From your front door and entranceway to your kitchen and dining room, paint color tells more about you than you know. It’s the first impression guests have when they enter your home, and a lasting memory when they are seated for hours in your dining room over a leisurely meal. It’s the hue of your bathroom that sets the tone for you day and the palate of your office that inspires you daily.

Choosing the right paint colors can be an intimidating process, one often fraught with post-paint regret.  Let me help you avoid painter’s remorse by choosing a cohesive paint palette for your entire home.  I can help you choose complementary colors that flow beautifully from one room to the next.

Here’s what to expect

Upon payment you will be asked to complete the client design survey which will provide valuable background information to allow our consultation to flow smoothly.

With in 1 week of payment we will schedule your virtual consultation.

During our 45 minute video consultation, we will finalize details such as; How do you use the space(s)?; What time of day will you spend the majority of your time in each room?;  Why did you select your current color palate?; What type of soft fabrics are currently in the space that may affect the color selection?; What is your ideal use of this space? And much more in-depth questions to ensure your selections match your needs and personality.

Within 1 week of your consultation you will receive a paint color palette including between 6 and 10 complementary color selections that can be used in any room your home, interchangeably.



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