Entertaining In the Heat: Video ABC


Getting together with friends and family is the perfect way to spend summer evenings and weekends but being aware of safety concerns will make you the ultimate host.

–          Keep in mind the ages of your guests and their needs; both young and old.

–          Consider moving your event inside when temperatures are expected to rise.

–          Plan your events in the morning or late afternoon when it is cooler.

–          Be aware of food safety concerns.  Only allow food to sit out for recommended times and temperatures.

–          Electric fans keep air circulating and the bugs away.

–          Offer non-alcoholic options and lots of chilled water.


The right theme can help tie the party together and if properly planned can be a fun way to beat the heat.

–          Ice. Ice. Baby.: Ask everyone to bring a bag of ice and drop it in the pool, to cool it down.

–          Made in the Shade: Provide umbrellas for your guests to use to shield the sun. Or have them bring their own from home.

–          Chillin’ and Grillin’: Keep the heat out of the kitchen by serving only grilled and chilled foods.

–          Glamping: Glamorous Camping is all the rage these days. Set the tone by using your china and crystal at a wooden picnic table, or in a tent! {Made famous by the ladies of BRAVO, of course}

–          Sunset Soiree: Start your party as the sun sets to beat the heat. This will also save you from having to provide a full dinner for your guests.



Your table, whether fully set or a buffet, is where your theme can really shine. Make sure your centerpiece and décor will look great until the final guest leaves by selecting options that will stand up to the heat.

–          Succulents

–          Woody Herb Bunches {Rosemary, Thyme}

–          Cut branches, large tropical leaves, summer hardy flowers

–          Fruits & Vegetables  {Lemon, Limes}

–          Flowers in small containers

–          Sprouts/Wheat grass


Seasonal entertaining is an example of working with what you have and making the most of what you are given. Each year the summer season brings about a new crop of trends from planners, designers, home-makers and crafters, showcasing the best of what it has to offer. Searching websites sites like Pinterest.com and Esty.com will give you new ideas for trends to incorporate into your gathering. Just a Few of the Latest:

–              Frozen ice pop cocktails

–              Berries frozen into ice cubes

–              Herb infused chilled water and Cocktails {Thyme, Vanilla, Rosemary, Lavender}

–              Melamine dinner plates in designer patterns

–              Outdoor Lanterns

–              Toned down flower arrangements


Relax and enjoy the time you have with you guests. No matter what they will have fun. Promise. ~

Growing with GROW.

Education Conferences are meant to grow your brain, but this week I worked with an Event Sponsor Grow Financial to bring life to their employee table and their vendor table.

Working with my newest passion Succulents I created small pots for each table guest. I ordered the succulents from Simply Succulents but they are also available at many local shops. Using succulent soil as a base and then filing with the small/medium-sized plants. I then place crushed oyster shells to cover the dark soil and to add visual interest and a clean look. The final touch was a wooden “popsicle” stick with GROW written in green sharpie. The hope is that they will place them on their desks as a reminder of all the useful tools they learned during the work shop. And to also remind them to continue to grow everyday.

The ladies from Grow Financial love their jobs and it shows! I was happy and honored to be able to help them spread the word and bring life to their tables. ~ kf.

Give Me A “S”, Give Me A “U”

An Appealing Plan - succulentsMy shipment of Succulents arrived today. Project time!

Some for window boxes, some for patio gardens, and a spa waiting area! Tomorrow will be busy for sure!

Happy Day! kf.

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