cable knit blanket – that I am honestly wondering what took me so long! So do not delay. Take these tips and decorate your bedroom today!

{ Love the evergreen linens as much as I do – use code Appealing35  at check out and save $35. No catch. Just my way of spreading the Christmas cheer.}

Christmas Table Decorations With Fruit & Nuts

Seasonal Decorating with Fruits and Nuts via @anappealingplan #holidaytable @ehow 403

Not all centerpieces need to be made from flowers. During the winter season there are a variety of fruits and nuts that become available in the farmers markets. Combining these natural elements with candles creates a beautiful display that can be made ahead of time and placed on your holiday table to greet guests.

In this video for eHow I show you an easy way to incorporate fruit and nuts in to your holiday decor.

Click on the image to start the video. If the image does not display click HERE to start the video.


I love to create decorations that can be used in multiple locations and that can be left out for more than one day! This fruit and nut display can be placed on your holiday table, mantle, or entrance way table, anywhere that you would like to bring a little bit of a festive feeling to the season to your home.


  • Large Glass Cylinder or Vase
  • Glass Candle Stick
  • Taper Candle
  • Cranberries
  • Clementines
  • Hazelnuts, Walnuts or Mixed Nuts
  • Star Anise

Place the small candle stick holder at the bottom of your tall glass cylinder.  Beginning with the cranberries, make a small base around the bottom that the clementines will sit on. Add five or six small clementines on top of the cranberries. Sprinkle nuts over the clementines to begin to create colorful layers.  Add another layer of the cranberries and drop in the star anise.

Finally place your candle stick in place.

Designer Tip: Stick-um is a great product to use in this situation where the candle may tip over. Simply place a small amount of it in the candle stick and it will hold your candle in place. A little decorator’s tool, and then, that’ll help keep your candle stick straight.

Create a larger display by using  multiple vases in different shapes. Place on your holiday table and enjoy the candle light and warm Anise scent.

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Ideas for Decorating Christmas Evergreen Swags.

Making your own ever green swags is easy and a gorgeous way to decorate an entranceway, bookcase or even a chair! In this video for ehow I discuss how to make and decorate Christmas swags.

Click on the image to start video or watch video here.


Making your own Christmas swag decorations is easy! Clip greens from your backyard, collect them from your local tree stand or pick them up at a market. Once you make one your whole house will be filled with these festive seasonal decorations.

decorate your chairs with evergreen swags via @AnAppealingPlan #HolidayTable @ehow 403


  • Evergreen Branches
  • Magnolia Branches
  • Rosemary
  • Unpainted Wood Sleigh Ornament
  • Letter Ornament
  • Ribbon Cut to Length
  • Green Floral Wire
  • Scissors
  • Garden Clippers

Start by stacking the greens on top of each other. Longer and wider greens should be placed on the bottom, working up to the smaller items.

Tie the top or center of the branches together using floral wire. Be sure to wrap it around several times to ensure it is secure. Loop the end to create a hook to help hang or for ribbon. Attach ornament and initial with a short length of ribbon.

Wrap ribbon around the entire swag and tie it loosely leaving lots of length on the end so the ribbons hang down. If you are hanging on your chair place the swag approximately where you would like it to hang then cut the ribbon to length. Tie ribbon around back of chair. Repeat for each guest.

Invite guest and enjoy!

What other type of decorations do you use on your dinning room of kitchen chairs during the holidays? Let me know in the comments below. LIKE + SHARE. 

Decorating Christmas Tree Ornaments with Glitter. {DIY}

Decorating plain Christmas ornaments via @AnAppealingPlan @ehow

In this video for eHow, I show you how to decorate plain Christmas ornaments found in your local craft store with glitter. These are fantastic teacher gifts, hostess gifts or use them on your tree!

Click the image to start the video or if the image does not appear CLICK HERE.

Create your own glamorous glittering Christmas ornaments this season to give as hostess gifts or to place on your tree. This craft is perfect for snow days or a girls holiday get together. So grab your glitter and let’s get to it!


  • Plain Ornaments
  • Craft Glue
  • Glitter in various colors
  • Dampers (to apply the glue)
  • Scrap Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Starting off with a clean and dry ornament place on pre-folded piece of paper. Begin creating your design with the glue on the ornament with dampers or paint brush.  Begin to sprinkle glitter over the glue area. Be sure to keep away from the paper or other surface until the glue has dried. Tap to remove excess glitter.

If you are using two colors, let the first color dry over night before applying the glue pattern for the second color.

Once glue has dried and the glitter has attached it is time to add your ribbon. This can be decorative or functional to hang from your tree. Slide the ribbon through the top loop and tie it as a bow, or as a loop through.

