Entertaining Summer Style: Finds For Your Table

Memorial Day. Fourth of July. Labor Day. Three holiday weekends that are classic summer entertaining opportunities. You can almost feel the excitement building in the air as the dates approach. Our Nations colors become part of our home and tablescape design. Fly your flag high and break out the Red, White & Blue with these #SummerStyle Entertaining picks we think are must haves for your next gathering.

#SummerStyle Entertaining Product Round Up via @AnAppealingPlan #celebrateeveryday #memorialday #fourthofjuly #laborday 760x2000


1} Lobster Cocktail Napkins by Caspari available via PaperStyle ~ $5

2} Red & White Star Paper Straws by Shop Sweet LuLu ~ $4

3} Red Rustic Serving Tray by FasProjects ~ $80

4} Blue Striped Melamine Plates by West Elm ~ $6

5} Red Bikini Tags by AnAppealingPlan for Etsy ~ $6

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April Showers + Spring Love + A Book Giveaway

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Spring is a magical time around the An Appealing Plan table, studio and potting shed! I love the fresh mix of flowers, colors, scents and herbs that come with this season of renewal, it brings new life to every project I am involved with.

Entranceways need new spring containers to welcome guest home; Easter gatherings call out for abundant tablescapes filled with the colors and flowers of the emerging gardens outside the windows; Home offices and guests room are ready for a fresh coat of paint and stylish seasonal accents. I love creating posts to inspire everyone here on the site just as much as working directly with clients on projects to create environments to gather and connect.

But what I really inspires me is hearing from YOU!  I want to hear what you love most about the month of April, the entire Spring season or how you plan to celebrate this season.

{Plus I need a little help choosing the cover… would you mind?}

Take a moment to let me know in the comments by posting your #1 favorite things about Spring along with which book cover you prefer and you will be in the drawing to win a copy of my book coming out in just a few months. Easy Peasy right?

Krayl Funch Book Cover OPTION 1                    Krayl Funch Book Cover 2

{Winner will be randomly selected from all entries submitted 4.1.14 12:01AM EDT – 4.31.14 11:59PM EDT. Winner be announced via blog post, social media and notified by email.}

Fools + Memories Rush In

Have you ever seen the movie “Fools Rush In”? I have, about 10+ times, but probably only once with an actual plan to watch it. The other 9+ times are due to channel surfing and landing on it, unable to click away. It’s not the best love story ever created for the big screen but still there is something so compelling about it. Endearing, romantic, new love, family issues and the occasional comedic scene, what’s not to love.

Failure is unimportant It takes courage to make a fool of yourself - Charlie Chaplin

I recently caught about 30 minutes the other day during one of my favorite scenes when Salma Hayek {the female lead} surprises Mathew Perry {the male lead} by taking him to the Grand Canyon and brings out a picnic basket of Gray’s Papaya hot dogs for his birthday. Tomas {M.Perry} has previously mentioned that is one of the things he misses most about living in Las Vegas and Isabel {S.Hayek} remembers this and has them sent overnight by his Mother.

it's time to live #quotesaboutliving #time #AnAppealingPlan

{image care of  don’t white sugar coat it}

I love this scene for many reasons. First, the idea of having a picnic on the edge of the Grand Canyon seems amazing all on its own. But secondly, for the fact that we all have some similar memory that so strongly connects us to a place and time, to a smell or sound that remind us of people and places we love.

food and music have the ability to bring back memories I have long forgotten I will take a double order of both @kraylfunch #anappealingplan

They sit and he takes his firs bite. His expression is of genuine appreciation for the food but also you can see that this flavor is linked to many memories that are all flooding back to him at that moment. And now he will add this picnic on the edge of the Grand Canyon with his love to the memory bank.

stay hungry stay foolish #stevejobs #quote #AnAppealingPlan

As you may know, I am writing my first book and as I am working on each of the chapters I feel like I am reliving my youth through the tableware, linens, tablescapes, floral arrangements and the many recipes for food and beverage both served by my family while I was growing up, and through my own recipes I have made over the years for friends and family during my own celebrations.

People who love to eat are always the best people #juliachild @AnAppealingPlan

My daily hope is that through this blog and my upcoming book I can inspire others to create environments that become memories. And to let you know that when you set a pretty table, it is noticed even if only by the subconscious mind. That when you cook a special meal for friends traveling to visit with you overnight filling the house with it’s smell, your friends will recall that exact gathering when they catch a whiff of a similar scent when walking in their neighborhood.

