DIY Mason Jar Holiday Luminaries

Light up your front entranceway, holiday tablescape or Christmas mantle with these DIY Mason Jar Luminaries. Perfect as a rainy day craft, teachers gift or simply to enjoy my mason jar luminaries will cast a warm glow on your holiday home.
DIY Mason Jar Luminaries on WLFA with Gayle Guyardo and Krayl Funch two jars front view

Made with supplies found around many homes like epsom salts, craft glue, saved ribbons and natural twine these luminaries can be made in many different themes in less than an hour.

Line your walkway for a Holiday gathering to light your guests path or group them with pinecones on a mantle to welcome Santa on Christmas Eve.

DIY Mason Jar Luminaries on WLFA with Gayle Guyardo and Krayl Funch two jars over head

For step-by-step instructions to make my DIY Mason Jar Luminaries, watch my LIVE segment on today with Gayle Guyardo’s #GaylesGuideToPinterest – Wednesday December 7th at 11am and 4pm. And be sure to  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel  to see the replay when it is posted today! 



mason jars – clean and empty
craft glue
foam brush
Epsom Salts

baking sheet


Spread a thin layer of craft glue on outside of mason jar. Place jar over baking sheet and begin to cover glue area with epsom salts. The baking sheet will catch excess.

Allow to dry for 1 hour.

Wrap colorful ribbon around the out side of the jar and attach an ornament or garden clipping.

Drop a self-contained votive into the jar and light to enjoy the glow of your new Mason Jar Luminary!

Passion To Print: Final Days of Kickstarter Campaign

A heartfelt thank you to you all for your support of the Kickstarter project! We are heading into our final 8 days of pledging and we are currently 65% funded towards the $5,000 goal.

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As I mentioned, we are shooting the last of the sections of the book this month and a few days ago I brought together friends and their families for a summer gathering on the river complete with crabs, corn, craft beer and a selection of summer berries. The day was perfect, the shoot was a success and we ended the day on a boat ride on the river. Read more about the day on the post page here.

Writing and shooting for this book have reinforced my love and passion for celebrating everyday, for gathering friends and truly connecting with each other and my surroundings. This is part of the journey I did not expect, but am blessed to be able to experience it.

Thanks to all your support, we’ve raised over $3,000 and have the best backers I could ask for however, we still have a way to go to reach our goal of covering the cost of the first printing – as you know we need to raise the full $5,000 to receive any funding at all. This means we only need to sell 52 more books! I know we can do it but I need your help, if you are considering supporting the book please head over to secure your pledge today. If you have already pledged, can help us by sending the message to just one friend or family member who you think would be interested in pre-ordering of the book. I believe we can easily reach our goal by getting message out there this week!

Thank you for your support and for believing in this book {and me for that matter}. I appreciate everyone of you and feel as if we are on this journey together!

Thank you again!!

XO- Krayl

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Festive Decorations for A Holiday Table

Festive Party Decorations via @AnAppealingPlan #holidaytable #partyplanning #tablescapes w

During the holiday season it’s nice to have decorations out that are festive for the entire season. In this video for, I show you two different ideas that you can use for centerpieces. The first is going to be one that you can leave out during the entire season, and then the second is for a special gathering.


Festive Party Decorations via @AnAppealingPlan #holidaytable #partyplanning #centerpices 1 403

White + Silver Ornament Centerpiece


  • Long Silver Tray
  • Large White Christmas Balls
  • Small Silver Christmas Balls


Begin with a clean long tray then begin to add large the larger balls as the base for the centerpiece. Add the smaller silver balls in groups of three on top and in the sides.

And as I mentioned, this can be left out all season long on your dinner table, or perhaps an entrance way table, and just place those in there. And this can be left out really through New Years, ’cause as you can tell, it’s not really red or green, and so that’s really nice on a beautiful entrance way or down the center of your table.

Festive Party Decorations via @AnAppealingPlan #holidaytable #partyplanning #centerpices 2 403

Cranberry + Birchwood Votive


  • Birchwood Container
  • Fresh Cranberries
  • Small White Glass Votive Candle
  • Filler for Bottom of Container: Stones or Bubble Wrap


Begin with an empty Birchwood container and place stones, pebbles or other to fill the bottom. Place glass votive in so that top of votive is still slightly above the edge of the container. Pour Cranberries around the votive making sure to remove any that may fall into the glass votive.

Use as a single display or create 3 to place down the center of your table.


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{This video series was filmed at Datz Dough in Tampa, FL. For more information on the restaurant and private rooms visit:}

A Posh New Year’s Eve Entertaining Tablescape

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays and the perfect excuse to set a festive table. Whether you are hosting a dinner party for 20 or preparing a romantic dinner for two, a perfectly set table will set the tone for the entire night.

My White & Metallic tablescape was featured in Tampa Bay METRO magazine December/January 2014 Holiday Entertaining Inspirational Settings pages.

