FALL FLEA – a virtual pop-up home decor market


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Fall Flea :: Monday October 3rd through Sunday October 16th

Seasonal decorating of private homes + gatherings is my passion. I have even been told that creating personalized environments is my “special gift”. I LOVE it and intend to keep creating these for my clients but I started thinking…

Why keep all the good stuff to myself?

Why not share my seasonal finds with my online community so you can add personalized touches to your home too?

Well you have by now I am sure, heard about my Seasonal Home Box which is available 4 times a year ~ that will continue to be available, not to worry. But I wanted more. I wanted another opportunity to share my finds, especially my one of a kind finds, with you each season. For you to benefit from the hours I spend scouting seasonal trends and in the stores.

I am excited to announce my first virtual pop-up market, the #FallFlea!

For two weeks this Fall – Monday October 3rd through Sunday October 16th – you can shop the virtual pop-up market from your desk, train or couch! For two weeks only you will be able to purchase fall decor items from my personal collection, recent finds and new arrivals. There will be items for your home, table, and gatherings – all decor that I use in my own home, on client projects or simply a piece I couldn’t resist!

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Items will be very limited, with some only having one in stock, so if you see something you must have add it to your cart ASAP before another market goer grabs it.

What do you have to do to be a part of the #FallFlea virtual pop-up market?

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And of course be sure to share your #FALLFLEA finds on Instagram + Facebook for a chance to win a $50 gift card that can be used during the #WINTERFLEA! 

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September 2016 Printable Calendar + Seasonal Inspiration

My September 2016 Seasonal Calendar is now available for your to download, print and add to your personal day planner or iCal, simply click here to grab yours and sign up for special updates.
SEPTEMBER 2016 - An Appealing Plan by Krayl Funch Printable Calendar 750x

This month we celebrate Labor Day, Creating Fall Entranceways to Welcome visitors, Pumpkin Everything, Apple Dumpling Day, the First Day of Autumn and the always popular Elephant Appreciation Day!

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Labor Day 2016 is Monday September 5th, 2016

Summers final celebration! See How to Create a Hot Dog Bar, my favorite Beach Party Must Haves, and make a refreshing Spiked Agua Fresca to welcome guests.

labor Day Weekend #Anappealingplan

Decorating with Pumpkins on Pinterest!

I have pulled together my favorite ways to decorate with pumpkins and am sharing them on Pinterest – check out my “Decorating with Pumpkins” board as I add more daily!

@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday centerpiece 3


Apple Dumpling Day 2016 is Saturday September 17th, 2016


First Day of Autumn 2016 is Thursday September 22nd, 2016

Celebrate the season by decorating your entranceway with fall planters and decor, try new recipes including warming spices and all my favorite ways to celebrate Autumn!

Goodbye-Summer-Hello-Autumn on @KraylFunch


Elephant Appreciation Day 2016 is Thursday September 22nd, 2016

Elephant Appreciation Day September 22 on @KraylFunch

How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Christmas

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows on AnAppealingPlan.com by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving

Every season I change out the bedding in our master bedroom to suit the changing temperatures and colors to suit the months ahead. I have bedding for summer, spring and fall, but until this year Christmas has eluded me… Yes, I would put a red pillow on the bed, tie a ribbon around the papier mache deer head above the bed and then spend all season wishing I had real Christmas bedding. Last year I got really close to buying it and was talked out of it by a friend – “no one will see it”.

This year I went ALL in. New evergreen accented sheets, red shams and a mixture of wintery throws to decorate my bedroom for Christmas. My advice, if it makes you happy DO IT! It is easier than you think and if you are anything like me, you will soon be obsessed with your bedroom and not want to leave all season.

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows on AnAppealingPlan.com by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 10

Ideas for Christmas Bedding place a wreath at the end of your bed on AnAppealingPlan.com by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 1956

How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Christmas

Add A Little Green ~ Wrap live or faux evergreen garland around your footboard. Wrap lights and place them on a timer set to go on and off automatically. I have mine set to wake me up and also shut off when I am sleep – it is as close to Santa waking me up as an adult can get, the excitement gets me up at ready for the day.

