Homemade Organic Lavender Honey {#SundaySupper}

Perfect to make and keep on hand to add to hot tea or to add a wonderful natural sweetness to your favorite cocktail, this Lavender Honey is also the perfect gift from the kitchen to bring as a hostess or “welcome to the neighborhood” gift.

Organic Lavender Honey


  • 1/4 cup lavender flowers, organic or culinary
  • 2 cups local organic honey


In a small pan, heat honey on low heat until it is thin and slides off a metal spoon easily.

Add lavender flowers to honey and stir to combine. Heat on low for an additional 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly.

Using a fine strainer or cheese cloth, pour the honey through to remove lavender flowers, into an airtight container to store until ready to use.

Mix Lavender Honey into hot water for a mid morning beverage, in hot tea before bed and let the aroma relax you, add a tablespoon into your favorite cocktail recipe to add a touch of natural sweetness with an herbal essence or spread some over butter onto warm toast.

Fill your favorite glass vessel with the Lavender Honey, add a few flowers on top, seal with an air tight lid – I suggest using Weck Jars due to their high quality and style but any airtight jar with work well.

Be sure vessel is free of any residue by wiping down the outside.

Tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar adding a gift tag with a recipe option on the back. .


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Now its your turn :: leave a comment below letting me know what was your favorite homemade gift you ever received.



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