Bells Of Ireland

One of my all time favorite green flowers, the Bells Of Ireland, is also one of the most unusual looking flowers you will see in your market or florists shop, but it is the perfect stand alone statement flower arrangement you can place on your table.

Bells of Ireland Green Spring FLower Via @KraylFunch  (21) revised
Also found under Bells-of-Ireland, and Shellflower or Shell flower – with the Latin name Moluccella laevis – is remarkably from the mint family, grows from seed and is an amazing addition to country gardens as well as more modern beds.

When you purchase your Bells Of Ireland be sure to remove a good inch or more from the bottom before placing them in your arrangement as I find the base of their stems break down before the top portion even starts to fade.

Bells of Ireland Green Spring FLower Via @KraylFunch  (25) revised
The flowering portion of the Bells Of Ireland are actually the small white buds inside the green bells but beware these spiky have mini thorns so look out when arranging them. These apple green beauties are a striking flower alone in a tall vase of glass or metal – I find tall slender shapes work best as they tend to spread out and their stems are frequently bare at the base.

Bells of Ireland Green Spring FLower Via @KraylFunch  (32) revised

Bells Of Ireland flowers are a wonderful design element for you dining table or hallway entrance table for the spring season and can be paired with minimal accents to allow the flowers to be the focal point of your arrangement.