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How to Make Christmas Star Ornament Placecards. {DIY VIDEO}

How to make christmas star ornaments via @AnAppealingPlan #holidaydecorating copy

In this video for eHow I will show you how to make Christmas Star decorations with salt dough.


I grew up putting salt dough ornaments on my tree and haven’t made them in a very long time. It is time to bring this easy and fun craft back. This year I am going to use them as place cards on my Holiday Table. Each one is stamped with the guest’s name to let them know where to sit and then they can take it home to place on their tree.


  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Rolling Pin
  • Star Cookie Cutter
  • Straw
  • Parchment Paper
  • Extra Flour
  • Ribbon
  • Stamp & Ink Pad


Add equal parts flour and salt and half that amount of water. Mix together in a bowl until all ingredients are combined and the dough is no longer sticking to the sides. Roll it out so dough is approximately 1/4 inch thick.

Use your cookie cutter to create the shapes. Once you have them cut out, poke a hole to allow to thread a ribbon or hook through. Using a standard plastic straw poke a hole in it and make sure you don’t get too close to the edges.

Place them on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper and put into the oven for about approximately two hours to dry them NOT bake them. {Drying times vary. Many will continue to dry over a few days.}

Once they are dry you can begin to decorate them with the stamps and ribbon. Select your stamp and ink of choice. Place on dried ornament.

Run ribbon through hole to create the ornament hanger. Cut about a six-inch ribbon, loop it through and tie it.

And what I’m going to use this for actually is to use it on a place setting. So, I’m going to go ahead and put this on the dinner table and that way everyone knows where they’re sitting and then they can also take the ornament home with them.

What are you using as placecards for your holiday table? Let me know in the comments below. Like + Share the love with friends.


Easy Christmas Mantle Decorations. Christmas Trees + Candles

How to decorate with candles and christmas trees via @AnAppealingPlan #holidaydecorating copy

Candle lights and Christmas trees can create quite the fire hazard if you’re not careful. Make candle lights and Christmas trees the safe way in this video for eHow.

Click the image to start the video or if the image does not appear CLICK HERE.


Many years ago, Christmas trees were decorated with actual candles, and the candles were attached to the boughs of the trees. And, as you can imagine, this was quite a fire hazard! So, luckily, fast-forward to today. We have many different ways to decorate with candle lights and Christmas trees that do not require an open flame – specifically, speaking of battery-powered candle lights, and these are really a great way to decorate around a live Christmas tree.


  • 2-3 Mini Christmas trees
  • 2-3 Birch wood boxes or containers
  • Additional Faux greenery
  • Silver ornaments
  • Battery or Solar powered candles
  • Birch wood logs
  • Ribbon


Place trees into birch wood boxes. Place additional greens inside box to cover the tree base and to create a base for the ornaments. Add ornaments in the color of your choice.

Wrap 3-5 logs with ribbon cut to size.

Place trees, logs bundles and candles either on your mantle, couch table or dining table, alternating each one to create a safe seasonal display that can be left out for the entire season!

Do you decorate your dining room table for the entire season? Let me know in the comments below. Like + Share the Joy with friends.



DIY: Creating Mercury Glass At Home

Mercury glass, also known as silvered glass because of its look, is ornate. Its name may be deceiving because there is actually no mercury or silver in it. True Mercury glass is a mold-blown clear glass that has double-sided walls and then has a thick coat of silver-colored liquid nitrate inserted into it through a small opening the size of a pinhole. The tiny hole is then sealed up to keep the nitrate inside.

Mercury glass does age and the liquid nitrate can crack and fall from the double-sided walls. Mercury glass also oxidizes with age, due to air flow that can get in through the small pinhole opening if it wasn’t sealed properly. These factors create the “aged” look most of us associate with the name.

You can find pieces in many stores especially around the holidays however, what if you can’t find the particular shape you are looking for? There is good news, this DIY method is easy and produces a similar but unique version of the original.

An Appealing Plan Mercury DIY supplies


What you will need:
• Glass container or Candlestick
• Spray bottle
• Water
• Vinegar
• Newspaper
Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint

This project should be done in a well ventilated area. Making sure to thoroughly read the directions on the spray paint.

The hardest part of this project for me was actually locating the Krylon Looking Glass Spray locally, so I tried a few other versions which I really love with metallic gold and nickel finishes. They don’t produce the same mirrored look but I was really pleased with the gold versions and they look great on the dining room table.

Be sure to clean and then cover the item to be sprayed with newspaper or similar to protect the outside.


Mix the water and vinegar {this version used cider vinegar because that’s what was in the cabinet and I don’t think it made any difference but if you are buying it, select the white vinegar.} We saw and tried methods with and with out the vinegar. The vinegar addition was prefered as it helps the water form droplets and adhere to the sides of the container rather than slide down and pool.

Lightly mist the water on the walls of your container then spray the paint lightly on. Do not worry about covering each inch, you will need several coats and this is what creates the aged look.