TB Metro December Cover @AnAppealingPlan NYE #Tablescape

TB Metro December Page 37 @AnAppealingPlan NYE #Tablescape

Metallics mixed with Black + White is an elegant and classic combination for this yearly celebration. Mix various size vases down the center of your table, filling some with silver beads, others with noise makers or curled ribbon. To keep the floral minimal as well use only one or two colors per vase.

New Years Eve Tablescape via @AnAppealingPlan #holidaytable #anappealingplan logo

Don’t be afraid to mix your plate patterns, especially if they have metallic accents. Pull it all together with a solid black napkin wrapped in silver beaded garland.

New Years Eve Tablescape via @AnAppealingPlan #holidayTable #designMyTable #BlackAndWhite #ribbons

Just add  champagne and celebrate in style!

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Christmas Table Decorations With Fruit & Nuts

Seasonal Decorating with Fruits and Nuts via @anappealingplan #holidaytable @ehow 403

Not all centerpieces need to be made from flowers. During the winter season there are a variety of fruits and nuts that become available in the farmers markets. Combining these natural elements with candles creates a beautiful display that can be made ahead of time and placed on your holiday table to greet guests.

In this video for eHow I show you an easy way to incorporate fruit and nuts in to your holiday decor.

Click on the image to start the video. If the image does not display click HERE to start the video.


I love to create decorations that can be used in multiple locations and that can be left out for more than one day! This fruit and nut display can be placed on your holiday table, mantle, or entrance way table, anywhere that you would like to bring a little bit of a festive feeling to the season to your home.


  • Large Glass Cylinder or Vase
  • Glass Candle Stick
  • Taper Candle
  • Cranberries
  • Clementines
  • Hazelnuts, Walnuts or Mixed Nuts
  • Star Anise

Place the small candle stick holder at the bottom of your tall glass cylinder.  Beginning with the cranberries, make a small base around the bottom that the clementines will sit on. Add five or six small clementines on top of the cranberries. Sprinkle nuts over the clementines to begin to create colorful layers.  Add another layer of the cranberries and drop in the star anise.

Finally place your candle stick in place.

Designer Tip: Stick-um is a great product to use in this situation where the candle may tip over. Simply place a small amount of it in the candle stick and it will hold your candle in place. A little decorator’s tool, and then, that’ll help keep your candle stick straight.

Create a larger display by using  multiple vases in different shapes. Place on your holiday table and enjoy the candle light and warm Anise scent.

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Ideas for Decorating Christmas Evergreen Swags.

Making your own ever green swags is easy and a gorgeous way to decorate an entranceway, bookcase or even a chair! In this video for ehow I discuss how to make and decorate Christmas swags.

Click on the image to start video or watch video here.


Making your own Christmas swag decorations is easy! Clip greens from your backyard, collect them from your local tree stand or pick them up at a market. Once you make one your whole house will be filled with these festive seasonal decorations.

decorate your chairs with evergreen swags via @AnAppealingPlan #HolidayTable @ehow 403


  • Evergreen Branches
  • Magnolia Branches
  • Rosemary
  • Unpainted Wood Sleigh Ornament
  • Letter Ornament
  • Ribbon Cut to Length
  • Green Floral Wire
  • Scissors
  • Garden Clippers

Start by stacking the greens on top of each other. Longer and wider greens should be placed on the bottom, working up to the smaller items.

Tie the top or center of the branches together using floral wire. Be sure to wrap it around several times to ensure it is secure. Loop the end to create a hook to help hang or for ribbon. Attach ornament and initial with a short length of ribbon.

Wrap ribbon around the entire swag and tie it loosely leaving lots of length on the end so the ribbons hang down. If you are hanging on your chair place the swag approximately where you would like it to hang then cut the ribbon to length. Tie ribbon around back of chair. Repeat for each guest.

Invite guest and enjoy!

What other type of decorations do you use on your dinning room of kitchen chairs during the holidays? Let me know in the comments below. LIKE + SHARE. 

Decorating Christmas Tree Ornaments with Glitter. {DIY}

Decorating plain Christmas ornaments via @AnAppealingPlan @ehow

In this video for eHow, I show you how to decorate plain Christmas ornaments found in your local craft store with glitter. These are fantastic teacher gifts, hostess gifts or use them on your tree!

Click the image to start the video or if the image does not appear CLICK HERE.

Create your own glamorous glittering Christmas ornaments this season to give as hostess gifts or to place on your tree. This craft is perfect for snow days or a girls holiday get together. So grab your glitter and let’s get to it!


  • Plain Ornaments
  • Craft Glue
  • Glitter in various colors
  • Dampers (to apply the glue)
  • Scrap Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Starting off with a clean and dry ornament place on pre-folded piece of paper. Begin creating your design with the glue on the ornament with dampers or paint brush.  Begin to sprinkle glitter over the glue area. Be sure to keep away from the paper or other surface until the glue has dried. Tap to remove excess glitter.

If you are using two colors, let the first color dry over night before applying the glue pattern for the second color.