Texture ~ Cool weather months call for heavier fabrics and woven textures. Mix cotton, linen and wool on your bed with blankets, duvet covers and various pillows. I love this red wool pillow from HomeGoods and am now on the hunt for its twin! 

Layers ~ It is true in clothing fashion and it is true in home decor – winter if for layering. Add a colorful throw blanket on top of your comforter for added warmth and coziness. If you get too hot at night simply pull it off and put it back on in the morning when you make your bed for the day.

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red sweater euro pillows Evergreen linens on AnAppealingPlan.com by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 1942

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows Evergreen linens on AnAppealingPlan.com by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 26

Pillows ~ Don’t listen to the haters. Add as many pillows to your bed as you like. I found red sweater covers for my euro shams which are just the right amount of Christmas color then added a warming tan standard sham in front of it for depth. Finally I added a red wool pillow to lead the pack and pull all the colors together.

Sheets ~ Underestimating the power of thread count is a huge mistake I made in my younger days. Learn from me and make the change to quality sheets asap. You will enjoy getting in bed 100% more – no really you will. For the holidays look for sheets with accent features on white linens so they don’t distract from the other colors on the bed. I found these evergreen accented sheets from Perfect Linens and they are… well… perfect. 

Ideas for Christmas Bedding with cable knit blanket and red wool pillows on AnAppealingPlan.com by @KraylFunch #AnAppealingPlan #SeasonalLiving 1966

The goal when decorating you bedroom for Christmas is to create a warm and festive space for you and your partner not to overdo it or get stressed out about creating the perfect look. I am so in love with the small changes I made – and Pete says he is sleeping better under the cable knit blanket – that I am honestly wondering what took me so long! So do not delay. Take these tips and decorate your bedroom today!

{ Love the evergreen linens as much as I do – use code Appealing35  at check out and save $35. No catch. Just my way of spreading the Christmas cheer.}

Holiday Planning Essentials Webinar: Harvest + Thanksgiving

Holiday Essentials Webinar Harvest and thanksgiving by @KraylFunch via AnAppealingPlan.com sq


Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Planning a Harvest Dinner party? Or perhaps your are simply looking to bring this season of bounty into your home with seasonal decor.

As much as we love the holiday season it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to juggling work, family, the house and all the planning. You work hard, the last thing you want is to feel behind on planning the holiday details.

Let’s get a jump on the planning! Join me for a FREE Holiday Planning Essentials webinar with a focus on  Thanksgiving + Harvest. Spaces are limited so be sure to reserve your spot today by visiting the webinar registration page here.

{This will be a group session but if you prefer to schedule a private session focusing on your specific needs please visit my services page to learn more about rates and availability.}

White + Orange Mini Pumpkin Tablescape

I love the vibrant colors of Fall but really, is there anything better than those little white mini pumpkins? They just call out my name to be part of a Fall or Thanksgiving table setting.

Keep it all white or mix them in with the mini orange pumpkins to create the perfect table to welcome your autumn guests to the table.

@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday Table 1


A neutral blue tablecloth works a blank canvas for your decor elements like, wooden charges, bright green reindeer moss, white birch votives and floral arrangements.

Keep the pallete clean with pretty flowers to complement the white but not fight with it. Purple adds color but won’t draw attention from your mini whites. Use a white birch box covered box as a container to arrange them in, consider using wild flowers as a filler {they look great and keeps the overall cost down, especially if you are making 3 or 4 to line the table}.

@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday purple tulip arrangement

After placing your floral arrangements down the center, fill in the table with groupings of mini white pumpkins, white birch votives and Chartreuse green reindeer moss to add textural and visual variety.

@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday centerpiece 3

For a special Fall table I love to use this equestrian inspired flatware, it is shiny and adds another layer to the story. I have literally had entire conversations based off the chic little buckle!

@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday Flatware closeup

For the final touch add a single mini white pumpkin on top of white linens on your layered accent plates.