People may never tell you about these times of recall but please, never take for granted the power of food, flowers, beauty and gatherings, big or small, I promise they mean more than you know. Keep cooking, creating  and connecting, our future memories need you.

And now I want to hear from you. What is your favorite memory of growing up based on food or a special gathering? Please share them with me in the comments below.

It’s not what I do. It’s what I do, can do, for you.

Thoreau suggests you should:
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you’ve imagined.”

But are you? Are you living the life you’ve imagined?

Has the pursuit of your career dreams taken a toll on creating a balance in your personal time and environment?
Of course you love your family, just as much or more than your business. But how can you be everything to everyone, and everywhere, all at the same time? You are successful in the workplace, but struggle to get it all done at home. All while still striving to be the best spouse and mother you can be.

Do you sometimes think, if you just had help you might be able to:  Entertain more often and with less stress; add those final design touches to your home; properly decorate for each season; have a welcoming entranceway; or perhaps even cook brunch with the fresh herbs cut from your own garden.

You know, live like Martha does.


People ask me: “What is it that you do Krayl?”

There is usually a pause.

The problem is, it’s not that cut and dried. It’s not that simple to explain what it is I do.
It is a different project every day. Not one particular project fits everyone’s lifestyle needs. For some it is creating the perfect entranceway for your home. (I call it my gateway drug. Try it sometime, you will love it.) For others it may be planning a dinner party you have been wanting to host for clients, complete with the perfect tablescape, menu, wine and flowers. For some a project entails redecorating a guest room and bath to prepare for their summer guests’ arrival. Other days you may find me styling for a photo shoot.

Every day is completely different in my life and I love it all. It’s not simple to explain because . . .

It’s not what I do. It’s what I do, can do, for you.

I’m not always sure what I will be doing next week. What I do know is that it will be giving you the support you need to let you get out there and be who you want to be.
Essentially, I put the LIFE back into your LIFESTYLE.

While this may seem like a luxury, in the long run, I can save you time and stress. From overwhelming projects to simple tasks, always check with me first, let’s discuss your needs and find a solution. Creating personalized environments for gardens, gatherings and everyday living is my passion, my gift to you.

So go out and create the life of your dreams, everything will be ready when you come home.

If this sounds like exactly what you need, head over to my newly focused website for more information. Or simply email me directly today with your concerns and start living the life you’ve imagined.

If you’re not quite ready yet, not to worry. I will continue to post tips and ideas for you

right here on An Appealing Plan.

XO ~ Krayl




WHERE: DATZ  2616 South Macdill Ave / Tampa, FL 33629


A pretty table can melt hearts, setting the mood for a truly romantic meal. Whether it will just be two love birds or a group dinner for “The Lonely Hearts Club”, join An Appealing Plan’s  Lifestyle Expert, Krayl Funch at Datz in Tampa on Wednesday February 6th at 7PM, as she shows you how to set the perfect Valentine’s Day table and tips on being the ultimate hostess.

Attendees to this session will also enjoy samples from Datz kitchen and bar created to get your romantic juices flowing. You will also learn about some great gift ideas for that hard-to-buy-for Foodie sweetheart.

RSVP is a must. Register here today.

Gifts For The Gardener: Paperwhites

 Looking for a great way to give the gardener on your list flowers for the holidays and beyond: Grow them yourself — indoors. You can have fun picking out the perfect container to suit the recipients personal style which can then be reused for cut flowers or a terrarium.

Growing Paperwhites

These small bulbs will give you a fabulous display of fragrant flowers four to six weeks after you plant them. Forcing takes a lot of energy out of paperwhites, and they usually won’t produce good blooms again. When the flowers have faded, just toss the foliage and bulbs into the compost pile.


  • shallow container (no drainage hole)
  • paperwhite bulbs
  • water

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Fill a shallow container with pebbles or soil.
2. Add the bulbs, packing them pretty tightly. It’s OK if they touch each other, but be sure to place the roots facing down.
3. If using rocks: Add water to just below the base of the bulbs. If using soil: Add water so soil is moist but not wet.
4. Keep in a cool, dark place until the roots develop, then move the container to a window and wait for the flowers to appear. Each bulb will produce several flowering stems.
5. Change or add water every few days to keep it fresh and soil moist.

As they grow, you may want to help support them with Curly Willow or similar branch.

Did you know that An Appealing Plan creates personalized holiday bulbs for clients all over the US? We can create and ship based on your needs for home & gift giving. Contact us for more information.  or visit our   An Appealing Plan Esty Shop for more gift ideas.

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