Virtual  Event Planning and Design Consultation

You want to be that girl. The hostess floating around the party with a smile on her face looking like she just jumped off the pages of “Hostess Vogue”, stress free and honestly enjoying here guests. So why is it when you plan a gathering you spend 3 months frantically pinning decor inspirations, the perfect buffet table recipes and signature cocktails then the week prior completely stressed about what to serve this on, who has and has not RSVP’d. Finally the big day arrives and you don’t even have time to finish putting on your makeup before the doorbell rings. Sure you have a great time and love every minute of it but the next day you think “Did I even talk to Sue? What is happening with Bill’s big move?”

It is possible to plan and execute a gathering no matter the size with confidence and ease. Let’s create a theme and plan that feels right and has you fretting less and connecting more with your guests.
Please Note: this is a Virtual Service.{If you are interested in my in-person services please schedule an In-Person Event Planning Consultation here.}

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Virtual Paint Color Consultation

From your front door and entranceway to your kitchen and dining room, paint color tells more about you than you know. It’s the first impression guests have when they enter your home, and a lasting memory when they are seated for hours in your dining room over a leisurely meal. It’s the hue of your bathroom that sets the tone for you day and the palate of your office that inspires you daily.

Choosing the right paint colors can be an intimidating process, one often fraught with post-paint regret.  Let me help you avoid painter’s remorse by choosing a cohesive paint palette for your entire home.  I can help you choose complementary colors that flow beautifully from one room to the next.

Please note this is a Virtual Service. {If you are looking for an in-person consultation please view this as an In-Person Consultation here.}

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