Monogrammed White Pumpkins

Monogrammed white pumpkin entranceway via @AnAppealingPlan #CelebrateEveryday #Fall #Decorating #DIY

Monogrammed pumpkins add a little touch of chic to your entranceway or table for the Fall + Thanksgiving decorating season. Follow along this quick video to create your monogrammed white pumpkins.

Watch this video below or watch it on YouTube by clicking here.


  • 2 to 3 medium white pumpkins
  • adhesive backed letters
  • decorative push-pins
  • additional pumpkins for grouping

Once you place your monograms group your pumpkins at your front door with other gourds of various sizes and shapes for variation. Add indian corn and a few heirloom varieties for additional visual interest.

Monogrammed white pumpkin entranceway via @AnAppealingPlan #CelebrateEveryday #Fall #Decorating


Do you decorate your entranceway for Fall or for Halloween?? Let me know your secrets in the comments below and be sure to sign up for updates and follow me on Pinterest for more seasonal decorating ideas.


White + Orange Mini Pumpkin Tablescape

I love the vibrant colors of Fall but really, is there anything better than those little white mini pumpkins? They just call out my name to be part of a Fall or Thanksgiving table setting.

Keep it all white or mix them in with the mini orange pumpkins to create the perfect table to welcome your autumn guests to the table.

@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday Table 1


A neutral blue tablecloth works a blank canvas for your decor elements like, wooden charges, bright green reindeer moss, white birch votives and floral arrangements.

Keep the pallete clean with pretty flowers to complement the white but not fight with it. Purple adds color but won’t draw attention from your mini whites. Use a white birch box covered box as a container to arrange them in, consider using wild flowers as a filler {they look great and keeps the overall cost down, especially if you are making 3 or 4 to line the table}.

@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday purple tulip arrangement

After placing your floral arrangements down the center, fill in the table with groupings of mini white pumpkins, white birch votives and Chartreuse green reindeer moss to add textural and visual variety.

@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday centerpiece 3

For a special Fall table I love to use this equestrian inspired flatware, it is shiny and adds another layer to the story. I have literally had entire conversations based off the chic little buckle!

@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday Flatware closeup

For the final touch add a single mini white pumpkin on top of white linens on your layered accent plates.

Sure you want it to be perfect but remember in the end, entertaining is all about connecting with your guests, keep that focus and your gathering will be a success.@AnAppealingPlan Fall Dinner Party White Pumpkins #CelebrateEveryday Pumpkin On Placesetting

What are your plans for Thanksgiving or Fall entertaining? What is your #1 concern when it comes to entertaining at home?? Leave a comment below and start the conversation.

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