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It’s the season of love – so let’s show our most cherished place a little love. Whether you are buying it yourself or putting your wish list into a love note placed on a pillow for a special someone to find, gifts that bring love to your home are a special treat that can be enjoyed not just this month but throughout the entire year.

  1. Hunter Rain Boots – There is NO substitute for the original Hunter Boots to add a pop of color to a  rainy day. I think we should all have them in a rainbow of colors.
  2. Red Umbrella Stand by NACH – rainy days are perfect for cuddling but be sure you have a spot to place those wet umbrellas when your suitor stops over!
  3. NEST Candle in Japanese Black Currant – I found this scent last year when I was looking for an after holiday but before spring scent and fell in love! I think you will too.
  4. Home With Heart Door Mat – Show visitors your home is filled with love year round with the red heart doormat from Target!
  5. Paint The Town Red – Nothing says belle of the neighbor hood like a high gloss red door! I love this red gloss exterior paint from Benjamin Moore.
  6. Red Mirror Tray  – Perfect for your dinner or make-up table, a mirror tray from reflects light to any space.
  7. Ikat Red Salad Plate – Mix and match your dinnerware by placing this Mikasa porcelain salad plate on top of your white dinner plate and voila! you have a valentines table setting to die for with our buying a whole new set.
  8. Love Cocktail from Caspari – Love is in the air, so why shouldn’t it be on your napkins too! Caspari never fails to bring style and quality to your gatherings.
  9. GoVino Champagne Flutes – let your love fly free! Take these shatterproof champagne flutes by GoVino on your next adventure. #WhereDoYouGoVino
  10. AKTAD Cake stand – IKEA does it again! A clear glass lid tops the red plate of this perfectly sized cake or cupcake stand. Use it on a counter top to tempt your sweet toothed partner!
  11. GODIVA – THE chocolate for lovers, Godiva has created a limited edition truffle collection just sweet enough for your sweetie.

What if you could Love Everyday?


love. love. love. That is what February is all about right? But what should we love… someone, something, someday?? Or is it possible to LOVE everyday? If we love the everyday then don’t we by default begin to love everything and everyone around us?


And imagine really loving everything everyday. Doing away with the complaints. Instead replacing them with love for that very thing. It’s not going to be easy but I can promise it will be worth it.

Try it for this week with me. One week of waking up loving today. Wake up, look around, breathe it all in and love it ALL. Set an alarm on your phone or write in your calendar: 2PM “LOVE EVERYTHING”

Love your work {even if you secretly aren’t crazy about it, try it}. Put love into your daily tasks. Love walking the dog at 5:30AM by sharing a picture of the sunrise to look at later. Love the person who is sitting just a little too close on the subway by telling them to have a great day when its your stop. Love your office more by adding your favorite flowers. Love making dinner at the end of a long day by trying a new recipe you printed out months ago.

Share your love with everyone and everything you come into contact with.

 This week I commit to asking everyone and everything {just in my head of course… except my husband} Will you be mine? But not just asking. Embracing that phrase. Embracing that feeling. And just maybe a little bit of that love will spread.

So….. will you come along with me on this Everyday Love Fest? Will you help me spread the love? Starting right this minute pick two things one big and one small to loving more that you have in the past. Think or look at that thing and ask them….Will You Be Mine?

Share with me what 2 items you have picked and share them in the comments. That makes it real. ~ Krayl

And if you are feeling really daring send me a message on twitter telling me about your #CelebrateEveryday journey this week.


Show Your Valentine Some Tablescape Love!

Valentines Day is more than just about a romantic dinner. Show the ones you love, how much you care for them at each meal of the day. These tablescape inspiration work for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


An Appealing Plan VDAY Tablescape Conversation Heart Placesetting

Start the day off right. A DIY “Be Mine” note card placed on a breakfast plate says you are special to me. Add candy conversation hearts and your love is sure to head into the day with a smile.


Setting a Lunch time Valentines table is sure to surprise your loved ones. Use layered red doilies under a salad plate to  add color to the table. Then place a puffy red heart on top of the napkin. Paper heart straws are easily found these days in local stores and also on-line.  {see the step-by-step tablescape set up by visiting A Romantic Table For Two article here.}


Valentines Dinner Tablesetting Ideas via @AnAppealingPlan #KraylFunch

Are you looking for more inspiration!

Check out the Step By Step instructions for a romantic table on the Table For Two story.  Or maybe you have questions on placesettings in general and how to set a table. Or feel free to SEARCH a particular holiday in the search box at the top!