Sure you want it to be perfect but remember in the end, entertaining is all about connecting with your guests, keep that focus and your gathering will be a success.@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday Pumpkin On Placesetting

What are your plans for Thanksgiving or Fall entertaining? What is your #1 concern when it comes to entertaining at home?? Leave a comment below and start the conversation.

 * * * * * * *

COVER-Krayl-An Appealing-Plan- FINAL-page1

And, if you are looking for even more easy holiday entertaining, check out An Appealing Plan the book.

I believe we are bringing back entertaining at home, lingering over a table after a lovingly prepared meal with friends. I am thrilled to be able to invite you on this journey with me through a year of celebrating every day. Filled with recipes, tablescapes, floral inspiration and seasonal entertaining ideas An Appealing Plan :: A Year of Everyday Celebrations.To learn more about An Appealing Plan :: A Year of Everyday Celebrations here. 

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First Signs Of Fall: A Gathering Tablescape

Unlike other seasons that loudly announce their arrival, Autumn quietly comes to us, each day slightly cooler, filling our gardens and tables with the warmer colors of nature. 

Travel slows from the summer months but has not yet hit its’ holiday stride, it is the perfect time to host a Fall Gathering at home and set the table with the first signs of the season.


Send out the invites for a Fall Gathering and suggest each guest brings along a dish to share, this helps reduce the amount of work you have to do and also encourages conversations about the recipes.


To create this Fall inspired tablescape with mini pumpkins use a Demin blue table covering to set a neutral backdrop for the colors of fall, even orange looks great against it! Stack Autumn tone leaf plates on wood charges, then set an orange mini pumpkin at each placesetting on top of a folded white linen napkin. Scatter mini pumpkins down the center of the table, be sure to pick the ones with perfect little stems!



This colorful yet still fall flower arrangement is easy to pull together and reminds me of the fields bursting with sunflowers flowers in most areas  of the country this time of year. Mix in a few wildflowers and seeded Eucalyptus to keep the natural feel, and a few fading tulips to add a contrasting color



For this menu I would serve Stuffed Peppadew Peppers, Cheesy Thyme Baked Acorn Squash and a Dark & Stormy Cocktail.



Christmas Table Decorations With Fruit & Nuts

Seasonal Decorating with Fruits and Nuts via @anappealingplan #holidaytable @ehow 403

Not all centerpieces need to be made from flowers. During the winter season there are a variety of fruits and nuts that become available in the farmers markets. Combining these natural elements with candles creates a beautiful display that can be made ahead of time and placed on your holiday table to greet guests.

In this video for eHow I show you an easy way to incorporate fruit and nuts in to your holiday decor.

Click on the image to start the video. If the image does not display click HERE to start the video.


I love to create decorations that can be used in multiple locations and that can be left out for more than one day! This fruit and nut display can be placed on your holiday table, mantle, or entrance way table, anywhere that you would like to bring a little bit of a festive feeling to the season to your home.


  • Large Glass Cylinder or Vase
  • Glass Candle Stick
  • Taper Candle
  • Cranberries
  • Clementines
  • Hazelnuts, Walnuts or Mixed Nuts
  • Star Anise

Place the small candle stick holder at the bottom of your tall glass cylinder.  Beginning with the cranberries, make a small base around the bottom that the clementines will sit on. Add five or six small clementines on top of the cranberries. Sprinkle nuts over the clementines to begin to create colorful layers.  Add another layer of the cranberries and drop in the star anise.

Finally place your candle stick in place.

Designer Tip: Stick-um is a great product to use in this situation where the candle may tip over. Simply place a small amount of it in the candle stick and it will hold your candle in place. A little decorator’s tool, and then, that’ll help keep your candle stick straight.

Create a larger display by using  multiple vases in different shapes. Place on your holiday table and enjoy the candle light and warm Anise scent.

What are your favorite fruits to use during the holidays? Decorating or Cooking, share two in the comments below. LIKE + SHARE this post with friends and family using the social share buttons below and sign up for FREE updates!