Once glue has dried and the glitter has attached it is time to add your ribbon. This can be decorative or functional to hang from your tree. Slide the ribbon through the top loop and tie it as a bow, or as a loop through.

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Easy Placecards for Your Thanksgiving Table


Using hand stamped gift tags for your dinner place cards is an easy and fun way to add style to your Thanksgiving tablescape.


Using your guest list write the names of your guests on the back of a stamped gift tag. Thread ribbon through punched hole and tie around napkin.

Place napkin on plate making sure it lays flat and the ribbon bows are in order.

{these hand stamped gift tags are available in our Esty Shop. Visit it by clicking here now!}

When you will set your table? The day of or the night before? Let me know in the comments below. Like & share!

Looking for other Fall Decor ideas? Check out Decorating with Indian Corn or Decorating Your Entranceway for Thanksgiving

Easy Fall Decor Idea For a Small Space


white pumpkin and olive on stacked books #FallDecor #Autumn #Home

Adding small touches of Fall Décor around your home can be easier than you think. This small seasonal display can be used in a living room, on a bedroom night stand  or to greet out-of-town guests in a guest room.


  • Mini White Pumpkin
  • Small Cutting of an Olive Branch
  • Small Clear Glass Vase
  • Books for Stacking

Begin by stacking hardcover books on a table or nightstand. A variety of color is nice but stay in the same pallet for a calm visual appeal.

Place Olive Branch cuttings in vase with water. Making sure the bottom is dry. Add white mini pumpkin.

Viola! Instant Autumn!

What small details do you add to your home to bring the season inside? Let me know in the comments below. Like this post? Share with your friends and sign up to receive tips right to your mail box!

Decorating the Front Door for Thanksgiving Harvest

In this video for eHow I discuss how to decorate the Front Door for Thanksgiving or Harvest Dinner. This is something you can easily do even  if you live in an apartment.

how to decorate the doorway for thanksgiving ehow #FallDecor #AnAppealingPlan final

Decorating your front door for Thanksgiving  and harvest is an easy seasonal decorating project you can do to bring the Fall & Harvest season to your entranceway. If your entranceway is smaller this is perfect for you!

You may live in an apartment,  or may not have a lot of room near your entrance way. There are still things that you can do to decorate the entrance way  to make a very festive for your Thanksgiving or your harvest dinner.
  • Large Heirloom Gourds. If you find large gourds at your local maybe your  pumpkin patch. Maybe your farmer’s market or your corner store may have some of  these heirloom varieties. I find they actually  last longer then some of the conventional large orange ones that you may find. I use these right from the beginning of October on through  Thanksgiving. These varieties come in many, many different  colors. Blue which I love. And then some of the different  green ones, and Mexican hat variety. And really, really brings a lot of  different texture and variety to the door if you are able to find a really nice  selection.
  • Indian Corn
  • Basket with a Variety of Gourds.
  • If you don’t have a door where you can place a wreath, a sign is nice. You  can just prop that up really nicely. Maybe put a little pumpkin in front of  that.
  • Stalks of Wheat. We can just tuck those in. And if  you keep them to the side they really shouldn’t interfere with too much with the  in and out of the doorway.
  • Preserved Leaves in various colors. Tuck them in around the larger gourds. Just giving it an effect. If you have a beautiful maple tree outside go and clip those. However, if you live in an apartment this  is a great opportunity to use some of the preserved leaves that you may find in  your craft store.
  • White Pumpkins.  Leaning and stacking them in a little bit of an angle.

What is your favorite type of gourd or pumpkin in this video? Leave a comment below and share this post with your friends.

A Reflective Holiday Table

Looking to create a tablescape for a special gathering and not sure where to start?

An Appealing Plan Holiday Tablescape

Begin with one item to create your  INSPIRATION. It can be a color, a texture, a word, your favorite vase, the holiday itself, anything will work.  For this tablescape it was the mirror top of the Antique French dinning table recently acquired and delivered in time for the holiday gathering. Using mercury glass vases, bowls and votives to line the center of this long table allowed for each piece and flower to reflect creating an amazing display.

 An Appealing Plan Holiday Tablescape Flower

Additionally, the blue paint of the walls of the room was mirrored in the blue of the Seeded Eucalyptus and blue in the large oversized Curtain Call chargers by Wedgwood  designed by Barbara Barry.

An Appealing Plan Holiday Tablescape Flowers

Varying heights of votives & taper candles in clear crystal and mirror finishes  mimic the overhead chandler. Christmas Crackers add a fun touch of whimsy and a conversation starter.

An Appealing Plan Holiday Tablescape Ideas

White Tulips add a level of texture and dimensions to the Seeded Eucalyptus bowls. The raised bowl shape is reflected in the table creating the effect of a double arrangement. Test the height of the arrangements by sitting in each chair to be sure the guests will be able to clearly see each other above them. Polished flatware continues the Reflective theme on to the white napkins.

By using one item for inspiration your table will look cohesive and polish {pun intended!}.

Cheers & Enjoy

{Wondering which fork goes where? Learn more…Here. }

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