XOXO lots of love – krayl

A Romantic Table For Two Please

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Romantic Tablescape

Creating a romantic tablescape for Valentines Day Dinner, Breakfast or Lunch can be easy.  Using your standard white plates and the addition of a few items from your local craft store your table will be ready in no time.


  • White Dinner Plate x 2
  • White Salad or Accent Plate x 2
  • Red Heart Doilies x 6
  • Crisp White Cotton Napkin x 2
  • Red Heart Ornaments or Similar x 2 +
  • Silver Flatware
  • Black or Clear Stemware

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Tablescape Supplies

Place one dinner plate at each placesetting.

{For more detailed information on placesettings see Place Settings Explained}

#AnAppealingPlan Valtines's Dinner Tablescape White Plate

Place three red heart doilies in a circular pattern on top of plate so that the top of each heart is touching the outside edge of the plate.

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Tablescape 4

Place white salad or accent plate on top of doilies. Adjust edges as needed.

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Tablescape Ideas

Fold white cotton napkin in three. Turn left side under, turn right side under to create a long rectangle. Place on top of salad plate.

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Romantic Tablescape

Place a red heart ornament on top of napkin to add a special touch.

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Tablescape  Romantic table ideas

Add flatware to each as well as a carefully selected glassware. White or silver votives create a warm glow.

For your centerpiece rather than the standard purchased mixed bouquet, try something different. Think outside the box, get creative with a Love Tree, Love Pond or put two red fish in bowl to represent each of you.

Add your favorite person and let the sparks fly!

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#SundaySupper Valentine’s Day Tablescape: A Romantic Table For Two Please from An Appealing Plan

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WHERE: DATZ  2616 South Macdill Ave / Tampa, FL 33629


A pretty table can melt hearts, setting the mood for a truly romantic meal. Whether it will just be two love birds or a group dinner for “The Lonely Hearts Club”, join An Appealing Plan’s  Lifestyle Expert, Krayl Funch at Datz in Tampa on Wednesday February 6th at 7PM, as she shows you how to set the perfect Valentine’s Day table and tips on being the ultimate hostess.

Attendees to this session will also enjoy samples from Datz kitchen and bar created to get your romantic juices flowing. You will also learn about some great gift ideas for that hard-to-buy-for Foodie sweetheart.

RSVP is a must. Register here today.

A Reason to Bake Cupcakes!

After seeing these cupcake liners I might even take out the apron and make some Valentines Day Cupcakes.

Shop Sweet Lulu – Solids, Stripes, Polkadot. Made from the highest quality greaseproof paper, these baking cups are bakeable up to 450 degrees F. Each liner measures 2″ across the base, and 1.25″ tall.

Entertaining: Lets Agree to Disagree.

I follow Bon Appetit on twitter for daily postings and tips. I pick up the magazine when in my local grocery store. I visit their website frequently. Sometimes I have even cook the suggested recipes. Big Fan right. Then yesterday they post an article, 6 Rules for Setting Your Valentine’s Day Table, listing “rules” for setting your table and I have to say I was disappointed. Perhaps it was the title that I disagree with, maybe “suggestions” would have been a better title.

One ~ I do not feel there are rules for setting any table. There maybe etiquette to follow and I frequently refer to Ms Emily Post and her granddaughter, Ms Peggy Post, for guidance however, RULES for a dinner for two people? Not buying it. The table should be set with what makes you happy and makes you feel good about the experience. I love to set a beautiful table and the style of cooking can also play a big part in the selection of the dinner and serveware.

Two ~ The term formal dining room should be removed from the english language. Not that you can’t have a formal dinner party or set a formal table but simply having a room where you have a large table and host friends and families does not make a formal space. It is possible to entertain at a table large table and not at all have a formal feel. In fact I do it all the time and my guests always end up saying they wish they had a big table like we have.

Three ~ Although I sort of understand where the author is heading with the comment don’t eat at a large table, instead move to the breakfast nook. I once again disagree. There HAS to be a more romantic place in your house to set up a table for two than the kitchen. Cover a small coffee table with a linen and place it in your bedroom with candles, music, etc.. small balcony, anywhere. Different is good when it comes to romance.

Overall I understand where the author, Julia Bainbridge, was going with the story and there are points that I agree with. For instance, I TOTALLY agree with the unscented candles in the space you are eating your meal. And also agree with her on the choice of scented version, Jo Malone is at the top of my list. {I could go on and on about candles. I feel a new post coming on.}

Whatever your Vday dinner brings make it personal and your own experience. kf.