Easy Christmas Mantle Decorations. Christmas Trees + Candles

How to decorate with candles and christmas trees via @AnAppealingPlan #holidaydecorating copy

Candle lights and Christmas trees can create quite the fire hazard if you’re not careful. Make candle lights and Christmas trees the safe way in this video for eHow.

Click the image to start the video or if the image does not appear CLICK HERE.


Many years ago, Christmas trees were decorated with actual candles, and the candles were attached to the boughs of the trees. And, as you can imagine, this was quite a fire hazard! So, luckily, fast-forward to today. We have many different ways to decorate with candle lights and Christmas trees that do not require an open flame – specifically, speaking of battery-powered candle lights, and these are really a great way to decorate around a live Christmas tree.


  • 2-3 Mini Christmas trees
  • 2-3 Birch wood boxes or containers
  • Additional Faux greenery
  • Silver ornaments
  • Battery or Solar powered candles
  • Birch wood logs
  • Ribbon


Place trees into birch wood boxes. Place additional greens inside box to cover the tree base and to create a base for the ornaments. Add ornaments in the color of your choice.

Wrap 3-5 logs with ribbon cut to size.

Place trees, logs bundles and candles either on your mantle, couch table or dining table, alternating each one to create a safe seasonal display that can be left out for the entire season!

Do you decorate your dining room table for the entire season? Let me know in the comments below. Like + Share the Joy with friends.



A Bountiful Fall Entranceway

Fall Entranceway design is one if my favorite services and topics. {interested in learning more about my design services? Set up a FREE telephone consultation by visiting the contact me page here}

This time of year is all about the bounty and harvest of the season, so head to your local farmers market and create a welcoming display using baskets to hold your treasures.

How to Decorate an entranceway for Fall. via @AnAppealingPlan

What treasures did you find this year? Let me know in the comments! Like & Share with your friends!


Interested in learning more about my seasonal design services? Set up a consultation by visiting the contact me page here}

Easy Fall Decor Idea For a Small Space


white pumpkin and olive on stacked books #FallDecor #Autumn #Home

Adding small touches of Fall Décor around your home can be easier than you think. This small seasonal display can be used in a living room, on a bedroom night stand  or to greet out-of-town guests in a guest room.


  • Mini White Pumpkin
  • Small Cutting of an Olive Branch
  • Small Clear Glass Vase
  • Books for Stacking

Begin by stacking hardcover books on a table or nightstand. A variety of color is nice but stay in the same pallet for a calm visual appeal.

Place Olive Branch cuttings in vase with water. Making sure the bottom is dry. Add white mini pumpkin.

Viola! Instant Autumn!

What small details do you add to your home to bring the season inside? Let me know in the comments below. Like this post? Share with your friends and sign up to receive tips right to your mail box!

How To Make A Thanksgiving Showpiece {VIDEO}

In this video for eHow, I discuss how to make a Thanksgiving showpiece. This harvest display can be placed on your dining room table, your hallway, your entrance table, and will bring life and color throughout the entire season.

Click image above or Click this link to watch the video: How to Make a Thanksgiving Showpiece — powered by eHow

Items you can bring in from your local farmer’s market or supermarket.
  • Artichokes
  • Indian Corn
  • White Mini Pumpkins
  • Gourds
  • Mixed leaves
  • Mixed Gourds in Various Colors
  • Acorns
  • Dried Tree Fruit.

Starting with the Indian corn, layer in using their husks to create a nice base and foundation for the basket. Next layer the leaves,  I like to mix and match them with the red as well as the yellow so that it looks very natural. Preserved leaves work well, but if you have a great oak tree outside your house, go ahead and grab them from your yard.

Once your base is set, you can start with some of the larger items. Artichokes are first,  Mix them in nicely, separate them a little bit, and then with the larger gourds, just starting to stack those in the base. Next mix in the orange and the white mini pumpkins.

Keep in mind, people may be able to see it from every angle, so create it to be seen from every angle.

Start placing some of the wheat and sticking those in.  You will want about three or four inch lengths to tuck in.

Add acorns to continue to fill the gaps.

What one tip was most useful in this video? Let me know below in the comments and sign up to receive tips to your inbox!