Let each coating dry for several hours, even overnight, reapply as desired to reach the look and coverage you are hoping for.

An Appealing Plan Mercury Glass DIY Vase

Most warn that these should only be used as a votive and decorative but feeling wild and crazy, we plan on using them for flowers at an upcoming dinner party.  Stay tuned for an update next week on how it turned out.



Krylon Looking Glass Silver-Like Aerosol Spray

Glass Cleaner Bottle with Clear Spray Nozzle

A Christmas Tree for Every Room

It is the first weekend of December and my guess is that most of you are heading out to select the perfect tree sometime this weekend. But why just stop at one? What if you placed a tree in everyroom of the house? Big or small, Christmas trees bring the warmth of the season into the space. So this year, why not add a festive glow to more than one room? Consider these options…



{Image Courtesy of House Beautiful}


{Image Spotted on Alicia B Designs Blog}


{Image Courtesy of Traditional Home}


{Image Courtesy of Jaunted}

And yes even…..


Where will you place your tree this year?

Outdoor Entertaining ~ Let There Be Light

Spring Entertaining means Outside Entertaining, but as most areas of the country are still waiting for daylight savings time to give us that additional hour of precious light, evenings still require additional lighting for dining, sitting by the fire or simply to light the way to your front door.

I was drawn into the Atlanta Urban Trends Collection showroom by the bright Orange Collection on the back wall, very close to the Pantone’s Color of the Year. Tango Tangerine  {a recurring theme on this trip. See Style on the Street }.

Can’t you just imagine the tiny square shadows that would be emitted on to the grass by a candle inside the shiny boxes when hung from a tree.

Walking further into the room I came upon a taller more natural feeling lantern placed on a block. Grey/White washed wood with a Lighthouse feel. This version would be great near your front walk to light the way for guests stopping over for a casual Sunday Supper. Or even surrounding the pool deck with 10 or so of them for a bigger impact. Imagine the shimmer off the water…

Finally I found my favorite!

These hanging lanterns remind me of driftwood saved from a past vacation. This collection can really work with any existing decor. Beachy and Traditional are the obivious. But they would also look amazing in contrast against a modern landscape or outdoor kitchen. Hung in groupings from a tree limb near a lake dock or on the eave of a small pool house, where you can admire the shape and design from all angles. I prefer white soy candles for a natural look but Orange or Bright Green would also be great.

Which ever shape or style you prefer, lanterns easily add personality, an intimate quality to your environment and an extra layer of lighting. Thank you Urban Trends for a bit of Spring dreaming on a grey cloudy day.

Happy Entertaining ~ kf.

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On the Road: NYC ~ Finding Inspiration on the Street

If you are like me, each city you have been to has locations and memories about it that you associate with being there and will become your list of “Favorite Things About ____” (insert city name here).  Growing up in the NY tri-state area, New York has always been the city for me with the longest list of favorite “things”. I feel the most comfortable there over most cities and towns and has the best memories associated to it. My trip last week allowed me to experience not just my usual favorites but experience new places, locations and add to my list of loves. (more on those next week…)

At the top of my list would be the availability of unexpected plant material. Especially during the winter season when the trees have lost their leaves and the center medians are bare of color {except nighttime when Park Avenue is aglow with trees}. The availability of flowers, greens and supplies on street corners, small bodegas, the flower market and more established floral shops is mind-blowing. Don’t think too much about what colors or plants you are meant to use, simply grab a little of everything place it in a container and it will work as a centerpiece. I promise!

I love being inspired by something new I see. Or this year something from the past, the small tree on Lexington & 96 marked Charlie Brown Tree $10 became the star of the mantle.

Enjoy your holiday decorating and being inspired by even items on the street!

Holiday Decorating: Woodland Christmas

Each project (no matter if it is a room, a garden or an event) should have a theme that loosely inspires the direction. The Woodland Christmas theme was inspired by walking into my local Lowes and seeing 3 buckets of those round scraps produced when they cut the bottom of Christmas trees for customers. I asked if I could take  a few and the very nice young employee said I could take as many as I wanted. Jackpot!

An Appealing Plan Holiday Table decor Buffet Table 1

Although I wanted to dump all three buckets into my car I controlled myself and only took two full bags. These little perfect and not so perfect stumps became my inspiration for the entranceway and tablescapes. Using the greens I found at my roadside green mirage , found pinecones, additional greens & wreaths from a local farmers market and bulk  cinnamon sticks from Micheals Craft’s I created various displays throughout the house including the dining room table where the buffet would be placed. Winter berries and red tulips added pops of color to the Woodland theme.

An Appealing Plan Holiday Entranceway
An Appealing Plan Holiday Table decor Side Table 2

What is your favorite way to decorate for the Holidays? Share in the comments below.